Story Of the Haunted Borley Rectory In Essex

haunted borley rectory in essex

Located in the Borley village, there exist a beautiful Victorian mansion. It’s classiness and gothic architecture makes it look different and recognisable. Although it soothes the eye until you come across its scary past. Quite few of the horror aficionado community are aware of why the haunted Borley rectory is called the spookiest mansion in England. If you are one of them, we got you the story that is believed to be linked with the past of this prepossessing mansion. Let’s begin.

Although the Borley Rectory is famed as the “most haunted house in England”, you will not find any sign of paranormal in the first glance. According to the stories, its construction was started in 1862 by parish of Borley and his family and was finally constructed in 1863. This beautiful mansion could not hold its charm for long when a sudden fire in 1939 destroyed it all . Five years later it was demolished and closed for living but spirits do not require special permission to check in to any place.

Many paranormal experts agree that when a place is closed for more than a year, evil spirits begin to gather inside. Some trespassers had spooky experiences around Borley Rectory mansion, but it is not everybody who’d agree. Things altered when a paranormal investigation team leaded by Harry price reported many paranormal activities taking place here. Later on, “Daily Mirror” published the story of Borley Rectory haunting which brought this in focus.

In dark hours many paranormal incidents are said to take place at this haunted mansion. Creepy noises such as heavy footsteps and giggles are usually heard in the midnight hours.

Dark Down Investigation group

Ghost of two headless horsemen and spirit of a nun still haunts this place. Many people have reported to see a lady in white clothes walking outside the mansion. Some mysterious noises such as the phantom ringing of servant’s bell fill the environment with an essence of fear. The list of paranormal activities include “throwing of bottle on its own” on the visitors of this scary mansion.

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