Ghouls that Frequent these 8 Haunted Places in Himachal Pradesh

Most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh

We know Himachal for its scenic beauty, natural surroundings and dense vegetation. The Himalayan state boasts of several hills, high mountains and beautiful pathways with trees gathering both the sides, adding meaning to its calm vibes. Though, several of these otherwise pulchritudinous locations turn spooky as the darkness arrives. In this connotation, we are going to bring forward some untold stories of malevolent spirits residing at some of the most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Captain Barog’s Ghoul

Allegedly haunted Barog Tunnel aka Tunnel number 33, Himachal Pradesh
Picture of the allegedly haunted Barog Tunnel aka Tunnel number 33

Engineer by profession, Captain E. Barog worked for the East India Company during the 1900’s. If sources are to be believed, Captain Barog, within an year after joining was assigned with the responsibility of building a tunnel proceeding from Shimla Enroute Kalka. 

Due to his lack of experience, he was unable to carry forward it. As a result, he had to face the wrath of his seniors. Due to country wide humiliation, he committed suicide. Now his ghoul surrounds the Tunnel Number 33. He tries to communicate with the trespassers by appearing after them. In addition, there is a woman’s ghoul that keep running in the tunnel during night hours.

Though the Captain’s ghoul is totally harmless, you can’t be sure of the woman’s spirit who may appear before your car. Due to the dual spirit encounter, Tunnel No. 33 tops the list of most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh.

2. Robert and Samuel’s Spirits at Charleville Mansion

Haunted Charleville mansion, Himachal Pradesh
Haunted Charleville mansion, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla was the favorite destination of EIC officials for the climatic likelihood with England. The Charleville mansion is such an infamous mention in this list. According to old tales, two Englishmen, Robert and Samuel, two close friends were having their vacation in Shimla when one day they were found dead in this mansion. Robert committed suicide while Samuel was drugged heavily.

After this incident, their unsolved death mystery led to instil deep fear in locals. Later on, two Englishmen rented it in 1913. Within a week, they got demonically possessed. A series of investigations continued and the locked room where Robert hanged himself was opened. That room had mysterious vibes and cold spots, indicating the presence of paranormal entities. Today, the ownership rights of Charleville mansion is with an Indian businessman. Though the house is renovated, who knows whether those ghosts shifted or not?

3. Prisoners’ spirits at the dilapidated Dagshai Jail

picture replicating haunted Dagshai prison

During colonial era, the Dagshai Jail was one of few prime centres to contain the major offenders of the Himachal Pradesh. It was constructed in 1849 and became operational soon after when its a rape culprit became its first prisoner. In no time, it became a hub of nasty criminals who were hanged till death. Out of the remaining, criminals who were awarded with life imprisonment died from mistreatment and poor health and hygiene.

Today, the Dagshai Jail has been turned into a museum, but the locals still claim those vengeful and evil spirits lurk behind the erstwhile prison’s walls. This is obvious as this Jail has already seen plenty of gore, killings and torture.

4. Ramro’s Ghost in the House of Dukhani

The House of Dukhani is a fascinating house replicating the Buddhist craft. According to the urban legends, the ghost of an old man named Ramro haunts this house. Locals have seen him wandering in his iconic white gown around the premises of the house of Dukhani. During the British era, he was deputed as a gatekeeper to this house in Shimla. One day, due to the conflict over leave sanction with the house owner, he shot himself to death.

5. The Witch at the Shimla Highway

A witch frequents this haunted highway in Himachal Pradesh
A witch frequents this haunted highway in Himachal Pradesh

The witches’ lair or, the Chudail Baudi is situated between the Shimla Highway, nearby the Chhota Shimla region. According to the frequent travellers, the ghost of a woman in white clothes perturbs the visitors during strange night hours. She frequents the road, stopping the vehicles for lift. Regardless of your approval or denial, she would take a ride to her desired place- staring creepily throughout the journey.

She is totally a harmless spirit, but we have no reports of what caused multiple mysterious accidents happening at this road. Maybe the unexpected reaction of seeing a ghoul sitting at the backseat would have caused this? What say?

6. Child’s Ghost at Jesus and Mary Convent

There are multiple stories indicating the presence of the spirit of a 10 years old four-grader child who reportedly committed suicide at Jesus and Mary convent. People believe that her soul roams in the premises of this school, causing numerous paranormal activities. There is a hype over an alleged headless horseman who comes on Friday the 13th to offer rose to virgins and takes them along. If they deny, he kills them. Sounds filmy, doesn’t it?

7. Swami’s ghoul in the IGMC Forest

Swami's ghoul wanders in the haunted forest attached to IGMC
Swami’s ghoul wanders in the haunted forest attached to IGMC

There are several accounts of the presence of an orange seller’s ghoul wandering in the forest attached with the Indira Gandhi Medical College in Himachal Pradesh. According to local legends, the orange seller Swami was crushed to death by an overloaded truck; leaving his immortal spirit lurking in this area.

In addition, people share their experiences of seeing the deceased patients’ ghosts during the midnight hours in the IGMC premises. Weird noises, unknown pushes and creepy laughters are the incidents for which IGMC is claimed the most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh.

8. Mary’s vengeful spirit at Dagshai Cemetery

Mem's grave at the haunted Dagshai Cemetery, Himachal Pradesh
Mem’s grave at the haunted Dagshai Cemetery, Himachal Pradesh

Dagshai primarily consists of an army cantonment coupled with several buildings, schools and a graveyard. There are several urban legends associated with this haunted cemetery which has now become the part and parcel of locals’ belief system.

According to these legends, a British Major Doctor George Weston used to serve patients along with his wife Mary. Mary was a nursing assistant at the army clinic at Dagshai. After remaining childless for a decade, Weston couple sought blessings from a Priest. It worked as a miracle and Mary conceived her first child. Sadly, she died on the eighth month of her pregnancy along with her unborn child. In the following year, George built a beautiful grave in memory of his wife Mary and their unborn child.

There are many claims of ghost sightings at the Dagshai cemetery. Locals claim that Mary appears before the female trespassers who come to break her grave and steal a piece of stone, believing they would conceive children by doing so. Oh Mary! Such a pity.

These were some of the most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh. Longing for more? Try exploring some of these absolutely haunted places in Shimla? See You soon.

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