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We investigate haunted places. In fact, we wrote the blog on it.

At SuperParanormal, we believe there is a better way to communicate stories. A more detailed and original way of presenting information is equally important. Today, there are quite a few blogs that actually focus on publishing creepy stuffs, without a profitable propaganda. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our desire is to facilitate people with a seamless spooky experience. We focus on Most haunted places, horror stories and real ghost confessions. We have written numerous articles on the aforementioned topics and still committed to publish more.​

Our Founding

In 2011, we founded our first horror blog named “Fear And You”. It was focused about spooky locations in and around India. A couple of years later, we enhanced our niche. It resulted in finding a new blog named “Hauntedia”. With that, we saw numerous haunted destinations in the United States. Very soon, we decided to enter the world level and Boom! SuperParanormal is Born.

A New Leaf

With our new move, we shifted to SuperParanormal. We decided three major categories to provide our readers a variety of content. The first category talks about Haunted Places. On the other hand, we have had several real spooky experiences piled up in the format of Horror Stories. The third major category belongs to numerous weird and unknown creepy facts. We publish such facts under Paranormal Facts category.

Where Does the Name SuperParanormal Come From?

We chose the name “Super Paranormal” because of few basic reason. First, It represents extreme paranormal happenings. Because we focus on writing about spooky locations and publishing real life spooky tales, this name suits this purpose quite well. Second is our mission in a continuum. We are on a mission to share extreme haunted places with the horror buffs out there would have definitely needed a meaningful name as such. Henceforth, this name does justice to this blog and its content.

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