Haunted Alcatraz Museum- Scary Facts and Ghost Sighting

haunted Alcatraz Museum in California

Alcatraz Museum is established on an island full of greenery. It is a perfect spot to visit for every wanderer that loves the combo of nature and haunted places. Earlier, we have talked about Haunting in Queen Mary ship and also the spooky Claremont hotel. Both these places are formidable because of evident ghost sightings. In the current article I am unleashing the mysteries of the haunted Alcatraz Museum, a worn building noted as one of the most haunted places in California.

Haunted Alcatraz Museum

To know about the ghastly occurrences, you will have to flip the pages from history of this Museum. According to the reports, today’s famous tourist section was once a prison. It was a high security prison where the ferocious criminals were kept in a mirthless state. The rumors blame the authority for their brutish behavior that led dozens of offenders to death. Later, things got changed and the prison was closed. Post few years, the prison was given the shape of a Museum what we know today as Alcatraz Museum.

Cell authorities had earlier complained of undergoing abnormal incidences after the death of first three prisoners but the grim occurrences were not brought public. But the ghastly activities did unearthed once the prison was renovated in a Museum and opened for community sightseeing. Although first few visitors had mistaken the formidable happenings to a state of mental confusion but soon everything was crystal clear.

Talking about the tourist’s encounters, visitors have complained to hear heavy footsteps, mysterious screams and disembodied voices all across the cell in the haunted Alcatraz Museum. In early evening hours, locals have seen an ethereal ghost figure of a man in his forties. Some spectators have seen few other ghosts moving near the cross way beside the wall of the Museum while others have listened to the banjo music and slamming of cell doors whilst passing by it.

John Alan, an accused of murder died in his 50’s here. His soul is most distressing and evil and is said to awake during dark night hours. It is thus advised not to stay at the renowned haunted Alcatraz museum in night.

Did You Know?

Creepy Phenomenon at the Alcatraz

After the news upsetting phenomenon, many ghost hunters and labs have visited the haunted Alcatraz Museum site. In their further investigation similar to the haunted Lake Elsinore Country Club site, they found six cold spot spreading over the museum. Dusky photographs near the cell doors are one of few other evidences that go in support of Alcatraz museum being a hub of evil souls.

Megan Says,

In 2009, I and my family had gone to the rock for a tour. It was very interesting to walk through this old prison. As we were heading to the wardens office, somebody grabbed my face and lower jaw tightly. It was very frightening.

George states,

I take students on trips to various historical places. In past, I have experienced paranormal at the hospital wing upstairs several times. I had heard loud bangs, orbs, and smell and experienced the feeling of being touched and mood swings while I visit this construction.

Mandy describes,

We visited the rock as a family a few years ago with two teenagers in our family. Walking through the jail house, we all noticed that it would get really cool and suddenly heat up. This was not gradual. It was one step cool, next step warm. We experienced pungent smells. The most frightening thing happened to me when I was standing at the top of the stairs. I felt a hand on my waist pushing me down. I caught myself on the man in front of me. Suddenly he disappeared. At that point I was totally freaked out.

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