10 Most Haunted Places In Delhi That Makes It A Creepy Capital

Most haunted places in Delhi

Delhi- one of the most developed metro cities of India is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Beside being the capital of India, It is famous for offering luxurious life. On the primary take, It has a modern and attractive lifestyle, throng of Multinational companies, enormous crowd in a number of events and countless places to chill on. Latter one -Historical monuments, forts, tourist places and museums make Delhi a classy city. Beyond all of this, this place has a very ancient history. It has been the capital of many empires. It does not matter how modern people had become, the existence of spirits is an unsolved mystery. Like every other place, Delhi has some real spooky locations too. If you like reading about real haunted places and creepy and spooky articles, “7 haunted places in Delhi” would surely be a thriller.

Lothian Cemetery

Located on Lothian road, It is half a kilometre away from Kashmiri gate is one of the most haunted cemetery and also one of very few haunted places in Delhi. This christian cemetery is famous for many ghost stories. Visitors have often seen the ghost of headless person wandering near graves. Legends say, this person was once a  young soldier who got betrayed by his lover and cut his head. One can see him on new moon’s night as he walks past the cemetery.

The Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza or The bloody door is basically the door of an ancient fort. Three princes of Mughal dynasty (two son of Bahadurlal zafar – Mirza Mughal, Kiz sultan and his grand son Abu Bakar ) were shot by English General William Hudson. It is said that, these spirits still await the general who brutally killed them. The vibe of creepiness you feel while visiting this place in dark will make you say- Yes ! I’m on the visit to haunted places in Delhi.

Haunted W-3 House, Greater Kailash

Located in south Delhi in particular and Greater Kailash to be precise, this house is extremely haunted. Decades ago, an aged couple was murdered brutally at this place. After so many years, their spirit still haunt this place. You can feel a series of mysterious happenings here – one could easily listen sobs, cries and screams coming out of this haunted house. Including this, there are many abandoned haunted house in Delhi as no one want to purchase or rent them.

Haunted Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Delhi

Feroz shah Kotla fort, situated on Bahadur shah Zafar road is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. This haunted fort is rebuilt by Feroz shah Tughlaq in 1354. This fort does not see many visitors as it is ruined and haunted. The presence of Djinns inside the dark halls and empty corners produce an eerie vibe. Every Thursday, Locals offer milk and grains with lighting candles and incense sticks in order to please Djinns living nearby. According to them – Djinns can make one’s wish come true.

Spooky Sanjay Van, Delhi

Sanjay Van haunted is located near the Qutabl Institutional Area (around Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in South West Delhi, India). This is a vast forest that stretches for more than 784 acres (~ 3 square kilometers). It has several different access points including in Neela Hauz next to the CPWD Building; behind the International Management Institute and Rockland Hospital; and next to the TB Hospital.

In terms of greenery, It is heart of the capital. But there is much more than greenery hidden in this small forest. Listed among the haunted places in Delhi – Broken ramparts of Qila Rai Pithora has innumerable graves. Due to endless spirits roaming in the air, there is an eerie vibe atmosphere at that place. Many ruined Majars under enormous trees make this place more dense and mysterious. Often the pin drop silence here is dropped by cries and evil laugh. Some visitors have experienced if they were pushed suddenly while others saw a white dressed woman hiding behind tree and getting vanished.

Ghost stories of the Sanjay Van

In this area you will find numerous graves. People claim that there are crying children there, as well as pushing and clawing noises coming from the grave sites ever since the graveyard came into existence.

One of the most notorious stories is that of a woman though. She will oftentimes appear to people on the road that runs through the Sanjay Van haunted forest, as well as walking through the old, winding banyan trees that are found there. They say that she’s wearing a white Sari and will ask them for a ride before she suddenly vanishes without a trace, having never actually accompanied anyone.

In fact, whenever a motorist actually stops near the Sanjay Van ghost the spirit will simply disappear, or that they have actually driven right through her. There are also some Delhiites who claim that they have seen her sitting right in the middle of the road where she used her cold, stony eyes to stare either directly at them as they drove right through her or right into the forest that she inhabits. Regardless of who you talk to, they will tell you that this was actually quite a nerve wracking experience for them.

