The Abandoned Bombay Beach in California- Haunted or Not?

Abandoned Bombay beach in California

The small town of Bombay beach in California resides on the north side of the Salton Sea. It used to a glorious resort town in the past, but with the passage of time, it turned into a spooky abandoned place. Now, very little memorabilia of this town is left at this desolate spot by the sea. The constituent water smells of gasoline oils, preferably the petrol, along with the dead and decayed fish. And it seems due to organic dumping, the water shines almost florescent red at this beach.

Bombay beach is now a census designated destination. It means it will remain closed until further orders from the department of Parks and Recreation. Their excuse for this action has an association with regard to the decreasing water level of the Salton sea and their adjoining project of starting the recreational boating access, but the story has an another side as well.

Ruins of the Bombay Beach (PICTURES)

The Salton sea boasts a rather dangerous water level. During the day, the water level rises and surges rapidly throughout the day. The unpredicted tides of the Salton sea destroyed the once happening town during 1940’s. Since then, this town remains vacant and was closed to general public. Once a top vacation spot for California resident sadly turned out into a ghost town.

When Kris and the team went out to photograph the abandoned Bombai/Bombay beach in California, they caught an awkward picture. The aforementioned snap has a caption saying “Satan took a shit here”. Having said that, this place has been a prime centre of investigation for California ghost hunters and paranormal investigators across the USA.

Haunted Bombay Beach in California

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

The abandoned town lying next to the Bombay beach in California is featured in two TV shows. The likes of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” and the fictional TV movie “The Big One: The great Los Angeles Earthquake” were shot at this abandoned ghost town.

— Did you know?

Whether these abandoned structures at Bombay beach are haunted or not, is a matter of debate. When we consulted few ghost hunting groups across the California state, they showed us few cold spots. These are the spots they had caught during their tour to the Bombay beach in California.

Driven from their experiences, they narrated us a long list of spooky phenomenon. These incidents technically points out towards this beach amongst the most haunted places in California:

  • Investigators caught few cold spots that kept moving as they moved to other parts of this abandoned structure.
  • The surrounding around the Bombai beach looks repellent and creepy, says Josh, a paranormal investigator from San Diego.
  • The feelings of being watched, disembodied walking noises coming out from the neighboring room while no one is around are some of the common phenomenon here.
  • Some of the pictures taken during evening hours reflected orbs around the centre of this structure.

Had it been not closed for a walk, you could manoeuver a ghost hunt at this abandoned beach. In that way, you could see yourself how averse the ghosts of the Bombay beach are. Be whatever it is, till then, you can satiate yourself with these spine chilling stories of malevolent spirits creating buzz around this prolonged vacant structure.

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1 thought on “The Abandoned Bombay Beach in California- Haunted or Not?”

  1. Candace Youngberg

    I’m not sure when this was written but there is only one small strip of road that is closed that is designated as State Park Property. The rest of the town is open yo drive around and there is access to the long stretch of beach along the Salton Sea. Businesses are open and there are full time residents of Bombay Beach. That being said…
    I have witnessed paranormal activity many times while 2alking around town and down by the water. From strange unexplainable noises to shadows and the feeling of being watched. I’ve also had orbs of light show up in pictures I have taken around town. Love this place!

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