15 of the Super Haunted Places in Bucks County, PA

most haunted places in Bucks County Pa

Located in the north of Pennsylvania, the Bucks county is the home to back roads and covered bridges, historical museums, worn castles and parks. In connotation, as you flip the pages from its history, you would find screams of war soldiers, murdered residents and even hitchhikers. Additionally, there are few unidentified ghouls that can be seen wandering at the bridges, streets and other most haunted places in Bucks county, Pa. Let’s begin a journey to these top spooky destinations in the Bucks County-

Black Bass Inn

3774 River Road, Lumberville, PA

Haunted Black Bass Inn, Bucks County

This inn was built in the mid-1700’s, when this area was still a wilderness, as a safe haven for travellers. This Inn does not boast that it put George Washington up for the night. It was loyal to the Crown, and wouldn’t let him in. It was a center for Loyalists during the Revolution. In the early 1800’s a group of men arrived in the area to build a canal. 

The owner at that time, Hans, was stabbed to death in an altercation with these canal worker s, and this is the source of one of the ghostly legends of the Black Bass. There is also a rumour that The Empire Room on the second floor is haunted. Apparently, the staff do not like to enter this room because of the uncomfortable feelings they get there.

Sadly the inn fell victim to repeated floods. This was compounded by repeated and extended road closures which made it difficult for anyone to get to the Inn. Recently it was purchased at auction by someone who seems committed to preserving the history and continuing the hospitality of the inn.

Bucks County Community College

The college is twelve miles southeast of Doylestown on Highway 413. The college is on Swamp Road in Newtown, PA. People have encountered the ghost of a woman in the Tyler Hall on the campus. It is the ghost of Stella Tyler, a former administrator, and the building’s namesake, locals believe.

Due to several ghost sightings and creepy phenomenon, we have it on our list of most haunted places in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Fonthill Mansion

Haunted Fonthill Mansion, Bucks County

This mansion resembles a castle fortress in the countryside of Bucks County – well, in a green preserve in Doylestown. Once the home of Henry Mercer, it is now a museum full of all kinds of objects from his travels and archaeological studies.

No photos are allowed in the interior, but the exterior is breathtaking and the experience of seeing some of the unusual artefacts inside is worth the trip!

Legend has it that the Fonthill is haunted by a housekeeper still going about her duties. Recent communication has led us in another direction of thinking about who may haunt the museum.

The George School

1690 Newtown-Langhorne Rd. Newtown, PA

Haunted George School, New Town, Bucks County

This is a prestigious academy located in Bucks County. The campus is beautiful and the school has an excellent academic reputation. It also has a reputation for being allegedly haunted, as well as having the distinguished honor of association with one of the more grisly legends in the area.

The Tate House is part of the campus and houses some of the teaching staff. It was built in 1756 by Anthony Tate. His son, Dr. James Tate, inherited the house in 1781. During the Revolutionary War,Dr. James Tate dug up the body of a Hessian soldier who was buried near his Newtown Township home. He had heard the soldier died of a disease and he wanted to dissect the body.

Tate carried the dead soldier to his laboratory where he dissected the body. Afterwards, he buried the remains in a shallow grave dug into the floor of his basement. This dark deed is the source of impenetrable darkness in the basement of the Tate house.

Legend has it that to this day, every time one walks over the grave with a lighted candle, the flame will blow out. Former owners have told of not being able to keep the pilot light of water heaters lit. If one walks over it with a flashlight, the light will go off. When the person is standing in the dark, they hear footsteps going up the stairs and across the hallway to the front door, as if trying to escape.

New Hope

1. Hitchhiker Ghost

Hitchhiker Ghost, New Hope, Bucks County

This is one of the stories told on the New Hope Ghost Walk on Ferry St. Two teenage girls had been at a party. They were driving home in the vicinity of the Lambertville Bridge, and they saw a man in bellbottoms and a fringed leather coat hitching a ride.They passed him by, and then a little further down the road they saw him again! He vanished. A while after their sighting they were relating their experience, and a man who happened to hear told them about his son who had died while hitchhiking in that area. He had been wearing bellbottoms and a fringed leather jacket!

2. The Hansel Road

The Hansel Road, New Hope, Bucks County

According to legend, an old man is seen walking up and down the road and a glowing light comes out of the woods, hovers over the road then disappears back into the woods. We guess this is a combination ghost/UFO legend. Due to several creepy phenomenons going on this road, we rate it one of the most haunted places in Bucks County.