Haunted Bloody River, Delhi

Frightening than its name, this river flows across Rohini region of Delhi. Due to a series to suicides took place after drowning, Khooni Nadi adds its name in the list of top haunted places in Delhi. There is a common belief that one who enter the river gets drowned by a mysterious force.

Haunted Delhi Cantonment

Delhi cant is a place where nature resides in all its glory. It is full of greenery and lush trees. According to many spectators, they had seen the ghost of a lady in white dress asking for lift. 

Some of them who stopped to give her a lift, she vanished. While others who did not stop their vehicle, found her running faster than the vehicle. This lady is supposed to be a hitchhiker killed in a car accident which took place on this road. This place is on our pick of haunted places in Delhi.

There is extreme fear of this place in the heart of people living nearby. Due to frequent paranormal sights, paranormal investigators declare Delhi cantonment the most haunted place in Delhi.

Haunted Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

haunted Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli (a.k.a. Agar Sain ki Baoli or Ugrasen ki Baoli) is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. This is a stepwell. Stepwells are ancient subterranean structure built in order to allow the people to have water all year long. There used to be thousands of these in existence, many of which actually had a mesmerising architecture.

While ancient Indians used to build water temples, stepwells and reservoirs, few of them are as exquisite as the Agrasen Ki Baoli. This 104 red stone step baoli was originally submerged in murky water, making people think of it as one of Delhi’s most haunted place. Today it is a protected monument under the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Besides being one of Delhi’s most haunted place, this stepwell is a unique blend of architecture with an impressive, highly inventive design that includes a series of grim, desolate arched structures that are nonetheless beautiful. Its rectangular designs stretches 60 meters long and 15 meters wide with a series of superimposed arches supported on piers or columns.

Some of this design is permanently immersed in water but there are also three levels that are above water that are filled with alcoves and rooms that used to be sites for retreat (puja). A few of these rooms are considered to be dangerous and so they are secured with gates and have become a favourite dwelling place for pigeons and bats. Until recently the Agrasen Ki Baoli had water but today it has dried up so that you can see the reservoir’s bed, which is full of bird feathers and droppings.

The silence of this place deepens as you descend the stairs and the skyline will also disappear gradually adding to the ambiance of this place famous for its paranormal activities.

Agrasen ki Baoli and the creepy past

Many people say that Agrasen Ki Baoli is full of evil spirits. You can actually feel the presence of an invisible ghost there who follows people around. They also believed that the black, murky water attracted and mesmerised vulnerable people, which is precisely the type of person that the ghost enjoys having there the most.

In fact, those who were depressed were attracted to the black, filthy water within this stepwell where they would then be hypnotised and lured to their death by a power that would overtake them, causing them to jump into the stepwell’s water. Today this ghost is often referred to as the “Baoli of the unseen”. It is also believed that he has the power to raise the water level in order to cause these terrible drowning deaths.

The “Agrasen Ki Baoli” is located on the Hailey Road. It is close to Connaught Place (C.P) a short walk from Jantar Mantar. However, you wouldn’t notice that once you walk down the steps into the stepwell. This Baoli dates back to prior to the 14th century when it was rebuilt by the Agrawal community. Also, there aren’t any historical records showing who actually built it. Nevertheless it’s believed that King Agrasen built this stepwell during the Mahabharat era.

Haunted Jamali Kamali Mosque, Mehrauli

haunted Jamali Kamali Mosque, Mehrauli, Delhi
Picture by Shashwant Nagpal

Jamali-Kamali haunted is a combination of a Mosque and Tomb that are located within the Archaeological Village complex in Mehrauli, Delhi, India. These two monuments are located adjacent to one another. People have claimed to have heard both growls of anguish in “strange” languages coming from these two areas.

Jamali Kamali are two people who are buried within this tomb. The name “Jamali” is Urdu originating from “Jamal,” meaning “beauty.” It’s the alias that Shaikh Fazlu’llah (a.k.a. Shaikh Jamali Kamboh, Jalal Khan) was given. He’s a renowned Sufi saint and poet that lived in the pre-Mughal dynasty. Jamali was appointed as the Poet in the Lodi Empire’s Imperial Courts in this era. Two of his most famous works were “The Spiritual Journey of the Mystics” and “The Sun and Moon.”

