Story of the Ghost of girl in my rented house

Ghost of girl in my rented house

My ghost story started in a house I rented for more than 14 years. I had always believed in the supernatural or paranormal but had never had any real experiences myself until I began living in this house, and haven’t had any since I moved out of that house. The house was over 120 years old and there were rumors that it was once used as a mortuary/funeral home, although I do not have any proof of that.

My first experience started one night when I came home from work (I worked nights) and as I got out of my car I noticed the basement light was on. I asked my wife if anyone had been in the basement and she said no one had. I must tell you that the basement was not pretty, more or less a place to keep the fuel tank for the furnace. It had a dirt floor and my wife and 3 young daughters were afraid to go down there. I went down and shut the light off.

Ghost of Girl in the house

The next night when I got home from work the light was on again. Again I asked the wife if anyone had been in the basement that day. She said no, not at all. I shut it off again. The 3rd night in a row I came home and the light was on again. This time I went to the basement. Before I shut the light off I said “Whoever is turning this light on, please stop!. The next night the light was not on when I got home. I should also tell you that the switch for this light was not a toggle type switch, it was the old fashioned dial or knob that you had to turn clock-wise and it wasn’t easy so there was no way it could have been “bumped” on.

It was some time later when a little girl my wife was baby-sitting, McKayla, around 4 years old, started talking to “her friend” at our house. My wife would hear her talking in the bedroom. When she asked who she was talking to, she would say she was talking to her friend that lived in the attic. She pretty much dismissed it as an imaginary friend, until one day McKayla told my wife that her little friend said she was sorry. My wife asked “Sorry about what?” and McKayla said, “She says she’s sorry for turning the basement light on all the time and that she won’t so it anymore.”

Past of my haunted rented house

Needless to say, my wife got a little freaked out when she heard that and started asking questions. She asked the little friend’s name. McKayla said her name was Selena and she died in a fire in the attic when she was little. Now remember, McKayla was only about 4 years old at the time. She didn’t even know we had a basement in that house.

There were other times when I would see things out the corner of my eye. When I’d turn to look they’d be gone. We’d also have the TV in the dining room turn on and off by itself, or the volume go up and down on its own. Never had anything bad really happen in that house, just a few things that left you wondering if you were seeing things, although I did see the apparition of a young girl once. She looked to be about the same age as McKayla, the little girl my wife babysat, and as I looked up for just a few seconds one time to look at my wife walking into the kitchen I saw this little girl following her. 

At the time I didn’t think anything of it, thinking it was McKayla. A few minutes later, I realized that McKayla wasn’t there that night. That one even freaked me out a little bit. I never could come up with any other explanation for these things other than paranormal activity, but I was never really scared of any of it.

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