Haunted Central State Hospital in Indiana (Creepy Pictures Inside)

haunted central state hospital in Indiana

Old abandoned places are mostly spooky. Few carry the burden of their gruesome past, while some just look so due to their dilapidated physical appearance. The Central state hospital in Indiana enlists itself in the former category. So, what’s exactly the creepy side of the haunted Central state hospital? Well, wade through the history and hauntings of the century old hospital, which, due to its ghost connection appears on the list of most haunted asylums in America.

History of the Central state hospital

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The central state hospital is situated on the Washington Street in Indianapolis. It was once a famous mental hospital with advanced psychiatric treatment facilities. With the increase in popularity, it attracted patients with complex mental ailments, including several serial killers. The state government provided subsequent funds for the operations, management and construction works- leading in a smooth running of this asylum.

The twin castle like gothic structure does justice to it’s 1850’s build as it well equipped gardens, fountains and a beautiful landscape to provide patients a peaceful environment. Everything was going smooth until early 1900s when this hospital lacked funds to manage the increasing number of patients all across the country. Finally, a lot of factors like the physical and mental abuse of patients and lack of staff lead into the enclosure of the Central state hospital.

The hospital was closed down in 1994. The Indiana government took back this hospital and converted it into the “Indiana Medical Hospital Museum (IMHM)”. Prior to that, the deceased patients were buried near the old pathology building and the whole campus was cleaned off.

Haunted Central state hospital in Indiana

Female ghost at the haunted central state hospital in Indiana

Although the IMHM neglects the allegation of the hospital being haunted, there are several reports claiming otherwise. According to the visitors, many portions of the old buildings are haunted. The ghost of a young woman allegedly haunts the old power house basement. She reportedly screams while workers enter the basement to shovel ashes. Few workers even claimed of seeing disembodied shadows moving from cement posts. On the other hand, the autonomous switching issues of the boiler signal towards the presence of an anomaly at the haunted Central state hospital in Indiana.

The most disturbed section of the haunted central state hospital is the Pathology ward where postmortem was done on the deceased mentally insane patients. Now their spirits can be heard murmuring during late night hours. In addition, you can also notice the sobs and sad wails coming out of the dormitory section of the state hospital.

Ghost sightings at the Hospital

There are several stories about the ghosts of the haunted Central state hospital. Some believe that these spirits are of the caretakers who purportedly committed suicide out of the guilt of being forced to abandon their duties. On the other hand, several people blame the mental criminals for possessing this hospital.

We have gathered several pictures of this abandoned hospital, reflecting its creepy side. Several horror aficionados of Indiana had peeped into this structure in the past and their experiences were not good. Some caught cold spots during their investigations. On the other hand, a female ghoul was also captured around the premises of this hospital in a ghost hunt.

Photos of the Abandoned Central state hospital

On a scare scale of 10, how would you rate this spooky asylum? Do let us know in the comments down below. If you are looking forward to other haunted places near you, check out the following locations.

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