3. Odette’s Restaurant

Haunted Odette's restaurant , New Hope, Bucks County

The restaurant was built in 1794 to serve the boatmen who worked the Wells Falls area of the Delaware River. It used to be called the River House. The man made island it sits on came in to being during the construction of the locks in 1854. The River Hotel fell into disuse for a while, but was revived in the 1930’s as the New Hope area’s first tourist hotel. 

In 1961, it was purchased by Odette Mytril Logan, a popular French stage and screen star, and she converted it into an exclusive French restaurant. The ghost that has been seen by staff is that of a woman, supposedly murdered during the “River House” days. No accounts of a murder committed here have been found. The staff has also reported cold spots, chills, the smell of strong perfume, and voices that call their names.

Another interesting note is that this is the area where newswoman Jessica Savitch lost control of her car, and plunged into the canal and drowned. There have, however, been no reports of any ghostly activity connected with this incident.

4. Phillips Mill Inn

2590 River Road, New Hope, PA

Haunted Phillips Mill inn, New Hope, Bucks County

This Inn has a great reputation for their excellent cuisine. Having said that, It has been rated by the CityPaper of Philadelphia as one of the top ten places to dine outside. It is also listed on many directories of haunted places. The ghost of a woman in a long, high-collared gown haunts the stairway and upstairs hall, reports claim.

Her presence is often felt as she brushes against guests as they ascend and descend the staircase or walk the hall. A ghost has also been reported associated with a rocking chair at the inn. It is unclear whether there are two ghosts, or if this is the same female ghost.

5. The Pickett House

Mechanic St. New Hope, PA

Painting by Joseph Pickett

Joseph Pickett, an artist haunts the Pickett House. You can see him in a bedroom on the towpath, and in front of the house of his cousin, down the street. He has also been spotted early in the morning, painting in the field behind the house. His most famous paintings were “Manchester Valley” and “Coryell’s Ferry”.

The Pickett House was originally a grocery store on the first floor. He lived in an apartment on the second floor. This is where his ghost was first reported by tenants. He was seen in the bedroom by a woman and her young son. When they investigated further, they could not find the man that they had assumed must have been an intruder. At an art exhibit at Phillips Mill, the son recognized the “intruder” when he looked at a picture of Joseph Pickett!

Subsequent tenants have reported hearing footsteps on stairs that no longer exist, objects mysteriously moved from where they were left, and electrical plugs pulled out of the sockets. Others have reported knocking on doors, and that the door to the artist’s former studio never stays closed. Maybe a blank canvas and paints should be left for him.

6. Vant Sant Bridge

Solebury township, PA

Haunted Vant Sant bridge, New Hope, Bucks County

There are many different stories associated with this bridge. One is the “Crybaby Bridge” Legend that seems to exist in every area of the country. A young unmarried girl, who is either pregnant or has the newborn, is thrown out of her home, abandoned by her lover, and decides to end it all by throwing herself and her baby off the bridge. The story goes that if you stand on the bridge and look over the side, you can hear a baby crying.

The other story associated with the bridge is that the shape of a man hanging from the beams of the bridge. Supposedly horse thieves were hanged from the bridge.

7. The Logan Inn

Ferry St., New Hope, PA

Haunted Logan inn, New Hope, Bucks County

The Logan Inn is Bucks County’s oldest continuously running inn. It was established in 1727, as a tavern by the founder of New Hope, John Wells. Unlike the Black Bass Inn, the Logan Inn did offer its services to George Washington and his men. The Logan Inn’s other claim to fame is that it has not one or two, but FOUR ghosts!

Room #6 seems to be the most haunted area of the inn. Women have reported seeing the reflection of a man in the bathroom mirror. When they turn around, startled, he is no longer there. This room has also been referred to as “Emily’s Room”. Emily is believed to be the mother of a prior owner of the inn. A businessman who slept in the room reported waking to a pressure on his chest. When he looked up he saw a white, misty shape in the room. He left immediately, right in the middle of the night!

In that same room, guests have reported seeing the transluscent figures of two children. No one knows the origin of the spirit of the children. Other incidents in Room 6 include the sound of crying and pillows pulled from beneath the heads of sleeping guests.

Upstairs in the inn is also a large portrait of a couple. (This portrait has now been relocated to the lobby) It is said that the woman in the picture favoured lavender perfume, and when she is about, checking on the guests, you can still smell her perfume. You may also smell it when you walk by the portrait.

