10 real stories about living in these haunted houses in Missouri

Stories of living at haunted houses in Missouri

Like other states of America, there are numerous haunted places in Missouri too. Some of them are quite popular while many less known private houses, apartment and properties remain out of limelight. We tried to gather real paranormal accounts of Missouri inhabitants staying at their haunted houses.

Ken’s story of living at a haunted house in Missouri

Ken, O’fallon, MO

We used to live in O’fallon, MO, on highway K and Wild Winds. We were told that two brothers died in the house. One day I was in the kitchen and saw this guy in a white shirt walk up to the front door. I went to see who it was but no one was outside. Then several other people viz. the mail man, UPS driver, cable tv installer, etc. saw this guy walk up to the front door ,but every time we went to look no one would be outside.

Downstairs we had an entertainment centre set up and we would see this all black human shadow come into the room and it scared everyone that saw it, including me. We had a lot of problems with electricity in the house. Lights would turn on and off by themselves and tv’s would turn on and change channels by themselves.

Haunted two-story haunted house in Missouri

Ron, Leasburg, MO

My parents used to own a two-story house in Leaseburg, MO and my uncle shot himself in the living room many years ago after he got back from Vietnam. He told my aunt to never sell his truck even if he was to die.

After his death, my aunt was talking to mom and dad about selling the truck. Suddenly they heard the truck start up. They went outside and saw the truck drive off down the road with no one in it. This truck went over two miles down the road before it ended up in a ditch. Many times I would hear, “She, or Bitch” and no one would be around.

Haunted houses near highway in Missouri

Crystal, Highway 94, MO

This has occurred to several people I know. Hwy 94 is a long, dark highway with farmland on one side and the Katy trail on the other, which is hidden by trees. There are a few houses here and there, along with gravel roads that travel off the highway down toward the Missouri river. While driving down 94 at night after passing through Tebbetts and heading toward Mokane there have been several times that it appears that headlights come up behind the car out of nowhere. They seem to follow the car for a few miles, then suddenly disappear.

The strange thing about it is the highway is so dark that if there were a car that turned onto the the road behind you, you would definitely see it. No one who has experienced it has seen a car waiting to turn onto the highway or is able to see taillights or the headlights of a car turning off the highway onto a side road after the lights disappear.

This is a seriously creepy experience. Everyone I know says that the lights appear sometime after passing through Tebbetts and disappear just about five miles before you reach the Mokane City limits. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it happens, and there is really no danger involved. You could have it happen several times a month or maybe once or twice a year. I’ve gotten used to it and don’t really mind it anymore, but it’s brought some people I know to tears when it happens to them.

Ancient haunted house experience in Missouri

First off, I never planned on believing in ghosts. Unfortunately, I come from a large family that shares similar experiences. When my parents first got married, back in 1974, they had gone looking for a place to rent. They found a 2 bedroom townhouse to look at. My mom instantly turned it down after walking through the door. It had horrible blood red colored carpet, and she hated the feeling of the place. They moved elsewhere.

Fast forward 6 years, my grandparents got divorced, sold the house. My Grandma needed a place to rent and ended up in that townhouse. (Keep in mind, it is 1 of about 500 townhouses in a subdivision.) Fast forward 2 years, my parents have since been divorced. My mom and her boyfriend split up, and we moved in with Grandma. My mom ended up in this horrible place after all.

My Grandma bought a home within the next year, so it was just me and my mom now. I don’t know WHY we stayed? Being a single parent and reasonable rent I guess. It started with our pets. Our first cat, ATE both litters of her kittens. The third litter, only 2 survived. One was in my bedroom window one day. I was playing in my room. The window slammed shut on the kitten. In that split second, my cat attacked me. I still have the scars on my arm to this day. (The kitten was ok.) The window never before, or after, slammed shut on its own. Any other pets we got died within hours, ran away the second the door was opened, or they turned like “CuJo”, attacking everything.

The downstairs bathroom couldn’t be used. It had a sickening smell of sulphur. Nothing was wrong with the plumbing or vents. The kitchen ceiling collapsed from water damage. Upon inspection, there were no leaking pipes to be found. The house would be freezing ice cold or hot as hell, no matter how you adjusted the thermostat. Phone calls with dead air, electrical interferences with the radio. My Grandma admitted to hearing a man’s voice growling when she would play her stereo.

I took the garbage out one time, had my dog on her leash with me. It was about a 200 yard walk to the dumpster. When I turned around to return to my garage, My dog started whining, and pulled me toward the garage, we ran to the back door through the garage, and when we got to it, I felt my hair fly forward as if a tremendous wind blew behind me.

