10 Most Haunted Places In California Loved By Horror Aficionados

10 Most Haunted Places In California Loved By Horror Aficionados

most haunted places in California

California is famous for many things. Except being the home of movie stars, it has a ray of alluring beaches and historical sites that attract thousands of tourists every year. The golden state has got a room for people of different interests. If you are a fright lover, there are plentiful options to explore. In this article we are talking about the various haunted places in California. The feeling of being watched, loud screams, cloudy apparitions and demonic possessions are some signs reported at most of these places. 

In this article, you will find various haunted houses, mansions, hotel and several real haunted places in California for a horrible experience. Before taking a visit to some of the listings, kindly attain proper permissions to the genuine authority. In the past few years, many ghost hunters have been arrested for peeping in without contacting the property owners.

Claremont Hotel, Berkeley

Haunted Claremont hotel in Berkeley, California

Situated on Tunnel road in Berkeley, Claremont hotel club and spa earlier comprised a home that was burnt to foot. Later in 1915, the hotel was constructed fresh but its air was shadowy and environment resembled of creepy sites. According to locals, the whole section of this hotel is haunted and many an evidences go in support with Claremont hotel being one of the most haunted places in California.

If you visit this place to notice a sign of spirits, you would not apologise. Flickering lights, Electronic appliances switching on and off automatically and ghost sightseeing is something the visitors have reported. The fourth floor is the creepiest section and is said to be haunted by a child ghost. In particular, her ghost can be sensed in Room 422, the room where she met with death.

Haunted Whaley House, California

Located in San Diego, Whaley house is counted among some of the bountiful houses later turned spooky.  This house was constructed by Thomas Whaley in 1957 and named after him. After it was built, it housed a general store, granary, Crowdie Theatre and the town’s court. However it also included a morgue that is not to be blamed for attracting spirits inside. This house has been listed as the National Museum and a place of tourist attraction for many years. This place has been the centre of attraction for ancient place buffs and horror fanatics, for being the part of one of few most haunted places in California to visit.

People blame Whaley family for haunting the house but the whole controversy started years before the house was built. A man was reportedly hanged on this property before the construction for unknown causes and his spirit shown no cool at all. After the Whaley family moved into their newly built house, the revengeful soul started causing trouble. According to local beliefs, phantom of the middle aged man possessed Mrs. Whaley and caused mysterious activities that led the family to anxiety and depression.  

There is no report if the man’s ghost killed Whaley family or not but seems they all probably ganged up in a team of ghosts who do not want to let newbies enter the haunted Whaley House.

Alcatraz Museum, San Francisco

Oh, I absolutely love this island full of greenery and so would every nature lover. But this is not a feature people shortlist Alcatraz for making a visit. This island has voluminous dark secrets hidden in its heart- the renovated museum site that convert it into one of the most haunted places in California to visit.

Situated on Alcatraz Island, the current museum and tourist site was previously the maximum security prison where barbarous suspects were being kept. The accused were kept in a strict manner and several punitive measures were taken to make their lives severe. On an average, 87 criminals died there in dire circumstances and these are blamed for processing otherworldly happenings going on here.

Many paranormal activities are reported taking place in really haunted Alcatraz Museum. Visitors and tour guides have reported to see a man’s phantom while the others have complained of listening disembodied screams and banjo music. Several authority employees have noted the slamming of cell doors in a vacant area. People have also heard footsteps and giggles in early evening hours. Due to a series of creepy phenomenon, it has become a home to paranormal researchers and may be you are someone that needs to step in because you love haunted places pretty much!

East 8 Mile Road, Stockton

East mile road, because of ghost sightings on its pathway secures a spot in the list of most haunted places in California. Located in Stockton, the trespassers have reported seeing a witch across the lane. Some heavy vehicle drivers have also complained to notice a scary woman in white dress standing in middle of the haunted way

Legend has it those who turn back to see the phantom finds the mysterious ghost sitting on their van’s backseat.  The other ghoul of a Native American girl can also be spotted during full moon nights.

