10 Most Haunted Places In Arkansas That Are Super Eerie

10 Most Haunted Places In Arkansas That Are Super Eerie

crescent hotel is amongst most haunted places in Arkansas

The serenity of the southern state of United States, bordering the Mississippi River can befool you into believing that Arkansas is a peaceful and tranquil state. Known for abundant wilderness, with terrain encompassing caves, mountains, rivers and hot springs, this mysterious land holds a thousand secrets- and they aren’t very pleasant- rather eerie. So, let us take you through some most haunted places in Arkansas that are super eerie. Our list of spooky attraction includes the old state house, the Tilly Willy Bridge, Jacksonville high school and many other great sites to be visited by a spook lover like you. Take a visit to these set of locations to unleash the paranormal.

The Old State House, Arkansas

Claimed to be haunted by the ghosts of former state politicians, tourists and locals have reported ghost sightings alike. Despite being haunted, this is one of the many old houses that have been preserved by the state of Arkansas because of their importance to culture and historical value. Now converted to a museum, the Old State House was Arkansas’ original capital building and the oldest surviving state capitol west of the Mississippi River.  The house is said to be haunted by one ghost, the identity of whom has not been established as yet.

The politics of Arkansas is said to be dirty, so any number of people could have unnatural attachment to the statehouse. One of the prime ghost suspect is Joseph Brooks who lost elections for the post of governor to Elisha Baxter. Seventeen months after defeat, Brooks staged a coup of the State House. He threw Baxter out of office and set up a cannon on the State House lawn to discourage attacks. Some staff members believe that Brooks is still upset about being forced from his office.  Even in death, he believes himself the rightful governor.

If you like spooky houses, you would definitely like the Prospect place. A mother-daughter ghost duo haunt this mansion which is one of the most haunted places in Ohio.

Haunted Tilly Willy Bridge

The bridge is no longer existent, but the Fayetteville locals claim that the spot still remains a paranormal oddity. A beautiful city in Arkansas, Fattevile can make an equally amazing place for some creepy shots. The Tilly Willy bridge crossed the west fork of the White River just south of Fayetteville, Arkansas and was actually a dam. Built back in the 1920s, its purpose was to provide water for the area residents. The dam became obsolete, when Beaver Lake overtook as the major water source for the area.

The old dam was now used as convenient crossing but it had no side rails and was only big enough for one car, and was risky. As per a legend, a car had run off the bridge killing all the passengers inside and since then people have claimed to see ghostly apparitions in the area of the bridge and handprints on car windows. Due to a number of mysterious occurrences near this bridge, They Tilly Willy bridge is considered one of the real haunted places in Arkansas.

Haunted Jacksonville High School

Arkansas has many old school buildings across the state that are in dire need of renovation or face demolition, and the locals have forever been superstitious about these places. This school makes it to the list of real haunted places in Arkansas owing to the strange odd noises. The sounds resemble that of a man mumbling to himself and have been heard in the school’s auditorium. Also, sounds of footsteps can be heard along the catwalk, even in absolute isolation. The entire city of Jacksonville is haunted, with people having sighted ghosts at houses, parks and schools. Visit at your own risk, the eerie atmosphere around this place is enough to kill someone by asphyxiation.

Mount Holly Cemetery

Mount Holly is Little Rock’s oldest cemetery and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as it is the burial place for 10 former Governors of Arkansas, 6 United States Senators, 14 Arkansas Supreme Court Justices, 21 Little Rock Mayors, numerous Arkansas literary figures, Confederate Generals, and other worthies. The extremely modest gravestones, mark the burial spots of a few slaves. The place is quite charming and well-cared for, showing respect for the departed, even those who don’t have any living descendants.

Do not be misguided by the serenity though, the numerous spooky events here have led this place to make it into the list of Top 10 haunted places of Arkansas. People have reported to witness statues on the graves move, right in front of them. Some statues are even found on the lawns of some startled neighbours on occasion, as if they just went for a stroll. Sometimes, sound of flute can be heard throughout the cemetery, even though there’s no flute player in vicinity. Being at one of these haunted places in Arkansas, you can be greeted by the ghosts of dignitaries buried here.

The Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel is one of America’s best-known haunted hotels and had to make it to the list of most haunted places in Arkansas.  Standing high in Eureka Springs, the hotel has a history just as haunting as the spirits that allegedly still lurk there today. The hotel was once a hospital ran by a fraudulent physician, from where patients would never return alive due to poor medical facilities and practices. It is said that the spirits of these unfortunates still haunt the building. The hotel has also been a girl’s school at one time, but that did not deter the ghosts. If you’re up for a ghost tour, the staff here will surely cooperate and guide you through.

Haunted House, Jonesboro

This little house in Jonesboro was built in 1926 by businessman Jimmy Lyle. There have been numerous ghost sighting at this place. According to locals, several fun-loving spirits haunt this place. Sightings of the ghost of Mr. Lyle himself walking in certain areas of the house are stated by the people. While the house was undergoing renovation in 2006, the workers experienced paranormal. They reportedly heard sound of a child laughing and running around on the second floor while they were on break. Upon inspection, no child was found around the house.

Another spooky tale is that of a family who lived in the house during the 1970s. They recall their daughter waking up and screaming. She later explained about seeing a little boy at the foot of her bed smiling at her. He ran through the wall and disappeared. Creepy?

The Allen House, Monticello

The gothic mansion- The Allen House was built at the turn of the century around 1900. The house has several reported instances of hauntings. Of all the legends, the most spoken about ghost is that of a young woman. People believe that her spirit haunts the upper and lower floors of the mansion. The apparition of the lady is said to move about the house, disappearing and reappearing in various spots. The fourth floor has now been closed off for public. But people who have been there reported to have heard sounds disembodied footsteps and voices in the location.

Judge Parker Court House

The infamous Judge Issac Parker is known to have hanged around 80 people. Locals claim his ghost still haunts the courthouse. It stands in the city of Fort Smith. Fort Smith has a colorful and violent history evident through the many “spirited” older structures in town. People have reported seeing the ghost of the judge at numerous instances. This spot is popular as the “Hanging Judge”, the gallows that were used to hang criminals in the 1800s sentenced by him are now kept at Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Tech University, Arkansas

The Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas has several haunted places. One  urban legend explains these hauntings quite well. The legend says that the Caraway Hall of the university is built on top of a Cherokee burial site. While another says that in an unfortunate incident, a student committed suicide in this building. Students claim to have heard sounds of whispers in hallways and footsteps on the stairs of Caraway Hall. The ghost of a former student who plays piano in the practice room is said to haunt the Witherspoon Hall. Once, a where a star basketball player was killed in a car accident at Tucker Coliseum. It is now said to be haunted. The ghost leaves basketballs scattered all over the court.

The Old Malco

Last but not the least, the next in the list of haunted places in Arkansas is the Old Malco Theatre. Sounds of screams from the basement and light fixtures falling on their own, objects moving by themselves at night often scares people. As per the legend during a performance in the 1880’s, a woman from the audience disappeared during a magic show production, and since then the theatre is claimed to be haunted. Patrons have reported seeing the ghost a glowing woman in the theatre basement.

If you’ve travelled Arkansans state, you would have undoubtedly heard about the ghostly presences. You either have seen or felt around the Quapaw Quarter in Little Rock or have heard about the “mumbling man” of Jacksonville High School. If not, we hope that this comprehensive list of Haunted Places in Arkansas will satiate your hunger for horror.

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