There was this “WHOOSH” noise, and it stopped at the wall. My mom took the garbage out one time, she was carrying it over the hood of her car, to get around in the garage. The bag broke open and millions of maggots flew all over her hood. (Note, we took out the garbage every day.) The ENTIRE bag was filled with maggots!! We started hearing strange voices in other rooms.

Our front door would be wide open, as well as our patio doors, when we’d wake up in the morning. They were locked and shut the night before. Sometimes it would be the dead of winter, snow would be all over the floor. I saw white cloudy thing floating around my mom when she was sleeping one time. My mom saw a hoofed , 2 legged thing run up the stairway. She only caught a glimpse of it, remembering the feet. The whole house had an evil and demonic feeling. My mom tried talking to the priest at the local church. He gave her a bible.

It flew out of my hands in the car, and out the window. “Things” would call our house mimicking relatives voices, they’d say “hello, hello.” It would sound frantic, and then it would be a dial tone. My mom would call my aunt or uncle, whoever it appeared to be, trying to find out whats wrong.

Half the time they weren’t at home, other times they sweared they never called. We finally moved when it got the best of my mom. She saw and experienced SO many horrific things, she broke down. We moved out within a week of her breaking down. I still have nightmares to this day, from the hell I lived with for 5 years.

Living at haunted Townhouse apartments in Missouri

The past three residences I have lived in appear to have been haunted. All have been in the St. Louis area. The first was a townhouse apartment where the shower doors in the upstairs bathroom would slide up and down the track. Shadows would also been seen in the bathroom while showering along with cold drafts. The scariest incident occurred while I was in the lower level doing laundry. My newborn was sleeping in a basinet on the 2nd level. I heard footsteps upstairs; not unusual since my husband sometimes came home for lunch.

I listened and heard the footsteps stop at the top of the entrance to the stairway. I walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up thinking I would see my husband standing there. The footsteps continued down the steps, stopped, and I heard a long sigh. I was scared, yes, but apparently my instincts told me my baby was alone and I ran up the stairs to make sure she was ok. A man could also be heard whistling in the apartment quite often. (We never told anyone about these incidents, but were later told a woman had died in the upstairs bathroom).

Our second home was probably the most haunted. Pale, wispy mists were seen in the hallway entrance and doors slamming that weren’t closed. The worse months were September and October. A bag of candy on the kitchen table flew through the air and hit the wall on the other side of the room. My husband and I were sitting on the couch in the den one evening and noticed a blanket moving as if something was scurrying under it. We picked it up and there was nothing there.

My husband and youngest daughter, 3 years old at the time, were in the den one night and she asked him, “Who’s that man”? She pointed to the entrance to our basement steps (my husband didn’t see anything.) She said he had a hat on and wore a suit and tie and adamantly said he was there after her dad said no one was. Many years later, my little twin nieces visited and one of them asked me and my daughter, “Who is that man”? and pointed to the exact location and gave the same description.

Since moving into this house 7 years ago(my husband is deceased), lights are turned on while we are gone and doors opened that were left closed. Most of the occurrences happen in the lower level bathroom. The shower curtain moves quite often on it’s own and someone coughing has also been heard. The most bizarre incident occurred upstairs in the living room.

My daughter and I were sitting on the couch conversing when we saw something floating between us. The only description she and I could describe was it looked like an amoeba, only much larger. It floated toward the wall and disappeared. Even though I have not felt a “strange feeling” here, my daughter says she experiences it quite often.

True experience of haunted apartment in Missouri

St. Charles, MO

My boyfriend and I recently moved into an apartment in St. Charles, MO. Yesterday when I got home from work I came home to find both of my pet frogs were dead, one inside the aquarium and one on the floor outside the aquarium. I found it unusual and was a little bit upset but nothing more than that. Later on in the evening my boyfriend went into the bathroom to give himself his daily shot of insulin.

I heard him say DAMN!! Which was not an unusual response to hear coming from the bathroom while giving himself a shot. He returns back to the living room and tells me, “This house is haunted.” “Why? What happened?” I exclaimed! “Didn’t you hear me just yell in the bathroom?” “Yeah, I thought your shot hurt.” I said. “No, I saw a ghost!” he said. “It touched me on the shoulder and I thought it was you.

So, I turned around and I saw it. About six feet tall, I couldn’t make out a face, only two black spots where his nose would be and his chest. He was wearing a white button down shirt with a wide collar. That’s when I yelled Damn. I had to give myself a shot still and when I started to give myself the shot it was sitting on the bathroom counter.

It then floated out of the bathroom, down the hall and into the bedroom and disappeared.” I was extremely unnerved by what he had just told me as well a little jumpy and frightened to go to bed last night. I awoke this morning to a wind up music box playing on my night stand. I jumped out of bed to see if Mark had left for work already.

