Haunted Marve and Madh Island Road Where Reside A Female Ghost

Haunted Marve and Madh Island Road Where Reside A Female Ghost

haunted Marve and Madh Island road

Mumbai is a city that is known for its colourful life. Located in India, this film city has always been the most famous city of the country. Besides this vivacious life, there are some places that add extra spookiness to this grand city. In this article, we discuss about the haunted Marve and Madh Island road in Mumbai where a lady ghost shows up on night of every full moonlight.

Haunted Marve and Madh Island Road

Situated between S.V. Road and Marve beach, there exist a haunted road in Mumbai. Near about 9 km. Long, Marve road is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. This lady is said to be a lost soul whose death cause has not yet explained. When we talked to pedestrians and some hotel owners near haunted Marve road, this is what we got to know:

Most of them claimed to see an apparition of woman in bridal dress which distracts the travellers. People who usually travel in night often encounter ghost of this woman. Nearby hotel owners confessed the hearings of her screams. However people seem to accept her as a part of their living world.Many unusual sounds are often said to be produced by this ghost. If you pass through this road in midnight and you are unlucky enough, you will hear scary sound that includes terrific screams and her anklet.

Urban legend of this Road

According to an urban legend which describes the cause,

She was newly married and happy. Everything was going fine till her husband’s family began to demand dowry. As she could not make it, her husband took her on a long drive. Right on this road he sped the car in front of a truck and jumped out of his car. The lady surprised from betrayal of her husband, died in that car accident. Since then her spirit wander during full moonlight adding spookiness to haunted Marve road.Some people see her ghost standing on midst of road crying go near her to offer help. 

Her soul is said to run faster than them and disappear soon. Responsible for many car accidents, she is still said to haunt this road. Many people believe her ghost may wait for the culprits and will set free after her revenge.

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