Mystery Of Dark Shadows Of the Demon in the House

dark shadow of demon in the house

It was late in the night. In a neighborhood located in the sub urban portion of the city surrounded by wastelands and a lot of empty spaces. The lights were out in all the houses except for one. This house belonged to an old woman who lived there along with her dog. She was half asleep on her chair and the Television was switched on.

The dog was lying beside her. Suddenly the T.V broadcast was interrupted by white light beaming out of T.V. It was so bright that it caused irritation in her eyes and she woke up in surprise. Her mouth became wide open and she got fixed in that position with saliva drooling from her mouth and white liquid buzzing out of her eyes. The dog was silent and went to the other room.

Dark Shadows of Demon in the House

Next day her grandson came to meet her from the city. The house had a small lawn at front covered by cracked walls and a steel gate. He opened the gate and beside the door he found the dog with its flesh inside out. He was shocked and feared that someone might have broken in the house. Thus, he opened the door and saw two shadows, one was taller than the other. They quickly disappeared, he saw white light coming from the end of corridor.

dark shadows of the demon in the house

He went to the room and saw his grandmothers scalp ripped off and a small dark creature eating her brain. Seeing this he puked on the floor and as he looked up he saw the dark shadows come out of the walls, they had shape like dark skin with long arms and red eyes with shark like teeth. They started to come closer to him and eventually ripped him apart and started eating his body parts.

Then the white light disappeared taking with it those creatures. The dog was never really alive, he was that small creature wearing a dog’s skin. He had been stranded on earth and was waiting for his kind to show up. Once they did, they did not want to leave any evidence of their existence behind.

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