Top Haunted Places in Colorado For Horror Aficionados

Top haunted places in Colorado includes Stanley hotel

When in Colorado, do take some time out to walk around the places mentioned in our list of 10 haunted places in Colorado– you will not regret these hikes in Colorado, because there are plenty of spooky occurrences in the city. Colorado has dozens of  haunted places that continue to scare and excite travelers throughout the state. Many of them have gained immense amounts of fame for the mystery that lies behind the sightings of several different ghosts and beings that appear from the supposed, beyond. This list of locations include few historic sites, a museum, few houses, casino, hotels and theatres- we have variety of each places to be listed in these top haunted attractions in Colorado. So, suit yourself up gentlemen as we go on a virtual journey to these spooky locations.

Pueblo Firefighters Museum 

The purpose of the Pueblo Firefighters Museum and society was to preserve the firefighting heritage of the town, and now rather appears to have preserved some ghostly inhabitants of an otherworldly kind. Many vintage old-fashioned vehicles have been known to drive off by themselves, and staff and visitors claim to have heard the sound of disused vehicles moving through the museum at night. Other visitors claim to have seen a shadowy apparition sitting in a fire truck near the museum entrance.

Brook Forest Inn, Colorado

The Brook Forest Inn was originally built in the early 1900s and many ghosts are said to walk through the accommodation facility. The top floor houses two ghosts: Jessica, a chambermaid who was murdered by her stable-hand lover, and the stable hand himself, who committed suicide after committing the dastardly deed. The second floor serves as the residence of Carl, the ghost of a man who killed his wife after learning she had had an affair. On the third floor lives a little boy ghost who can be heard running in the hallways late at night. Cold breezes are said to be felt going up the stairway to the third floor. Also, the forest surrounding the area is said to be full of the ghosts of Native Americans.

Boulder Theatre

The Boulder Theatres’ ghost is named George Paper who in life happened to be the theatre manager in the 1940s. He was hanged accidentally by some dangling wiring. George has been known to show up as an apparition, turn lights off and on, turn on bathroom faucets, and open the bathroom doors. Several witnesses have seen George’s ghost dash past them. The pub next door, George’s Food & Drink, was named after the very active ghost. Based on the statistics the Boulder Theatre is one of the most haunted places in Colorado.

Pioneer Park – Henry Webber House 

The Henry Webber House is said to be haunted by Harriet Webber. Mrs. Webber was the wife of the home’s builder- Henry Webber, a shoe merchant by profession. She reportedly died in 1881, interestingly enough four years before the house was built, of accidental strychnine poisoning, then available over the counter as a tranquilliser  Her last words, “Henry will know”, led to rumours that her death was either a suicide or murder brought on by a rumoured extramarital affair between him and her niece.

Gilpin Hotel Casino, Colorado

At this establishment, witnesses have reported sightings of a female apparition on the second floor. Her name is said to be Lucille, and folks in the know say she committed suicide here upon finding out that her boyfriend was killed in a mining mishap. The distraught woman threw herself from a second-floor window of the hotel and died, but she never left the Gilpin. For several years in the late 20th century Jeri and Herb Bowles ran the Gilpin Hotel and Lucy’s room was normally not rented out because of her pranks. She moved suitcases and sometimes dropped them on guests’ chests – you can see why guests would demand another room. The Gilpin Hotel casino now has named its restaurant after Lucille.

Spooky Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater (18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison) is a popular concert venue. This venue is rumoured to be haunted by a couple of ghosts. One is said to be that of a bearded man holding a bottle, believed to be a miner. He shows up for a moment and then disappears. The other is a headless woman riding horseback through the night with a bloody hatchet.

Haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado

At the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park the piano is often heard being played late at night.  Added to this, many people have heard sounds of revelry occurring in the empty ballroom.  Room 217 and 401 get singled out for special attention as people report numerous different disturbances occurring in these two rooms. 

Room no. 401 is claimed to have a haunted closet. A man is seen standing there and there are reports of banging noises coming from the closet.  Room no. 217 is said to be haunted by a more interesting ghost who is believed to be the long-term housekeeper of the Stanley Hotel.  As per locals, if she likes you, she will help you unpack your luggage.  Room 217 is also the room Stephen King stayed in that allegedly inspired The Shining.

Creepy Hotel Colorado

Hotel Colorado’s was built in 1891 and became functional in 1893. During its early heydays, the hotel hosted such illustrious guests. Their list of guests include Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft, as well as the “unsinkable” Molly Brown. In the 1920’s, the hotel became the playground for a number of Chicago gangsters, including Diamond Jack Alterie, the Verain Brothers, and most notably, Al Capone. During World War II, the hotel was utilized as a naval hospital. The elevator of the hotel works by itself, doors open and close on their own. There is a phantom smell of cigar or cigarette smoke in the lobby. The apparition of a little girl in Victorian clothing has been seen on the staircase. Also, the ghost of a murdered chambermaid is said to materialise in the Devereux room at night.

Haunted Poncha Pass

Near the top of Poncha Pass, there is an old dugout cabin where people still come up and try their luck. Although it has not been in operation for several years. Legend says that years ago an old miner was digging in the mine. In this process he succumbed to fumes in the gold mine and died. His body was not found until years later by someone else near the dugout cabin. Apparently there was not a mark on his body at all. The other mysterious occurrences at Poncha Pass include sightings of plenty of ghosts from the Civil War. Apparently years ago a group of Southern soldiers deserted and stole a wagon of gold as they fled. 

There was a fight between these soldiers and a group of enemy soldiers, and the gold disappeared. Few people believe that one of the Southern soldiers escaped. However others say that he died in the woods with all of the gold. People in the area report of hearing screams at late night hours. They also hear gun shots, but no one can ever be found. People still try to find the gold near this pass, but it can be dangerous at night. Several locals have heard of visitors dying because they came too close to a steep cliff. Be careful if you visit.

Bed and Breakfast at Historic Onaledge

This historic bed and breakfast is haunted by several spirits, who are seen in various guest rooms of the stately manor house. One of the spirit is said to be that of a woman in a pastel dress, who appears to oversee what goes on in the property. The next is a polite young boy in a blue suit, who often talks with guests before vanishing into thin air. The third apparition is a portly man in a suit, who has been seen wandering the ground of the house as well as in hate hallways. The Cigar smoke and tobacco smell is often attributed to him and is seen in various sections of the bed and breakfast.

Talking about the restaurant hauntings, Tokeland hotel is worth knowing. Numerous creepy phenomenon make it one of the most haunted places in Washington.

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