These 5 Haunted Places in Gurgaon Are Most Gruesome

Most haunted places in Gurgaon

Gurgaon -a place located on the outer circle of Delhi is a town of professionals. While it is a hub of call centres, there are also few haunted places that would horror struck you. In this article we will talk about 5 most haunted places in Gurgaon to scare You. Based on their common experiences, these are the same places that Gurgaonwallahs claim to be truly haunted and might pique your interest.

Haunted Sector 9, Dwarka

The centre of attraction is an old peepul tree in Dwarka sector 9. In Hindu mythology peepul is considered a holy tree and residence of supernatural powers. The evil spirit residing on this peepul tree is in news here. A white clad woman is seen under the same peepul tree in Dwarka sector 9 and in Andheria Mor. Many a call centre executives who travel back home from Gurgaon in dark hours have experienced physical push and slaps. Elaborating their experience while passing through this way, they got slapped hard on their face and on looking back, they see an old woman in white sari running behind their vehicle. These paranormal happenings have put trespassers in fear and you would surely avoid crossing this way by foot in night.

Haunted BPO in Gurgaon

Some mysteries pop up on their own – no matter how much you try to bury them. This haunted call centre, located in Gurgaon is possessed by the spirit of a dead girl Rose. Workers and management of this B.P.O. know her as the dead girl living. Everybody know the truth but they like to put it forever in their hearts.Saffron was built on top of a graveyard and most of people working in this have gone through a lot of absurd experiences.

Due to past evidences, Saffron is considered the most haunted place in Gurgaon.Saffron had a blended process which earned the maximum for the company. This process had a girl “Rose” – the brightest performer of the centre.  She was an inspiration for her colleagues and senior management staffs. One day towards the end of a shift, she received an inbound call that went for unusual 50 minutes. Her TL when barged the call to check if she needed any support, found nobody on the other line. Right after the call ended, there was an intense change in her behaviour.

The most punctual staff of saffron went on an unscheduled leave. After a week her colleagues traced her accommodation through her transport details. They found out that landlord was not aware of such a girl. Being skeptical, the management made maximum efforts to contact her family and after few months they succeeded. What they found was terrible. Her family claimed her dead 8 years ago. Since then Rose remained a mystery. Her close friends went in mental dis-balance while her best friend got a cardiac arrest. Although this unsolved case was buried in the grave of saffron, it still haunt the call centre and heart of workers out there.

Haunted Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road

haunted Gurgaon Mehrauli road

The road situated between Gurgaon and Mehrauli is filled with many horror cases and hence it is one of the haunted places in Gurgaon. It may sound an interesting tale to some who have not encountered the fear while passing through this place.  Though this place is crowded in daylight, this non living road speaks death as dark appears.Due to numerous paranormal experiences and ghost encounters, this place is counted as a defamed one.  Many a cab drivers who drive late night to pick and drop B.P.O. employees have complained seeing woman dressed in sari running along their respective vehicles. Her tongue hanging out till the chest and eyes popping out could faint you. This woman is said to be killed in an accident that took place 4 years ago on this road. Since then, this road is haunted by evil spirit of this witch.

While we had a gossip with a cab driver Joseph who has been working as a cab driver for 3 years, he narrated the moment he encountered the witch in his words as it is kept down :

Spooky Fact

Joseph is 33. This happened when he was 29. It was a morning drop at 3:30 from a B.P.O, Gurgaon to south Delhi. This area has been hot with incidents and stories, mostly rumours but some they use were true. Being repeatedly true to its reputation, drivers usually reduce their speed and get more focused. This area is a bend with little visibility of what’s beyond the other side. Joseph, as per norms reduced his speed and kept his eyes fixed on the road. However, he failed to see a block of concrete on the road and the vehicle suffered a big jerk as its tires rolled over it. Everyone settled down and make an attempt to catch up on the sleep. At the moment they were crossing the bend. As the vehicle crossed the curve, both Joy n Joseph noticed a woman waving her hand, asking for a lift.

The cab was full and sting operations were very common so they didn’t respond and continued. Now the vehicle had crossed the danger area and Joseph put some weight on the accelerator. The crowd settled down and Joy put on his headphone again and looked out of the window to let the cold summer night wind blow his mind out. As he turned his head to the left he screamed as if his life was at stake. Everyone turned to the left to see the same woman running along with the speed of the vehicle at a speed of 60 km. per hour with her face towards the vehicle and her tongue out of her jaws till her chest. Joseph and the rest couldn’t believe what they saw and just sped off to the 1st drop.

Ashoka Vihar Flyover

This flyover is located after Dilkhush vihar industrial area. Due to wandering soul of a woman on this flyover, this place is counted as one of the most haunted places in Gurgaon. Based on real experiences, this place is said to be haunted by spirit of a woman dressed in white cloths between 1-4 am. If you pass by at that hour, do not mistake to stop near her to take assistance about direction or anything. People who stopped to asl her for direction have not found their way that night. Some got heir vehicles broken while the rest kept moving around in circles. Terror of that lady is deep within the trespassers and very few pass that haunted flyover in that time duration.

Haunted Sector 7 in Gurgaon

The unknown presence of some  invisible entity make humans alarmed – thanks to our sixth sense. Most of the times when a paranormal object is not seen, one can judge their spooky appearance around.  This haunted place in Gurgaon is reported to be a ground floor apartment  in sector 7, Gurgaon. Based on resident experiences, In dark hours this house had some strange happenings. These strange incidents include noises as if somebody is taking a shower that stops once one pop into the washroom. One of the residents claimed to listen an instruction to close the washroom door once he left it open. 

People who don’t leave this apartment after knowing the existence of evil within, feel problems such as hallucination, constant gossips with some invisible entities and so on. This apartment turns spooky due to ghostly appearance, unexplained noises and dark shadows. Washroom section of this apartment is doubted to be the most possessed section. Though the history of this haunted apartment is unleashed, few local think that soul is of a man who was killed brutally inside the washroom of the apartment.

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