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Strange Lights


The Paranormal, Supernatural and Mysterious

The world is filled with strange phenomena and myserious goings-on. People know it, they recognize, they admit and accept it. They acknowledge strange, rare and unusual phenomena that have been recognized for centuries including ghosts, supernatural powers, dream clairvoyance, strange energies, mind powers, angels, visitations, ultra-technologies and unusual phenomena.

"Science" doesn't accept these things. Scientists don't want to touch them or even approach them. No scientist wants to lose his tenure an/or funding, so certain subjects are "taboo" and remain that way. Even to challenge the current scientific paradigm, armed with facts, is fraught with danger. Old reputations, power structures and money flows are at stake.

The result? At first a strange phenomena is ignored. Next, if it can no longer be ignored, it is attacked and the messengers persecuted. Lastly, when the old guard has figured out some way to accept it into itsown system without too much damage, the establishment claims, "Well, we've known that all along. It's obvious." But damage was done to the pioneers who unearthed the truth.

Scientists are actually the most superstitious of people as they cannot accept new facts that fall outside of the current paradigm; if it falls outside the bounds of the explained paradigm, rejection is the norm. That, in essence, is the basis of superstition - to believe in something not just when there is no proof but when there is proof to the contrary as well.

Here at, we don't accept that. We also don't believe you should "shoot the messenger" for bringing to light strange phenomena, most of which have reasonable, rational explanations involving science, but a higher science than mundane science cuurently accepts.

So here you are, ready to delve into all sorts of strange topics with our explanations. Enjoy.

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