On the other hand, Kamali wasn’t well known but he was associated with Jamali. He probably has his name because it rhymed with Jamali’s. Nevertheless, today the names are tagged together for both the mosque and the tomb because they’re buried right next to one another. They were known to have travelled across Asia and the Middle East.

The Jamali Kamali mosque and tomb were built in Jamali’s memory somewhere between 1528 AD and 1529 AD before Jamali’s death somewhere between 1535 AD and 1536 AD. At that time he was buried within the tomb.

Hauntings at the Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb

The Jamali-Kamali haunted mosque is positioned within an enclosed garden that was built with a southern entry. It is built out of red sandstone and has marble embellishments. There’s a prayer hall behind a large courtyard that has five arches, the central arch of which only has a dome. The size of these arches increases as you reach the centre where the largest arch is beautifully embellished with medallions and fluted pilasters. On the west there’s a prayer wall with niches of mihrab that have Koranic inscriptions upon them. Then at the rear of the mosque are oriel windows.

On the other hand, the Jamali-Kamali haunted tomb is decorated with a flat roof and ceiling, which is ornately decorated. It’s painted red and blue and contains Koranic inscriptions. The walls have colored tiles that are inscribed with Jamali’s poems inlaid within them. Overall, the decorations give you the impression that you’re stepping inside of a jewel box.

There are also two marble graves within the mosque and tomb. One is for Jamali and the other is for Kamali.

You will find that one of the paranormal accounts that happened at the Jamali-Kamali haunted tomb and mosque is particularly scary. It’s said that a little boy wouldn’t stop crying when their parent noticed a small hand print upon his face. While his parent thought that he had gotten into a fight, the boy kept saying that a haunted spirit had slapped him.

Many reports also exist of how after dark sightings of lights, apparitions and faint features have been seen. There are also inexplicable sounds of animals growling reported. Others say that abnormal phenomenon and bad nightmares have happened to them after they have visited this area.

Haunted Malcha Mahal, New Delhi

haunted Malcha Mahal, New Delhi

Malcha Mahal haunted (a.k.a. Bistdari Mahal or Wilayat Mahal) is a historical village that was inhabited by thousands of villagers in 1600 A.D. This was a square community house at that time that was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. Located in the heart of Delhi, next to the Delhi Earth Station where it’s quite isolated, the structure mostly lies in ruins today. It is located directly behind the Buddha Garden (Buddha Jayanti Park).

The property was later renamed Wilayat Mahal after Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh when she was given the palace by India’s government in May of 1985. This was done after she staged a long protest for the government to return her properties, protests that others throughout the whole country of India joined in on. She later went on to commit suicide.

Some people said that she consumed poison while others said that she drank crushed diamonds. Regardless as to what she actually consumed, on December 10, 2008 when she was 62 years old, Mahal committed suicide because she was depressed. However, her body wasn’t found until 10 days later when she was discovered lying on her study desk. The night before she was buried, both of her children slept with her dead body.

Hauntings at the Malcha Mahal

Today, her son Riaz Mahal (a prince) and daughter Princess Sakina Mahal both continue to dress in black clothing. They also continue to live at Malcha Mahal haunted along with their fierce hound dogs. Both of the Mahal children claimed that these dogs were a “necessity” because they were terrified of being robbed constantly, which is also why they were given the right (by the government of India) to shoot intruders in the name of “self-protection.”

Since then, there have been numerous people, including reporters who have attempted to go in but have never came back out again. For this reason, even the forest rangers now avoid this area. With this happening and the fact that neither of these individuals have any interaction with the outside world any longer, mystery surrounds the haunted Malcha Mahal and the place not only seems to stand still in time but it also seems to have been forgotten about as well.

While there aren’t a lot of visitors to Malcha Mahal, there are plenty of hauntings to be told. Be it the forest itself, or the iron grill in the front all looks creepy. However, there are a lot of answered questions. Is this place really home to numerous ghosts? Well, we leave it upon you. Ponder and let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment about the Malcha Mahal stories.

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