Haunted Rooms of the Creepy Brown Palace in Denver

haunted brown palace denver

Denver, the capital of Colorado is famous for its historical structures and other magnificent spots for a reminiscing sightseeing. It is surrounded by high rocks, a condition favorable to a trek lover. Enclosed by the environment of ancient forts and its flora and fauna would enlighten a nature lover soul in you.  For the fright affectionate people, the Denver city has a list of creepy sites out of which the one we are talking about is, the brown palace haunted truth, its past history and various creepy ghosts responsible for the making and unmaking of the haunted Brown palace. Sit back, relax and have a great read on what takes you to a virtual tour on the Brown palace haunted infrastructure.

The ageless Brown palace hotel was opened by Henry Brown, an Ohio resident and business enthusiast. He saw his career in California but out of the family affection and under his wife’s pressure, Mr. Brown later chose to stay in Denver. After Henry’s family passed away in Denver, they chose to stick to the city and gave birth to a hotel named after “Brown”, their ancestors. Nobody had an idea of how creepy the Brown palace haunted hotel would be.

Brown Palace Haunted Hotel

In 1892, after this hotel was opened for travellers to offer a stay, the staff made few royal apartments atop and allowed affluent people to lend it. In the beginning, that became a matter of pride of millionaires to en-cash this opportunity for how luxurious those suites were.  Also,  these suites offered the top view of the city and that could have enticed the residents of Denver, sources would say.

Among the lucky billionaires who finally became able to check in the royal apartments at the Palace, there was a lady named Louise Hill. Here, to point out her name is as necessary as to understand the value of subtraction in an equation. Louise hill was a young entrepreneur who had bags of dollars left by her ambitious ancestors. The hotel gave him the room 904, a number she found lucky for her as her previous apartments and vehicles had this number registered as her favorite.

This real life horror story finally underwent a sharp turn when Miss Hill faced a breakup. It was so grievous and disheartening that it set her life on a vicious turmoil. She became numb, ate no food and remained locked the whole day. During those days, she put a break on her social life and left taking phone calls. Moreover, she also lost interest in interacting with people, resources say. As a result, her pain grew on a regular basis and after it became unbearable, she committed suicide inside the suite lodged by her.

Scary happenings at the Palace

Fetching out the former reports, the old staff stated the disturbing nature of her. Few days before her suicide, waiters complained of the things that were broken by Louise on a regular basis. Screams, sobs and breaking noises were often heard from the Apartment 904 on the head of the brown palace.

San Marco room is the next popular region of the hotel out of two things. First because it organized music concert every weekend and the second is more evident. Now named as the Ellington’s, this Brown palace haunted room is said to cause several discrepancy for musicians. In addition, there are People who take a visit to the hall during night hours. What exactly are those ghost interactions encountered by the visitors out there? I know you are curious and we have the information you are seeking for.

After Louise died, her room was set open for the tour and trips. It seems like Louise’s spirit did not like trespassers roaming into her favorite apartment, room number 904. Hotel staff began to receive phone calls from inter-network system. After they traced the signal, they were awestruck to find the calls emerged from that vacant room. However no telephone was placed erstwhile. It is believed that the revengeful soul of the lady haunts the above mentioned room. It is due to her attachment with the structure itself which enlist it amongst top haunted places in Colorado.

Brown Palace Haunted Stories

Brown palace haunted rooms

Many horror lovers have visited the haunted brown palace in Denver and they came up with positive results. Some guest had encountered the apparition of a young girl. On the other hand, others saw a mystic apparition waving in the air. Disturbing noises like a creepy outcry in midnight, giggles and sound of breaking of glass can be heard during strange hours of night. Some visitors when tried to peep in the spooky room, they were pushed by unknown entity. They also claimed to hear disembodied sobs at the same time.

Few years after the hotel was constructed, few rooms of the palace were used to book rail tickets, as a railroad ticket office. Usually, facilitate the guests, conductors used to sit in a room and do the bookings. After the death of Louise Hill, a weird phenomenon started taking place at there. Conductors began to encounter weird apparitions that would cross the walls and smiled at them knowingly.  Later, the apparition of a deceased conductor was also seen in the same manner. This was a trending news in Denver. That opened a gate for paranormal investigators in the city to examine brown palace haunted room and the spirit residing over there.

Haunted Attractions of the Brown Palace

Ellington, the music and play venue of the brown palace was formerly known as San Marco room where the music bands and theater were organized. This room is also believed to be the house of a group of ghosts. Locals believe that once when a music band was making rehearsal and went for a break and when one of the band member returned to the room, he saw ghosts sitting at instruments. During strange night hours, noise of music instruments can be heard from the vacant venue. Due to holding malevolent ghosts, the haunted brown palace is known as the most haunted place in Denver.

The brown palace haunted hotel was never put on hold, even for a single day. In its decades old history, it underwent many renovations but has a record of continuously servicing the customers at its best. Be it a nature lover or spook affectionate, you would surely like to visit the Brown palace at Denver.

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