8 Most Haunted Places in Houston For Paranormal Freaks

Most haunted places in houston

Houston is the most populous city located in the Texas region of Southern America. It was founded in 1836 by Allen brothers and named after Sam Houston, the famous general at the battle of San Jacinto. There are variety of places to visit in Houston. Away from the bountiful destinations, Houston has some really dreadful spots to produce a chill down your spine. Having said that, let’s get onto this list of most haunted places in Houston.


Next in our list of “haunted places in Houston” is a Well-known museum. Museums are known to house a collection of art and literature, but the story has got a spice of creepiness this time. Vested on 1836 Sam Houston Ave, there stands Sam Houston Memorial Museum. It is said that woodland home of this museum site is mysterious and full of spookiness.When you walk past this museum, you can hear stepping sounds from unknown sources. According to visitors, they heard footsteps beneath. On further investigation, they saw their foot-marks leading to the house. However, no any apparitions have ever seen, but things fall off from the desk in Sam Houston’s law office. Due to unexplained footstep and sounds this museum is considered one of the haunted places in Houston.


The first scary destination that demands to be visited is a spooky house in Houston. Oh, don’t get confused by the name. The 2309 Wichita street is said to house the spirit of Charles Fondow – former VA nurse and the owner of this house. This ancient house is made up of timbered gables, spires, and decks. To understand the reality of this haunted spot, we did talk to local and extracted some useful historical facts:

Charles Fondow was once a renowned VA nurse in a local hospital and owner of this ramshackle home. When she was alive, she always shared happiness among helpless. Her 60’s proved to be the black decade, she died due to heavy illness at an age of 64. Death destroys body, but the soul remains unaffected. Though her last days passed in Barbados hospital, but her soul traveled its way back to its home – the home she loved so much when she was alive.

Since then, various paranormal happenings did start to take place. Strange noises and knocking were heard by the trespassers. Many visitors have spotted the apparition of a ghostly lady figure.  Paranormal experts believe it to be the result of her extreme love for the house that has kept her soul bound to this place. If you love paranormal, you can’t miss visiting this place.


If we have a choice to name the spookiest one amongst haunted places in Houston, Kingsgate Village will top the list. Located on Kings gate circle, there is a sad history behind turning this village the most haunted places in Houston.

The ghost of a girl is said to haunt the apartment complex in this village. This girl, when alive was cheated by her boyfriend and killed at this apartment. Since then her ghost is said to wander at this apartment and the village. Her spirit is said to roam seeking revenge. Villagers living here often see the hazy white figure with her hairs open. 

In the middle of the night, residents reported hearing loud outcries and screams that are supposed to be produced by the girl ghost. If you like paranormal trips and want to visit haunted places in Houston, we advise you to must visit this place.


Situated on the Bowden road in Huntsville, there stands a cemetery, which turns devilish and full of terror in the dark. Welcome to the Martha chapel cemetery – One of the true haunted places in Houston. Though it is about 65 km north of Houston, in Texas, the number of reported possession cases are so much that the road it is situated on is itself named “Demon’s Road”. People, who visit here, feel uncomfortable vibes. Paranormal investigators are strictly warned not to provoke the spirits as evil souls take it as a challenge and could follow you back to your home. Many a demonic possessions have taken place when people disturb soul from their sleep. The peace of dark nights gets broken by a loud outcry and giggle – says a cemetery staff. A hand pops out of a grave and tries to pull the person inside the sheol surface.

Due to umpteen incidents, this cenotaph secures its count among top haunted places in Houston. Abnormal happenings such as the appearance of large hand prints on vehicles, visibility of red light coming out of nowhere and pitched cry usually take place here. In late night hours, people have seen the ghost of an 8-year child riding a tricycle, who had died in a car accident on this road. Also, ghost hunters have reported seeing a mysterious headless creature wandering in this cemetery many times.


Located on Elder Street, above named place was previously Jefferson Davis hospital. This hospital is said to be possessed by deceased hospital patients. This site is said to be built on a cemetery of 1800’s. Captured cemetery had numerous graves that include 3000th civil war and yellow fever victims. Many creepy activities were said to take place before this place turned into loft complex.

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Scary activities such as appearance of shadowy apparitions and a feeling of being watched can be experienced here. One can smell the scent of sterilized solutions. In the night hours, many have seen ghosts of soldiers and infants wandering at this place. Due to repeated scary activities, this place is said one of few interesting haunted places in Houston. It is said that spirits now haunt the newly constructed lofts.


Located on Commerce Street, this warehouse is voted as one of few most haunted places in Houston. The center of attraction of this place is its elevator shaft which is considered to be possessed. There are many tales which describe the spookiness of Spaghetti warehouse. We researched a bit about this area and what we found would amaze you:

It is believed that after a man’s death due to sticking in an elevator shaft, haunting started to begin at this place.

Two of warehouse workers went near this elevator during dark hours and he was possessed by the ghost of the dead. Locals say if you walk alone in the possessed elevator during dark hours, you will certainly lose your life. Eventually a couple of people who tried to experiment with elevator shaft were found dead right up there.

Due to these above the world experiences, nobody tries to walk past this elevator during dark. This place is recommended for paranormal investigation teams, ghost hunters and group of brave people who love to feel ghosts closely. But before you walk to investigate any of the specified haunted places in Houston, we request you take proper measures and not to walk in alone.


Purchased by the university in 1980, this place in West Virginia was a farmer’s house. This place is considered one of the most haunted places in Houston as it houses the spirit of its first owner. After death of the farmer, this place turned into a dispute. After his death, his ghost is still said to haunt this place.

The ghost of farmer Chester shows many signs to show its presence. His spirit is said to produce mysterious sounds such as knocking doors and footsteps while going above and down the stairs. Many a times this spirit is said to protect the fraternity boys from harmful effects. The Chester’s soul has not harmed anyone yet and hence it is a good think if you visit this place to perform a paranormal investigation one some real haunted places in Houston.


Very often it happens when one talk about spooky destination and presence of the hotel is missed. Well, we also don’t want to set off the trend and finally included a hotel in our list of top 8 haunted places in Houston. We are talking about Victorian Inn – a place that is known for paranormal happenings taking place over here. This is what Mark Luther, a visitor experienced during his stay at the Victorian Inn:

At midnight, my sleep in king bedroom was disturbed to a nice singing voice of a female. I woke up and turned the light on. Scared as hell, I stepped into the living room and felt as if someone touched my shoulder. I felt the sensation of being touched on back in the queen’s room. Though I turned back quickly to discover the creature, but it was lost in air.

Many other people reported hearing noises like giggles of a lady, humming tunes of a woman and sound of whistles. Apparitions of a woman can be seen during midnight hours. Many a one has spotted the apparition of a man walking on the front porch. Before, one would approach his figure; it quickly thins into the air. Due to combined creepy experiences, Victorian Inn is known as one of the most haunted places in Houston.

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