7 of the Super Most Haunted Places In Hyderabad

Most haunted places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is known for its rich history, delicious food and royal attire with an addition to poly-lingual culture. Eminent with a quick phrase “the city of Nizams”, Hyderabad city holds a special importance in tourism niche. While it sports numerous spots to travel, there are several real haunted locations in Hyderabad that every horror lover wants to know. Well, in this list we are exploring 7 most haunted places in Hyderabad city to get spooked.

The Graveyard on Banjara Hills

haunted graveyard on Banjara Hills

Situated on Road No. 12 at Banjara hills, the graveyard is known to be one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad due to many creepy happenings going out here. There are many gristly incidents reported by the locals during late night hours.

According to the trespassers, the streetlight on this road switches on and off on its own. Those that noted it as a technical fault proved themselves wrong when a bunch of ghost hunters found several cold spots in the graveyard area during their investigation. In the midnight hours, people got their tires punctured and some of them have seen a hazy apparition coming out of the graveyard. If you are a ghost hunter, pack your bags and get on a visit to the most haunted place in Hyderabad city, where you can notice creepy voices with formidable visualisations.

Ravindra Nagar Colony, Hyderabad

Haunted Ravindra Nagar Colony, Hyderabad
Hindu Religious Chants are written on the gate to abstain evil entities from entering (Image by The Hindu)

Consider a housing construction with a bunch of residents living within with a live terror in hearts. This would better reflect Ravindranagar colony that has been the hub of supernatural activities for long. The ghastly happenings around this colony were so macabre and disturbing that several people committed suicides after affecting from negative vibes.

According to an urban legend, this construction is built on a worn graveyard. Due to presence of a temple, the evil spirits remained slept and dared not to haunt this section. Later when this colony was given a shape, this temple was crushed. Locals believe this act responsible for frequent liberation of harmful spirits on here. Since then, many residents faced demonic possessions while few of the night owls have seen apparitions roaming in the housing section at late night hours.

Since then, resident started taking extra measures to protect themselves from evil spirits. If you walk down this place, you would discover printed flags and religious tantrums on the doors of each house. Nearly every other house has holy scripts and that might result in checking the wanderer evil souls to enter. Be whatever it is but, all these incidents prove Ravindranagar Colony one of some most haunted places in Hyderabad city.

Haunted Dedh Lakh Ghar

haunted house in Hyderabad

As the name suggests, this house was constructed with an expense of one and a half million Indian currency. Built in 1973, Dedh lakh Ghar see an array of ghostly activities. That put it in the list of one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad city. To the ghost hunters, we are elaborating the events a bit to make the visitors aware of the creepiness of this haunted house in Hyderabad.

A ramshackle building that has remained deserted for very long and led to the evolution of evil souls. If you would believe the old tales that makes numerous suicides responsible for the spookiness of this house, you would be terrified. Many horrifying sounds were heard by the trespassers while few of the paranormal societies have captured apparition like smoke within the interiors of this house. Some trespassers have noticed crying of woman while nobody was present there. All these occurrences have terrified locals to such an extent that people are avoiding passing by this creepy mansion.

Kundanbag Witches’ Lair

Image by Quotev

Hyderabad’s most haunted place has a gristly story that would give you chills. Long ago, a mother committed suicide with her two daughters for unknown reasons. Since then, three of the females are being seen by residents around that house. Many weird activities such as lighting of the candles on its own, footsteps and ghost sightings are normal around this area. It is said that their dead bodies remained in the house for weeks. That made the spirits not to attain the eternity. It is believed that the evil trio spirits are dangerous and attacks children and ladies on several occasions. If you are a ghost hunter, we would suggest you to visit this one of some most real haunted places in Lucknow during night hours when you can paranormal phenomenon are on their extreme.

Haunted Erramanzil, Hyderabad

haunted erramanzil in Hyderabad

Located at Erramanzil, there stands one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad. It is a place where the ghost of a headless man wanders. This place is noted as a haunted house that belonged to a person who had purchased it on a loan. Due to heavy debts and his incapability to pay the loans, the furious debt collectors beheaded the man on the very day of his wedding. He was murdered but his soul remained attached with this house and he did not allow anybody to live in this house. This creepy home remained vacant till now.

