Real Haunting Stories of the Haunted Cuba Road in Illinois

story of the haunted Cuba Road in Illinois

Cuba Road is known for its many haunting stories. The haunted Cuba road is located in Illinois and is known as the passage of the dead. There are several ghost stories and creepy legends associated with this infamous road. There’s one about a disappearing Hitchhiker and another about the newlywed woman that found her husband hanging in a tree outside their car (after a night of terror). The road has two graveyards along its stretch, perfect for adventuresome minds.

Haunting at the Haunted Cuba Road in Illinois

It was a dark October night when my friends and I decided to take a trip down the haunted Cuba Road. We took a stroll through one of the graveyards. After that, we went to the one that has a story about a watcher with two glowing red eyes that oversees the graveyard.

We went into the graveyard and I split up from the rest of the group and went out on my own to explore. Back then I had a thing for not stepping on graves, so I walked around the outside of the graves. My friends and I were within eye and ear shot of each other.

As I walked around looking at some of the grave stones, I noticed that some of the graves were missing their stones. These graves only had the base of the stone remaining. Others had stones half broken at cocked angles (many tales about tombstones like these state that this is a sign of Vampires).

As I was looking around, I noticed my friends where chasing after something. They were pointing into the bushes and trees as if they where trying to locate whatever they were looking for.

Encountering the paranormal

Encountering the Child ghost at the cemetery near the Cuba road, Illinois
my friends had seen a small ghost about the size of a child appear from behind a stone

I looked to a grove of trees in the middle of the graveyard to where a group of graves and stones were isolated from the rest. Amongst them I SAW IT! I wasn’t sure what it was, but whatever I saw, it was glowing! It didn’t have a definite shape.

It’s shape was just a rectangular glow about half the height and twice as wide as an average human. As I stared at it for a while, one of my friends came over to see how I was doing. He turned to look what I was staring at.

I pointed and asked him if he saw what I saw. He saw it, too. I asked him what they had been chasing around. He answered by telling me that it was interesting that I was able to see the eerie glow where I had.

He then explained why. While I was looking at other graves, my friends had seen a small ghost about the size of a child appear from behind a stone. It looked as if it saw them and started running away. Out of curiosity a few of them chased it.

The others stopped to look at the stone that the ghost had once hid behind. The stone had a name and two dates. The two dates where only eight years apart. As far as the stone’s location, it was within the same group of stones where I had seen the glowing form. This form had the vague shape of a large dog.

Months past after our incident at the graveyard. I left work one night and met one of my friends at the local Denny’s for something to eat.

Story of the Haunted Cuba Road

This friend of mine did not know any of the other people I went to the graveyard with. We started talking about the topic of Cuba Road. He started telling me a story that his Aunt once told him.

His tale was of the same graveyard that my friends and I had visited back in October. From my friend’s story, I found out that the graveyard land used to be the location of a farmhouse.

Some people (maybe the mob or politicians, I don’t know) wanted the site for the future location of a graveyard. The couple who owned the farmhouse refused, so the people who wanted the land burned the house down. (At this point I was wondering what this had to do with the eight-year-old child).

My friend then shared some chilling information with me: the couple who owned the farmhouse had an eight-year-old child that was trapped inside the house during the fire. He died in the fire along with his dog.

How do you explain the strange and bizarre that happens on Cuba Road? How does science explain the incidents of phenomena that lay claim to be true? Being on a well known haunted road late at night heightens my senses to the point were I begin to expect the unexpected. No matter what, something you don’t expect will happen.

Cuba Road is said to be haunted as well as some of the surrounding areas. My friends and I decided to take a drive around this area. We took two cars on that clear night. The weather was as plain as can be.

Mysterious Mechanical Hum

There was no erratic changes in humidity. Nothing that would warrant the heavy thick fog that rolled in. Heavy, thick fog that was accompanied by an eerie mechanical-like hum. It was a loud hum with an occasional clanging sound.

As we drove around, the hum was all around us, but there was no industry nearby. The area around Cuba Road was mainly residential, nothing that would cause the sound to echo through trees and down the roads.

We drove down a street back towards Cuba Road to escape the fog that was rolling in behind us. It was as if it were chasing us. There was a drive that led to a field to the right so we decided to stop and watch the fog roll in.

We got out of our cars, curious to see what was happening. We watched the fog roll in. It (and the strange sound) came from over the distant trees that were across the field. The light got us next. The light came from over the trees.

We encountered the spirits

Encountering Silhouette at the haunted Cuba Road, Illinois
As the fog rolled across the field, a silhouette that appeared to be walking towards us

Supernatural Phenomenon? UFO activity? My thoughts were of the city in the distance. The light came from there, but for some reason, the light grew more intense, not common of city glow.

The city is actually just a town, and I know of nothing that would create that kind of sound or the light. When the fog was halfway across the field, some of us decided to check it out and walk towards it. We didn’t get very far before we saw it walking towards us.

What was it? Well, we didn’t stick around long enough to find out. All I remember seeing was nothing, yet something. As the fog rolled across the field, backlit by the light, it parted around a silhouette… a silhouette that appeared to be walking towards us.

I couldn’t believe my eyes but I saw right through it! The light was blocked and the fog was parting around nothing! Nothing that was in the shape of a person or an animal, and it was walking towards us!

Like I said, we didn’t stick around long enough to find out what it was.

Like Cuba Road, there are numerous haunted places in Illinois. Take a couple of seconds to check them out.


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