These Are Seven of the Terribly Haunted Places In Goa

Most haunted places in Goa

Goa reminds us of its extraordinary beaches and fun in its marvellous hotels. Goa is one of the main tourist attraction for foreign tourists.There come thousands of tourists everyday but there are few such places in Goa many people are not even aware of.  This article is written to introduce you to 7 most haunted places in Goa. Here we have taken reference of few real horror stories of Goa, a book written on real ghost stories available for a buy and it offers an adventurous read.


Darkness is considered a synonym of Negativity. People fear at night due to darkness. Well, Real thing start here. What if I say Ghosts roam and attack in sunlight as well ? Do not believe me ? You gotta read this :

Igorchem road a.k.a. Igorchem Bandh, situated at Raia is considered as one of the most haunted places in Goa. This haunted dam has endless spirits residing within. Situated behind the church of Our Lady of Snows, It is known to be a site popular for possession of Many people.From believed local tales, one who crosses this bandh in between 2-3 in afternoon, he takes himself near his possession by dark evil spirits. So, If you plan to visit haunted places in goa and this haunted place is in your list, Don’t you dare move your feet to that terrible place in afternoon. Each moving step will take you to the wandering souls who love to haunt people and pull blood from their body.


This is haunted Place between Dhavali and Bori, which has witnessed many accidents and paranormal activities from a long time and still continues to witness them. Ghost of an infant has been often seen around this area. According to some people, They had seen a girl standing in the middle of this enigmatic road and screams loud. Eerie sound of ghost of this girl feel terrible. if anybody tries to look back, he finds nothing but the empty road. Getting awestruck all of a sudden, people lose balance from their vehicle and this has resulted in many accidents in this area.


Haunted Mumbai Goa Highway, NH 17
Picture clicked by Marcosmsfs under CCA 3.0

National highway 17 also known as haunted Mumbai-Goa Highway has many incidents that will leave you awful and amazed. It is said that there live witches in search of flesh, meat and blood. Local advise people not to carry meat while travelling in night, specially after 12 AM. One real incident that took place with a couple peacefully driving on this highway.

They were carrying chicken and other non vegetarian food in their car. Things got changed when lights of the car started getting on and off suddenly and car went out of control. Anyhow, they managed to stop the car and got out of it. Doors got suddenly locked. After an hour they saw black smoke coming out of it. As the husband got in to check the car, he found the food was all gone. Sudden scream of his wife made him run outside and he saw his wife scratched all over her neck and face.


Strange noises like falling of objects, loud cry and outburst are some sign that ensure the presence of ghost in the D’Mello House at Santemol. This haunted house in Goa has a past associated with it.

According to locals, there lived two brothers, who had a dispute subjecting division of ancestral property. This dispute, in some days, changed in violent conflict, which resulted in one brother’s death.

Since then, this house experiences paranormal going within it. Locals often hear sound like breaking of windows glass and evil scream. Due to this possessed house, Neither one is ready to buy it nor the family members could come to conclusion about division of this estate.


Janki bandh, situated in Navelim is one of the most haunted places in Goa. A school bus full of children went over the little temporary bridge (culvert) linking the road between Navelim and Drampur. Due to driver’s mistake, a major accident took place. All the children and other passengers on the bus died. On some days of the year, people claim to hear haunting wailing and crying sounds of children in the dead of the night.


haunted saligao village in Goa

This village of Goa is haunted by the ghost of christalina. Earlier people believed this lady ghost haunt the infamous banyan tree and they instructed their children not to go towards that tree. According to locals, this belief got strong by an incident that took place 61 years ago.

Once a Jew named Padre Lourenco had gone for a walk around the seminary road. His family waited him a long time but he did not return that particular night. Next morning, some of the workers went in search of him. What they found was dreadful. 

They found his body laying flat on the ground with his face in the mud – very close to that haunted tree. They took him to his residence and requested a priest to care for him. For next 4 days, he remained speechless and motionless. On 5th day, priest saw Padre diving in air and screaming “Christina”. His face was all blood and full of scratches. Later, this news spread like wildfire in the entire village and neighbouring villages of Saligao.


haunted three kings church in Goa

In south Goa, 15 kms. far from valsaav, there is a village cansaulim. In that village, There is a church named “3 kings church”. Locals consider this church amongst the most haunted place in Goa. The villagers plan a banquet on 6th of January every year. This church is said to be occupied by malevolent spirits of three kings who were killed in a revengeful manner. Why this church is considered haunted and what is the story behind it ? Come, Read and discover : The haunted Three kings church in Goa.

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