2 Halloween stories claiming it to be the Spookiest time of the Year

scary halloween stories

I have heard that the veil between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead is at the thinnest on Halloween.

Halloween is a bit of a magical time of year — kids dressing up in costumes and running around the neighborhood collecting treats door to door. Having parties with friends and family is a must at some time during the season. And, of course, telling ghost stories, scary stories, or even funny stories. The best stories as far as I’m concerned are the true stories that the teller experienced or heard it from the person who experienced it. And, of course, there’s folklore and urban legends. Some of those can give you nightmares.

I really don’t believe the veil is any thinner on Halloween, but it may very well be. I just know that ghosts and paranormal experiences don’t necessarily have a “season.” Yes, the focus during Halloween is on spooky, scary ghosts and such . . . that could attract them to you, but . . . they do their hauntings however they choose, wherever they choose. We just may be more observant during Halloween . . . anticipating a fright . . . or with all the decorations some ghouls can hide among them and feel at home. That thought gave me a cold chill.

Tale of the Burnt Down Tavern

The old tavern had its share of nightly fights. On this particular Halloween night, two strangers came into the place. They ordered coffee. It was frightfully chilly that night in Maine. Not that anyone paid much notice to the weather.

The burly butcher was itching for a fight. He walked up to the strangers.

“What you doin’ in town?” the butcher asked.

“Just passing through,” one of the men answered, not making eye contact.

“Where ya from?”

“Look mister,” the other man said. “Our grandpa lives up in the woods. We’re paying him a visit.”

“So you’re brothers or what?”

The first man turned around to face the butcher, brushing up against him. Before he could say a word, the butcher grabbed him and threw him head first into the roaring fire in the fireplace.

The screams of agony were deafening.

The younger brother brushed passed the butcher to pull his brother out of the fire.

“Leave him be!” bellowed the butcher.

Ignoring the warning, the younger brother grabbed his brother’s legs and pulled him out of the fire.

“I said leave him be!” The butcher grabbed the younger man and threw him into the fire.

The witnesses couldn’t believe their eyes. The younger brother came out of the fire, in his hands was a burning log. He threw it at the butcher.

Everyone ran for the front door when the burly butcher’s clothes caught on fire and he was running wildly around the tavern catching everything he came near on fire.

The screams and curses could be heard as the witnesses watched the tavern burn to the ground.

On Halloween night, many have seen the flaming figure of a man running frantically around in circles yelling curses.

Halloween story of a Burnt down Church

A new preacher and his wife and children came to town during the end of summer. The town folk were delighted to meet Preacher Lyle Preston, his wife, son and daughter. It was quite a blessing for the town, they not only got a new preacher but also a new teacher. Mrs. Preston had been teaching for years.

“Something ain’t right about that preacher and his kin,” the blacksmith said.

“What you talkin’ about?” his son asked. “My kids, your grandkids have been learnin’ school work and manners. LyndySue is sweet on the preacher’s boy.”

“Keep an eye on LyndySue. I’ve seen some strange stuff at night behind the church.”

The blacksmith’s wife came in with their lunch. “What are you two talking about?”

“Aw, Pa don’t like the new preacher and his kin.”

“Well, I have to agree with him. Something woke me up the other night. There was whooping and hollering out in the field.”

“Did ya look out?”

“Of course I did. A fire was burning out in the field and the preacher, his wife and children were dancing around the fire.”

“Aw, they were just . . . “

“What? It ain’t right, son,” the blacksmith said. “It’s like one of them Satanic things.”

“Sa-tanic? How would ya know?”

“I hear things.”

They ate their lunch in silence for awhile. 

“I’ll ask LyndySue if there’s anything strange about that Preston kid.”

Closer to Halloween the town folk were becoming concerned by the strange behavior of their children. They met at the blacksmith’s house one afternoon.

“I heard my daughter talking in her sleep about praising satan,” one woman said.

“The kids are getting out of control,” a man added. “My son told me, I wasn’t the boss of him.”

“That Mrs. Preston is filling the kids heads with nonsense.”

The men and women at the meeting got all worked up. They went to the church, barged into the door and stood staring at the teacher and the kids.

“May I help you?” Mrs. Preston asked politely.

“We come for our kids,” one woman said.

There were some complaints from the children, but they followed their parents out of the church.

No one knows who did it or how it happened, but as soon as they were a safe distance away from the church, it burst into flames.

There were no screams coming from the church, but laughter and chants about satan and much merriment. The children outside with their parents ran into the burning church.

Halloween isn’t celebrated in that town. It’s a day of mourning for all the lost souls to satan and filled with sadness for the town that welcomed the new preacher and his family into their town.

These are couple of halloween stories to add to the belief that spirits prevail in this world not everyone can experience. If you are looking forward to more experiences, please let us know in the comments down below.

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