8. 63 Ferry Street

New Hope, PA

Haunted 63 Ferry Street, New Hope, Bucks County

During the time when the mill was running, this house was the home of a foreman. He was a widower with a beautiful daughter. His daughter brought his dinner to the mill every day. it was during one of these trips that she met and ultimately fell in love with one of the mill workers.

She knew her father would never approve of her marrying a worker in the mill, but her heart guided her and she and the young man began to meet in secret. She eventually became pregnant.

No one knows when her father discovered her secret, but suddenly, no one saw the girl anymore. She no longer brought his dinner to the mill and the neighbors no longer saw her outside in the garden. her sweetheart waited for her to contact him, and wondered what had happened. One night he decided to go to her home and confront her and her father.

The neighbors reported hearing raised voices and a fierce argument between the father and the young man. Finally, the father grabbed the man by his shirt front, and seemed to quietly tell him something. The young man backed up, and walked slowly down Ferry Street towards the river. Nobody ever saw or heard about him afterwards.

Mysterious Past of the Ferry Street

Creepy history of the Ferry Street, New Hope, Bucks County

The neighbors still wondered what had happened to the girl. One bitterly cold night a few months later, the neighbors were awakened by screaming from the house at 63 Ferry Street. They listened in dread anticipation. Remember, no one at the time knew of her condition.

Suddenly the screaming stopped. The next morning the house was shut tight, the foreman and his daughter gone.

One older woman talked to her neighbor about that night. She had sworn that after the screaming ended, she heard the thin wail of a newborn infant. her neighbor said, “Well, maybe they decided to make a new start somewhere, with the girl posing as a widow.

She’d never be able to show her face here.” “No”, the woman insisted. She swore she had seen the father carrying a small bundle to the outhouse. She thought it was the baby.

How much of this is fact and how much is legend? One thing is for sure. During the sixties, the back field, where the outhouses were once located was excavated. The remains of a newborn infant were found in the area behind 63 Ferry Street.

In addition, many people, walking Ferry Street on cold winter nights have heard the crying of a young girl, and the crying of an infant. Some people even claimed to have seen the glowing figure of a girl in the area behind 63 Ferry Street. Perhaps someday she will be reunited with the baby she lost so long ago.

Margaret Grundy Memorial Library

680 Radcliffe Street, Bristol, Pennsylvania

Haunted Margaret Grundy Memorial Library, Bristol, Bucks County

Legend has it that Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon and onetime Pennsylvania resident, once fell in love with beautiful young Sarah Keene, who lived in the mansion where the library now stands. Sarah did not return his feelings. His heartbroken spirit still wanders the area, waiting for sarah to return his love.

People claim to have seen Bonaparte on the riverbank with a lantern. Some have reported him in a rowboat, holding a lantern and calling out to the girl he loved.

Midnight Mary

Bordentown Road, Bucks county pa

Ghost of midnight Mary wanders on Bordentown road, Bucks County

She has been spotted walking across manor lake in her wet prom gown, hitchhiking along Bordentown Road. She is the revenant of Gertrude Spring, who died in a car accident on the way to her prom in 1935 on the Bristol Pike. According to legend, the car veered off the road and into the lake, drowning “Mary” and her date. Locals recovered his body, but couldn’t find hers . 

The problem with the legend is that there is a headstone for “Gertrude Spring” from 1935 in the St. James Episcopal Cemetery on Cedar Street in Bristol! Is her body there, or is this just a marker? Why they did call the spirit “Mary” when the girl in question is Gertrude?

Time and legend have obscured the true facts of this story, but sightings continue to be reported. A sighting was also reported to us last year, in fact. If I ever see her, I am stopping. I want to ask her who she is!

St. James Episcopal Cemetery

Bristol, PA

Haunted St. James Episcopal Cemetery, Bristol, Bucks County

There is an old iron chair next to the grave marker of Merritt P. Wright. The legend is that if one sits in this chair at midnight during the month of October, the arms of the witch will grab you. This cemetery contains the grave of Gertrude Spring, possible source of the Midnight Mary legend.

My wife and I went to the cemetary over this past summer to find the grave of Gertrude Spring. We were unable to find that grave however we did find the iron chair. While standing in front of the chair, my wife felt someihing on her leg that felt like fingers. When I looked, it looked like fingerprints walking up her leg but there was nothing there!

This was our list of 15 most haunted places in Bucks County. If you are looking forward to other spooky destinations around, do check out these destinations-

Happy Haunting.

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