Christine Chubbuck- The First person who committed suicide on LIVE

Christine Chubbuck real suicide video

When you flip the pages of the history, you would come across a lot of untold tales, that sometimes are happily engaging; while there are multiple instances when they fill you with the utmost dose of sorrow, grief and sadness. In this connotation, today- we are sharing with you a short tale that had shaken the entire world when a young and dynamic news broadcaster Christine Chubbuck shot herself to death live in her news show.

The Sad Tale of Christine Chubbuck

Christine Chubbuck worked for WVIZ and WQED-TV before she joined the WWSB (formerly WXLT-TV). She joined it as a reporter, but very soon she earned her position of a community affair talk show host Suncoast Digest. This show did feature the contemporary local issues and strengthen the voices of the lost communities.

Despite all the fame and work success, she was undergoing a strong struggle with depression and anxiety. Christine would often discuss to her family about her recurring thoughts on suicidal tendencies. She was on drugs and psychiatric services a couple of months before the suicide.

Although her family knew about the continuous suicidal tendencies and anxiety, they rather chose not to inform the News Agency, fearing it would affect her job. Later, they revealed that the root cause of depression was her bad social and personal life. Christine would often lament her colleagues for being dateless as she was approaching 30, dated only 2 men and was still a virgin, lacking a successful relationship.

A week prior to her suicide, she told Rob, her night news editor, that she had purchased a pistol and asked him about his opinion on she, killing herself on air. Rob Smith thought it was the joke and laughed it off.

The Day Christine Chubbuck Shot Herself (Real Footage)

Note: This video contains suicidal graphics of Christine Chubbuck. Do not play until it you are 15+ and are sure enough to watch this.

The Real Suicide Footage of Christine Stubbuck

On July 15, 1974, Christine claimed of reading a newscast to open SunCoast digest which she had never done before. She took the charge of the anchor’s desk and covered a story related to the local restaurant shooting. Due to some technical error, the film reel of the restaurant shooting had jammed. Christine Chubbuck shrugged it off and said on camera-

“In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’ and in living color, you are going to see another attempted suicide.”


She drew her .38 caliber revolver and shot herself behind her right ear.

She fell forward violently and the broadcasting director faded the screen to back rapidly. Christine Chubbuck was taken to Sarasota Memorial hospital where she was declared dead fourteen hours later.

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