9 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Oklahoma- Visit If You Dare

haunted hillside cemetery in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a supreme travel destination for its variety of natural destinations. It carries well the legacy of cowboy culture and gathers within the sorrow of 1995 bombings. In connotation with the old history and dark tales, we have dig up some allegedly haunted cemeteries in Oklahoma and fetched down the urban legends, ghosts and old stories associated with them-

The Blanchard Cemetery

Blanchard, Oklahoma

Haunted Blanchard cemetery, Oklahoma

This spooky destination is nothing but a scary trouble. Being a part of McClain County in Blanchard, It is one usual place for cremation of dead. John Taylor – a local person who turned 85 this month claims everything was smooth in 90’s. Time flies and so does the situations. A fine cemetery got haunted and it sees a lot paranormal now.

This place is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young man. He could be seen in black pants and a clear white shirt. Many a witnesses have seen him waving to call them nearby. They believe it could cause demonic possession. Ghost of this tall person is mostly visible during dark hours.

Besides this, some weird paranormal activities keep going at this place. It is believed that the wandering spirit of a person who had died in an accident was buried here. If you visit this place in the night, don’t get terrified from scary noises and unexplained mysterious lights.

Kiowa Cemetery

Logan, Oklahoma

Kiowa cemetery, Logan, Oklahoma

Kiowa Cemetery is situated in Hammons and turns out to be amongst the most haunted places in Oklahoma. It is the residence of a Native American’s holy soul. Locals have claimed to see the apparition of his ghost sitting on a horse. The Frequent sight of his apparition during daytime and night fills extra spookiness to this place. During dark hours, many more apparitions could be seen near the gate of Kiowa cemetery.

Sacred Heart Mission Cemetery

Konawa, Oklahoma

Sacred heart mission cemetery is located on E 1390 Road in Konawa locality of Oklahoma. This place is reported to be the most haunted cemetery in Oklahoma (by south state team of paranormal investigators). Let’s dig up the history to unleash the story about how this place turned into a macabre.

Established in 1876, sacred heart mission became a convent and a school for girls. There was an initial heritage site which got destroyed by fire in 1901. This enormous fire steamed up everything. It took life of many monks, priests and killed many innocent animals. Later this site was rebuilt – Everything became new except old ruins that consisted spirit of dead as an indistinguishable part.

Since then spirits haunted the church building and sacred heart mission cemetery.  Many a one has claimed to see hazy figures of priests and monks walking around this place. If you are lucky enough, you can see the ghost of animals who had died in this accident. During night hours- cries, moans, and screams have been heard in the vicinity of the church building. 

If you walk in the basement of sacred heart mission, you may face a shadowy figure. Nearby sacred heart mission cemetery is said to be haunted by these spirits. Unexplained noises such as dull breathing sound with ghostly voices can be heard here. Weird light floating around this graveyard and growling noises of animal can horrify you.

Timber Ridge Cemetery

Cartoosa, Oklahoma

Haunted Timber Ridge cemetery, Cartoosa, Oklahoma

Timber ridge cemetery is located in Roger region of Oklahoma. Famous by the name of haunted hollow, paranormal investigators claimed this place to house the spirit of a Native American boy. This boy was hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle and killed. Later, he was buried in this cemetery.

People have witnessed his spirit with his bicycle along the roadside. Ghost of this child usually comes in front of a moving vehicle and repeats incidence of his death. Car drivers feel if they hit an entity. When they get out of the car, they find nothing but a bloody hand print on their fender.

Some pedestrians who cross through this graveyard get a sudden nosebleed while others see orbs above the graves. It is reported that cemetery gate gets open on its own. Due to a lot of paranormal incidents people fear to cross Timber Ridge Cemetery alone in the night.

Haunted Tucker Cemetery

Comanche, Oklahoma

Haunted Tucker cemetery Oklahoma

If you visit Comanche locality and have a walk through S Tucker Road, you can see Tucker cemetery located one side. Legend has it that graves change their surroundings at this closed cemetery. Some spectators said to see graves get empty one moment and gets filled with grass another moment.

Many people felt as if something grabbed their legs and tombstones fall over and tight themselves. These incidents created fear in people and nobody dares to move into this cemetery during dark hours.

Violet Springs Cemetery

Asher, Oklahoma

Violet springs cemetery, Oklahoma

Lady engraved here is said to be killed by a botched abortion attempt. Rumours has it had a contribution of her husband and in laws as they did not want girl child. Due to extreme pain she suffered during that process, even death could not set her free to afterlife.

Ghost of this woman is said to roam in this cemetery in night. Mysterious noises like phantom growling noises near her grave could be heard very often. Some people said to spectate apparition of lady with ghost baby in her lap. Due to this terrible scenario, this place is spooky enough to visit in night hours.

Haunted Hillside Cemetery

Purcell, Oklahoma

Situated in beautiful Skiatook locality, this graveyard is rumoured to be a haunted cemetery in Oklahoma. It normally houses countless graves since 18th century. This ramshackle cemetery houses grave of a witch that rests at this place. According to past files and reports we discovered, people as well as paranormal investigators who have tried to tamper with witch’s grave of Hillside Cemetery faced dire consequences. 

In some cases people got possessed by demons while in rare cases they died. While main attraction of this graveyard is Witch’s grave but there also exist ghost of a teen who died in a car accident nearby. In silent hours of midnight, her spirit is easily visible in Hillside Cemetery.

Jessie Creek Cemetery

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Jessie creek cemetery, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

This abandoned cemetery is overpopulated with graves and lies near an abandoned business spot. Locals have claimed a weird paranormal happening here. According to them, whoever tries to take pictures here, gets working error on their device. 

Cameras stop working while taking pictures in this cemetery. If you get out of this place, it works fine and smooth. After sunset many spooky noises like giggles and cry can be heard here. Due to a series of paranormal happenings this place is considered amongst most haunted cemeteries in Oklahoma.

Post Oak Cemetery

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Located in Tulsa county of Oklahoma, Post oak cemetery is known as home to mysterious orbs of light which is said to hover around this cemetery and straight lining of woods. It is strongly believed that Post oak cemetery is haunted by endless souls which make it one of the most haunted cemeteries in Oklahoma.

Also known as Sparky’s graveyard, Post oak cemetery does not offer ghost sightings but it shows some basic sign of creepiness. Paranormal investigators found several cold spots here which verify the presence of paranormal entities within this cemetery.

Talking about the other infamous cemeteries, we have the haunted Gurnsey hollow cemetery in New York. It is frequented by dozens of malevolent ghouls.


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  1. Is Dora,Oklahoma Cemetery told to be haunted? This cementery is located southof Konawa, Oklahoma. The name on the front is Robertson Cemetery. It is on a graveled road. No homes near by. In a community that once called DORA, Oklahoma. Would like to know. My family is buried at Dora or Robertson Cemetery. Thank You.

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