The 6 Super Haunted Places in Chester County, PA

Most haunted places in Chester County Pa

Located in southeast Pennsylvania, the Chester county is known for over 250 miles of existing surfaced trails. The Chesco county is home to several gardens, state parks, valley forge and inns. It is 7th most populous city in the state and if you include the population of paranormal creatures wandering here, the data may even extend further. Having said that, you can trace several paranormal entities, occupying these most haunted places in Chester County, PA. Before you start hunting them down, do not forget to wade through this guide to ghost hunting. Let’s start.

The Blue Ball Tavern

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Daylesford, Chester County

Haunted Blue Ball Tavern, Daylesford, Chester County

The Tavern is on Russell Road, right behind the parking lot of the Daylesford station, just east of Paoli, PA. Built in 1751, this building was constructed to accommodate people traveling through Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ohio.

The name “Blue Ball” comes from a large pole with a blue ball that could be raised and lowered that used to stand in front of the tavern. If the ball was up, the stage drivers get a clue that there were passengers to be picked up. If it was down, they would keep going.

Priscilla Moore, or “Prissy” inherited the inn from her father. Prissy married three times. Each of her husbands, Edward Robinson, John Cahill, and John Fisher disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In addition, few travelers did also disappear during their nights at this tavern.

No one put much stock in the rumours about old Prissy until 6 skeletons were dug up in a back room of the tavern. Three of the skeletons are believed to be her husbands. Are they?

Lower Octorara cemetery

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Quarryville, Chester County

Mysterious orbs at the lower Octorara cemetery, Chester county, Pa

This picture was taken in the summer of 2001, at Lower Octorora Cemetery in Chester County, PA. It became the hub of paranormal investigation because it was the epicentre of “strange things” at strange night hours. The person that brought us there remembered spending many nights there as a teen watching strange lights move around the cemetery.

The atmosphere here is eerie, and although it is located on a road, where cars pass fairly frequently, there is a pervading sense of isolation and sadness.

This photo is perhaps a clue that the stories about “strange things” told by teenagers who have parked nearby over the years may be more than just stories.

Red Rose Inn

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Lancaster, Chester County

Haunted Red Rose Inn, Chester County

One legend associated with the inn is that a little girl (“Emily”) was murdered by an Indian (“Joe”) and he was subsequently hanged on the property and buried in the basement. After the execution, people did discover that Joe was innocent of the murder. His spirit, now inhabits the inn, but the ghost of Emily is the one that most frequently wanders here, reports claim.

People have also seen the spirit of the little girl walking around near the ladies room on the main floor. She was also seen by the owner, standing at the top of the stairs. He described her as a little girl, wearing a fancy dress and holding a doll.

Several patrons have seen older ladies and an old gentleman in the lounge, however. This is a small area between the edge of the bar and the restrooms. In particular, several of the staff have reported seeing a man in an ugly plaid jacket. Bartenders have glanced up, seen someone sitting there, asked, “Can I help you?”. The “someone” then vanishes in plain view of the bartender and patrons!

There are also reports of objects being moved inexplicably, and mysterious disappearing and reappearing of items as well as calculators turning themselves on and off. Once, the owner arrived in the bar in the morning to find the huge wall mirror behind the bar smashed to bits on the floor.

All the glass was broken, but neatly crushed within the mirror frame. In order for it to have fallen that way, it would have had to fall down and hit three rows of liquor bottles that were stacked behind the bar. The bottles were intact and untouched!

The Ship Inn

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Exton, Chester County

Haunted Ship Inn, Exton, Chester County

The Ship Inn has operated as a tavern since 1796. Now the interior is completely renovated, but the walls retain the original configuration.

Staff have reported a feeling of being watched , like someone is standing behind them when they are upstairs alone. The feeling is so strong that several staff members have refused to go upstairs. Staff and patrons have reported seeing a man sitting at a table, or standing in the hallway who vanishes as soon as someone see him.

The Stottsville Inn

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3512 Strasburg Road, Pomeroy, Chester County

This picturesque Victorian Inn and restaurant seems like an ideal setting for a good ghost story. It looks like it should have a weeping woman in white or maybe a brooding man in black.

The Stottsville Inn was originally built in the early 1740s by Thomas Truman. It was rebuilt in 1858, by David Stott, given the Victorian look and the name, the Stottsville Hotel. When Mr. Stott retired, his sons took over the hotel business. The inn enjoyed a great reputation. Two US Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison had also visited the Stottsville.

According to the Inn’s website, “On Wednesday, December 17, 1890, Josephine Stott Chandler married Horace G. Emery in a ceremony held at the inn. According to tradition, Josephine was a beautiful young woman who was unfaithful to her husband, Horace.

He caught her and murdered her in her room and then killed himself, leaving what has to be one of the strangest suicide notes in history. Research into the history of the inn and the lives of Josephine and Horace reveal facts that indicate this fanciful tale of adultery, murder, and suicide were just that; someone’s fancy.

It is possible that Josephine and Horace remain there, trying to clear their names of these accusations of adultery, murder, and suicide.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

1400 N Outer line Dr, Chester County

Haunted Valley Forge Park, Chester County, Pa

No battle in the traditional sense was fought at Valley Forge, but many believe those who died during Washington’s encampment were no less heroic than those that perished at Brandywine. The men at Valley Forge fought the battle against hunger, they fought a battle against disease which was rampant, as well as a battle against cold, during one of the coldest winters ever.

They also fought against despair, as they were in the midst of a war, ill-equipped and ill-trained, against the strongest nation in the world.

Valley Forge was so tough that General Washington even began to question the wisdom of continuing with the Revolution. As written in his later published letters, He describes how, at the height of his despair an “angel” visited him. She reportedly urged him, as a “Son of the Republic” to keep fighting.

There are markers in Valley Forge to honour the men who died there. One marks the resting place of John Waterman, and another monument was built nearby.

Ghost-sighting at the Valley Forge Park

Over the years people have reported seeing campfires burning at Valley Forge. On stormy winter nights, there are reports of people seeing the ghosts of soldiers walking in the park, as they did so many years ago.

Guides and guests had seen men in the costume of Revolutionary soldiers. Thus, they assumed that they are part of a re-enactment, only to find out later that there is no re-enactment.

Other people have reported seeing a form dangling from a tree. When they get close they realize that it is a man, hanging. When they returned with help he was no more. The story is that a spy was hanged there during the Revolutionary War.

These were the 6 most haunted places in Chester county, PA. In case you are looking forward to visiting these spooky places, we highly suggest you to take proper precautions. Happy Haunting.

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