Scared and shaking as well as alone in the dark apartment I returned to the bedroom to find the music box had stopped playing. I closed the bedroom door and the bathroom door and began to take a shower. I got out of the shower and got ready for work as quickly as possible.

I opened the bedroom door to leave for work and found that all of the lights in the apartment that were off before were all turned on as well as the Radio and TV. I ran out of the apartment and locked the door. I think that I might have to call the managers office and request a new apartment.

Stories of Haunted Salon in Missouri

1069 Salon, St. Charles, MO

Rex’s experience at the haunted salon in Missouri

I work at 1069 Salon in St. Charles. A few months after we opened, I went up to the office on a Monday night to do some computer work. We were closed, so I was the only one in the building. I walked up the stairs, opened the door, and turned the light on.

Once I sat down, I realized the papers I needed were still downstairs, so I went back downstairs to retrieve them. As I was approaching the desk downstairs, I heard a door slam shut. As I walked up the staircase, I noticed that the door was shut and I could tell the light was off under the door.

So, I walked up, opened the door just enough to grab my purse, which was right inside, and ran out of the building. As I was walking to my car, I looked back up into the office window, and saw that it was back on.

Shannon’s ghost experience at the Salon

I was working after hours at 1069 Salon one night. I heard a distinct crying/whimpering noise coming from the upstairs loft area in the salon. There was only one other person in the salon at the time, and we both heard the same thing. When we discovered that the noise wasn’t coming from either of us, we left.

Real ghost experience in Missouri

Submitted by Brian

My mother had a paranormal experience in the last month shortly following the death of her father. She was lying in bed just after turning the television off and was thinking of the passing of her dad when she felt movement under her pillow. She claims she was wide-awake and felt a hand grasp her arm and gently squeeze. She did not panic at all.

She did however sit up straight in bed and look around. My dad was in bed next to her, asleep and turned away, (his back was to her). She did not tell me more of that incident. However I was at my parents house the day of the funeral/burial of my grandfather. Less than 5 minutes before we were to leave for the funeral a strange electrical interruption happened.

All the lights in the house began to flicker rapidly, the television was going on and off. Moreover, the furnace just under the living room started a strange rumbling sound like distant thunder. For a few days afterward we could smell the strong oder of ozone (sort of a melting plastic smell) in the house that disappeared the day after Christmas. We inspected under the house, (crawlspace) and the attic above and could not find a source of the oder.

None of our neighbors who were home at the time experienced the strange power interruption that occurred that day and our local electric co-op says nothing showed up in their charts. I can remember as we were preparing to leave the house for the funeral that we were running a bit late. It makes me wonder if my grandfather was telling us to “get moving”.

Interestingly, on the way home from my step-grandmothers funeral, my late grandfathers wife, I took my grandfather home from the churchyard on the day of her burial. He told me on the way home that he could feel she was there that day.

Real Ghost encounter at Missouri

Submitted by Pat

Both of my parents were physicians. They were visiting my Aunt Evelyn, whose husband had died several years before. Dad went into the kitchen to get something out of the refrigerator. Uncle Jay (Aunt Evelyn’s deceased husband) appeared to him and wanted to know why he and Mom were there, if everything was OK with Aunt Evelyn, was she sick? Dad assured him that she was fine and that they were just visiting. Then he went to get my Mom so she could see him, but he disappeared before Mom got there.

I went to visit my Mom in a hospital in Sparks, NV, recently. While there, I stayed at Mom’s house. That first night, I got into bed and heard a very loud clearing of the throat. It sounded like a man’s voice and it sounded like it was right behind me, but no one was there. There was nothing to do but hide my head under the covers and go to sleep.

The next night, I was talking on the phone when I felt something in my hair. I initially thought that it was an insect, but this was in November and there were no flies or insects around? Later the same night, after I had gone to bed, I heard someone say “Pat”, but no one was there. Then, I felt an ice cold (colder than ice) sensation on the back of my neck, like someone was using their finger tips on my neck.

I sat up in bed and said “leave me alone, I have to get some sleep so I can take care of Mother tomorrow”. Everything stopped and I was able to go to sleep. The third night, I decided to go to a Motel. My husband thinks that this was probably my dad, who died in 1999, and that I should have tried to talk to him. The only problem with that theory is that my family calls me “Patricia”, not Pat.

Experience of a Missourian paranormal investigator

Submitted by Pat

In 1967, my husband and I with some of our friends, went to investigate one of the haunted places in Tennessee. Local lore indicated that he haunted the railroad track, where he had lost his head and was trying to find it.

We looked down the track and saw this yellow light coming toward us, swinging from side to side. It came past us with a very strange smell and a cold wind. When we turned around, it was behind us, continuing down the track. This case has been on Unsolved Mysteries. My husband did not believe in ghosts until this night.

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