Few of some sinister happenings include giggling, evil laughs and scratching of doors. Many a one has witnessed to see the headless apparition of the ghost man walking in full moonlight night. 

There are several reporting of paranormal happenings. However this ghost seems to stay relaxed without disturbing a single leaf of the tree. Housing a peaceful but ugly ghost, this house can be a spot worth investigating. Just keep one thing in mind, if you would try to get into the house, the Gandhi could turn into a Bose.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad

haunted Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Shamshabad

The haunting at Shamshabad Airport many not seem familiar to many Hyderabad citizen but, it’s a matter of fact. Like the creepy Bangalore Airport, Shamshabad airport is possessed and listed in one of some real haunted places in Hyderabad. It is said that people those were killed during the disputes before the Airport construction are said to possess this newly built airport.

Talking about the evidences, few camera footage in which a man is seen turning his head round supports presence of souls at this airport. Many witnesses have reported to see a woman in white saree dancing on the runway. The witch in white saree is quite popular and is said to disappear on its own. Due to the existence of two frequent ghosts, Shamshabad airport is known as one of some real haunted spots in Hyderabad.

The Ramoji Film city, Hyderabad

Haunted Ramoji film city in Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City haunted (a.k.a. “the land of a million dreams”) is located near Anajpur Village, Hayathnagar Mandal in Hyderabad, Telangana. The Ramoji Film City was opened by the Indian film producer Ramoji Rao in 1996. Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest film city, comprising of approximately 2,000 acres where someone can walk in with a script and walk out with a movie. As such, it should come as no surprise that Ramoji Film City haunted is a popular tourist and recreational center. Also, the filmmaking facilities contribute for a large part of the real ghost stories in Hyderabad.

Last on this list of 7 most haunted places in Hyderabad, we have a well-known face of the city itself. Every Hyderabadi knows Ramoji film city for being a movie building attraction for long. But there is one second face of this film city that very few of the local knows. Yeah, if you believe the real experiences of visitors, the Ramoji film city can be considered as a haunted spot. It is said that the land has seen a brutal war where many of soldiers were ferociously murdered. Since then endless ghosts keep roaming at this place making it an absolute macabre.

Many visitors have complained of getting slapped and attacked by invisible entities. On the other hand, some ladies have reported hair-pulling and when they turned back, they heard disembodied laughter. In the night hours, this place looks as creepy as a graveyard would. Due to combination of all these otherworldly happenings, Ramoji film city is indeed the most haunted place in Hyderabad city.

Ghost stories of the haunted Ramoji film city

Entrance of the haunted Ramoji film city

There are numerous accounts of paranormal activities happening during shoots. These include lights falling off of the ceiling, shadows in changing rooms, knocks on locked bathroom doors, as well as light men being pushed by invisible hands and thus being seriously injured.

Sometimes the food that’s been left in the rooms has then been found scattered throughout the room even though no one was ever there. Strange marks that resemble Urdu (the Sultans’ language) have also been found on mirrors. Oftentimes it’s the women who visit the Ramoji Film City that are more bothered by this than the men.

Today there are a lot of areas at the Ramoji Film City that are no longer in use. It is because they are notorious for paranormal activities. Most of this haunting does take place at night but the sounds and images are so weird that there’s no doubt that they are actually occurring and not just publicity stunts, which accusations to this extent have been made in the past. For this reason, some people will still not go into those areas that are still in use too often because they “fear” these occurrences happening to them.

Several other Haunted places in Hyderabad

Besides this, there are other real haunted places such as Golkonda fort where spirits of many thieves reside. Not to forget the Uppal stadium where lives the ghost of a middle aged woman. While inspecting, some places like Khairatabad Science College are rumoured to be haunted but in actual have no ghost sightings.

Want to find other spooky destinations round the country? Check these most haunted locations in Kerala.

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