Highgate Cemetery : One of the most haunted cemeteries in England

Highgate Cemetery : One of the most haunted cemeteries in England

Haunted highgate cemetery in England

In this world full of surprise, we often encounter many activities that are hard to believe but real. No matter how hard science deny the presence of spirit in this mortal world, Most of us have felt paranormal happenings in our life. In this article, we take you on a journey to the haunted Highgate cemetery – a place full of spirits and supernatural phenomenon.

Haunted Highgate Cemetery

London, UK

This spooky location is one of the few sites outside of Eastern Europe. It is very fashionable burial place for Victorians, where reports of vampires are taken as truthful. In March of 1970 there was even a mass vampire hunt in the cemetery after 100 years for looking a vampire. Everything you can imagine in a horror movie is here.

In 1963, two 16 year old convent girls were walking home at night after having visited friends in Highgate Village. Their return journey took them down Swain’s Lane past the cemetery. They could not believe their eyes as they passed the graveyard’s north gate at the top of the lane. In front of them, bodies appeared to be emerging from their tombs.

Reports of dead foxes (with no apparent cause of death), attacks on people by creatures with fangs and corpses found in cars are all blamed on vampires. – even in modern times – of strange and evil cults operating in the graveyard. Shadows are frequently seen in both cemeteries and on Swain Lane.

These include a woman in white, a cyclist, a tall man in black wearing a hat, a figure gliding through a pond and what is described as a pale gliding form. The phantom sounds of bells, footsteps, disembodied voices, screams, cries and pretty much every noise imaginable.

Paranormal happenings at the Highgate Cemetery

paranormal happenings at the highgate cemetery, London, UK
Photo by Panyd shared under CC-BY-SA 3.0

Another incident, some weeks later, involved a couple who were also walking down Swains lane. The lady recorded glimpsing something hideous hovering behind the gate’s iron railings. Her fiance also saw it, and both stood frozen staring at it for what seemed like several minutes. Its face bore an expression of absolute horror.

In 1971 several years after the many publicised vampire sightings, a young girl claims she was actually attacked by the vampire in the lane outside the cemetery. She was returning home in the early hours of the morning when she was suddenly thrown to the ground with tremendous force by a “tall black figure with a deathly white face. At that moment a car stopped to help her and the vampire “vanished” in the glare of the headlamps.

She was taken to the police station in a state of shock. Luckily only suffering abrasions to her arms and legs. The police immediately made a thorough search of the area, but could offer no explanation to the incident. More mysterious still was the fact that where the vampire vanished, the road was closed, lined by 12 feet walls. No one can go there, it is the road of vampires now.

Cases of Terror

Graves at the haunted highgate cemetery
Photo by Andrea

Another interesting case is that of the man who was hypnotised by something in the cemetery. He had gone into the cemetery one evening to look around. As the light began to rapidly fade he decided to leave, but became hopelessly lost. Not being a superstitious person he walked calmly around looking for the gate when suddenly he became aware of something behind him. Swinging around he became “hypnotised with fear” at the tall dark figure of the vampire confronted him. 

So great was the intensity of his fear that he stood motionless for several minutes after the vampire vanished. He later recalled that it was almost as if he had been paralysed with fear by some force. All the locations on the Highgate lay line, were reportedly haunted by a ‘tall black figure.’

Thirty years later, David Farrant is a leading expert on the Highgate Vampire. He tends to discount the vampire label as an unfortunate consequence of the popularity of hammer horror among the public at that time. He maintains with absolute certainty that the Highgate Vampire was something very real.

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