Find more about the haunted east 8 mile road and the scare it offers.

Spooky Los Coches Adobe, Soledad

Categorize it under historical buildings… Los Coches Adobe is an ancient construction with a black history. While every 9 visitors out of 10 have voted it for a hub of mysterious occurrences, this spot has everything that makes Los Adobe one of some real haunted places in California. The story starts from the natives’ belief. It is believed that this place was earlier a site where labors used to do mining works. One fine day, misfortune knocked their lives and all of them drowned to death. 

Long after the incident, visitors have claimed to hear the manly screams coming from the old well, the area where soil steeped inside. Ghost of a woman in her 30’s has been wandering at the very place for many years.

The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula

Haunted Glen Tavern Inn in California
Image Courtesy Patrick Pelletier

If you are the admirer of otherworldly activities and wish to spend a night for a paranormal investigation, we have the best place in mind. The haunted Glen Tavern Inn hotel in Santa Paula offers accommodation for night stays. There is a series of paranormal activity reported at the hotel. Visitors have seen full sized apparitions, a shadowy figure playing the piano and several other eerie incidents. Guests have complained of anonymous throwing their stuffs from the dressing. The creepiest apartment of the structure is Room 307 where ghost sighting is almost guaranteed.

The Scary Dairy, Camarillo

Are you looking for some haunted places in California that have a really creepy history? Well, I bet you are not going to find a spot better than “the scary dairy”. Spooky is its name and perilous is the place. Located on the Federal Youth Division Road in Camarillo, the dairy is basically a dilapidated haunted building. Previously it was the former haunted hospital and then after it was converted into a slaughterhouse.

According to locals, many a murders have been taken place at the scary dairy and the deceased were buried at this particular place. People have complained listening loud yells around the construction. Numerous visitors have caught spirits roaming in the building, including some paranormal detectives who caught some uncanny voice tapes and ghost images of the same.

Haunted Wolfe Manor, Clovis

Situated in Fresno County, the notable Wolfe Manor was built in 1922 as a private residence. The house went through few construction changes. It was first redesigned into a sanitarium where mentally ill patients were treated. Later, the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium was closed. As the mansion suffered through various otherworldly consequences, a horror enthusiast purchased the house in 2000 to make it a Halloween attraction site. 

The Wolfe Manor has been investigated by several paranormal teams and was featured in some TV shows. Investigators have recorded ghostly sounds, heavy footsteps and snapped ghostly apparitions. If you are love taking scary trips, you would be sad to know that the haunted Wolfe Manor is demolished. It is now closed for ghost hunting.

Haunted John Sowden House, LA

Haunted John Sowden house in California
Image courtesy Kent Kenouse

The John Sowden house is one of the most haunted places in Los Angeles due to the presence of a vindictive ghost. It was the site of the murder of Elizabeth, a lady that was cut in half and dumped at the construction. This abode is considered a hub of supernatural activities due to the chain of ongoing psychic disturbances. The residents have complained of hearing abnormal voices, walking sounds, heavy chains and heart shredding screams during night hours. 

It is assumed that Elizabeth’s phantom wanders in the premises waiting for the revenge from Dr. Hill, the one who killed her. Later, “Ghost Hunters” had featured an episode where they had listed various ghastly instances occurring inside the house.

RMS Queen Mary Ship, Long Beach

And here comes the most haunted place in California, the RMS Queen Mary ship. The Queen Mary was once an ocean liner and is currently a docked museum ship. It houses a hotel and few restaurants to give you a quality family time with a sense of excitement. Numerous spirits haunt this ship. Among the haunted sections is the Cabin B340, ship’s nursery and the pool area. There are countless otherworldly occurrences including the tourists’ reports in which the visitors had claimed to see a lady in white and the apparitions of few children and a man. 

In night hours you can easily hear sobs and creepy screams on the haunted Queen Mary Ship. After the ship got eminent for grim incidents, it was featured on TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Unsolved Mysteries.

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