The Nerve Wrecking Dreams of the Blood – My Dream Omens

Frightening dreams of blood

A few years back I had an incredibly intense fucked up dream and I won’t go into details about it because I feel uncomfortable especially because of what happened afterward and I feel superstitious about describing it. Anyway I woke up from this dream crying because of the despair I felt over what happened in the dream, and that is something that has happened only twice in my life, although the first time I woke up crying from my frightening dreams it was fear that caused it.

My frightening dreams

This was despair and something prompted me to call my family members to see if they were okay. When I got a hold of my dad I was on the edge of panic which I couldn’t understand and I was scaring myself. My dad was scared too and asked me what was wrong, I told him about the horrific dream and the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

He got really quiet and asked me to repeat some of the details of the dream. My father is Arabic and there are some old Middle Eastern superstitions he believes. He asked me whether I saw blood amongst the brutality from my dream I described to him. I could hear the fear in his voice but I had calmed myself down now and embarrassed that a dream drove me to do much panic. 

He told me seeing blood is a good sign because the old superstition he knew said that seeing blood is a good thing and despite the brutal things I saw, a sign of life.

I could hear in his voice how on edge he sounded, my hysteria when I initially called him didn’t help matters. Feeling silly for how I acted and wanting to reassure him, I told him I did in fact see blood. He sounded relieved and just told me not to worry. The problem is I didn’t in fact see blood, there was no blood anywhere. All that horrific shit and no blood, which according to superstition is a very bad sign. For the record I am a very rational person and not someone who believes in dream omens or that type of stuff.

My Dream Omens

Minutes after I was done I get a call. It was my sister. She was crying hysterically asking if the dad was fine. She had a horrible dream about him. Side note, my sister was living apart from the family and estranged from my father. Hearing my sister in this state I start to panic again. I ask her what she’s talking about, did she call dad? She tells me no she just woke up from a horrible dream about him. My sister has NEVER called me this way before.

We are panicking for a good two hours because my dad wasn’t answering. A few hours after initially calling him, the police called my house. They told us that my dad met with an accident. He was in critical condition in the hospital and the person in the passenger seat didn’t survive. I broke down and went hysterical again. It feels like I knew this was going to happen and I lied to him about the blood.

I got to the hospital and we got to go see him. A few days later, the first thing he said to me was ‘your dream’ and started crying. I was crying too. However, I saved the news clipping from the accident. Although I won’t post it here because I’d rather not reveal my last name. It was the single weirdest and creepiest thing that ever happened to me. This has never been something I could ever explain.

If this story on frightening dreams horrified you, these real life horror stories definitely would. Happy haunting.

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