True Tale of Paranormal Encounter at the Haunted Battle Creek

Haunted house in Battle Creek Michigan

Battle Creek shares a history of horrific folklores, haunted places and wandering spirits. Be it the ghost of Goguac Lake, or the mischievous spirits of the Kingman Museum; Battle Creek has it all. In this connotation, this story is all about my real world horror experience at the haunted Battle Creek.

Encountering Paranormal at Battle Creek

Well, my story takes place first when I was nine years old. I traveled to Battle Creek, Michigan with my Mother and Sister from the Chicago area to visit my Mom’s cousin, Terry.

Terry lived in a two floor, three bedroom house. The upstairs room was a huge attic/bedroom with two windows overlooking the front yard. She has two daughters a few years younger than me which shared the upstairs room.

This story takes place circa 1976. I have recollections of visiting this house as a kid, but the one that sticks in my mind as an adult was one night as the four of us were sleeping (me, my sister and my two second cousins, Jennifer and Julie.

I was awakened when my head hit the hardwood floor with a thud. My cousins were sleeping in their single beds while myself and my sister we’re sleeping on the hardwood floor. We were laying on a big quilt comforter but each had our own blanket and pillow.

When my head hit the hard floor I sat up. Half asleep, I searched for both my pillow and blanket. In my wakening daze I thought my sister had grabbed it in her sleep. The room had two big windows on either end and gave me enough moonlight to see that my sister was resting fine with her blanket and pillow.

I sat there for half a minute scrambling on the floor for my bedding but they were gone! Now, what I’m about to tell you seems so clichéd that I really don’t blame you for rolling your eyes, but when I gave up looking for my bedding I looked at the far wall near one of the windows and their granddaddy-type rocking chair was rocking by itself.

Rocking Chair and Mysterious Vibes

The chair rocking itself in the haunted house in Battle Creek, Michigan
I looked at the far wall near one of the windows and their granddaddy-type rocking chair was rocking by itself

Well, I have to say that I was a somewhat logical kid back then, always looking for the details. I remember distinctly looking at the chair rocking by itself (full rocks and creaks) and then looking at the window to see if it was open. It wasn’t!

The next moment, I realized how absurd the whole thing seemed (even to a nine year old boy). A rocking chair, really!

I was awake enough at this point to be scared witless and high-tailed it to the downstairs bedroom where my Mom was sleeping in. Following this, I got into bed with her and awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast and the clattering of plates and hungry people.

I can’t recall my thoughts of that morning but your average nine year old kid can get side tracked pretty easily.

However, it was one of the childhood memories I have retained over the years, I chalked this whole incident to a childhood fantasy or nightmare that I might have had.

Now, it wasn’t until twenty years later that Terry and her husband were visiting my Mom and Dad for a 4th of July cookout in their backyard. My wife and I were enjoying the barbeque with them. We were kicking back on the porch talking about this and that when the subject of ghosts came up.

Terry had moved from the house about 5 years after my “experience”. Terry told us matter-of-factly that “the darn house was haunted”. I bolted upright and then turned an idle conversation about ghosts into a grilling session about the house she used to live in.

Terry’s Experience at the Haunted Battle Creek House

She told me about the noises, footsteps, thuds on the walls, and things in the cupboard rustling around but nothing being disturbed. There were many small items that would be missing (esp. kitchenware) that one day turned up in a corner in the basement behind some stored furniture.

Another night, Terry saw the floating, disembodied head of a bearded man in his early twenties next to her bed when she woke in the middle of the night. She told me that she simply said, “Shooo!…shoooo!”, as if she was brushing away a field mouse with a straw broom.

I have to laugh at this because I would have been seriously pissing my pants at this point. She told me many other incidents that I cannot recall at this time and yes, she said the kids had mentioned the rocking chair moving on its own as well.

Terry had talked to the owners of the house about ten years after she moved out and idly asked if odd things were happening. The owner then flooded her with strange experiences that have happened to her as well.

I have no doubt as to the truth of this story so far. Terry, along with my Mom have been God fearing Christian woman as long as I have known. Side note, Terry was divorced during the time she lived at this house and remarried and moved to another part of town.

I have had a chance to talk/interview my sister and Jennifer about this house recently. My sister told me over the phone that she remembers the rocking chair moving on its own and also feeling terrified for no reason one day while playing upstairs alone. She claims to have never gone upstairs alone after that.

Remaining tales of the Paranormal

She claimed to have someone on the edge and beneath the bed many a nights

Jennifer validates the stories told by her mother, especially the rocking chair. She also claims to have had someone or something sit on the edge of her bed many a night while being wide awake.

Julie, the youngest out of all of us, recalls little. Jennifer recently contacted the current owners, who were more than willing to share their experiences. It was more or less the same stuff. Objects moved to the basement (always one corner).

An apparition of a bearded mans face (details unknown). One story that stands out: the people were away on vacation. When they returned the living room furniture was in disarray. Oddly enough, no kitchenware had been moved, however, upon checking out the basement, a wall was almost completely covered with flies.

I know it may sound like an old movie called Amityville Horror. She told me that the couple were down-to-earth folks in their sixties who seemed to be relieved that they could share their stories with someone. I might add that Jennifer assured me that she made no attempts to lead them in their conversation. Their stories seemed to unfold at the mention of the house being haunted.

Last entry on this haunting comes from my Mom. I had to drag it out of her but she did say that when she was eight months pregnant, carrying me. She was tripped by something coming down the upstairs bedroom/attic.

She says that she felt as if she should have fallen forward, but something turned her towards her backside and glided her down the stairs, without so much as bumping her ass on the stairs, as if going down a slide.

What we concluded

My mother told me she always thought it was her guardian angel but never mentioned it before because she did not want to give validation to any of the ghost stories that surrounded that house. I think deep down she knows that was no angel.

This has been a long tale but the story fascinates me because I would like to know who the bearded man is and why exactly he is sticking around. Surely there must have been something tragic that happened in the house long ago.

Come to think of it, I never asked anyone how old the house was. I guessing by recollection, that the house might have been built sometime in the 30’s. If I find anything else out, I will post to Rob’s website. I’d like to go out to that old house again someday, talk to the current owners and grab the beard of that guy and say, “What’s the deal, man?”

Battle Creek is just a part of these numerous most haunted places in Michigan (Virtually wade through these absolute macabre locations).


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