10 Most Haunted Places In Illinois You Can't Afford To Miss

10 Most Haunted Places In Illinois You Can’t Afford To Miss

Most haunted places in Illinois

We have all grown up hearing spooky stories about haunted places, in case you weren’t one of those who’d get sacred by such fables even in dreams- here we present to you the most haunted places in Illinois to satiate your desire for horror and give you that real jolt. Read on to find out! Our list of most haunted places in Illinois consists of the creepy Desoto house hotel, Blood point cemetery and many other sites that are believed to be the centre of paranormal activities around Illinois. Get psyched up and start exploring these creepy attractions.

The Leland Tower

Aurora, Illinois

Haunted Leland Tower, Aurora, Illinois

One of the tallest buildings of Illinois, this 22-storey building was built as a hotel initially. This tower finds it way into the list of top haunted places in Illinois, owing to the very prevalent reports of bad odors and moaning sounds that come from the elevators.

These eerie happenings can be attributed to the various suicides that took place in this building. Many people have been reported to jump to their death into the Fox River from apartments of this building, and the spirits of such people haunt it. The building registers a high Electromagnetic Field rating of 77.8.

Talking about the haunted Inns, we recommend you visiting the Shilo Inn. The presence of a mother-son ghoul enlist it amongst the most haunted places in Utah.

Desoto House Hotel

Galena, Illinois

Haunted Desoto House Hotel, Galena, Illinois

Today’s spooky Desoto House Hotel once had a boastful history. It hosted guests like Abraham Lincoln and William Jennings Bryan and was also the presidential campaign headquarters for Ulysses S. Grant, among others.  The entity of the ghost who haunts this hotel is unknown, but have sighted a phantom cigar smoke. Often, scary voices can be heard in the halls of this hotel. People have also reported seeing apparitions of people in period dresses who seem to walk, or float, through walls.

Blood’s Point Cemetery

Flora, Illinois

No, the scary name of the next destination on our list of most places in Illinois, is not because of the hauntings here, but is named after the area’s first white settler-Arthur Blood. This place has a lot to offer to people lurking for spookiness such as orbs, a vanishing barn, phantom vehicles and a ghost dog that sports glowing red eyes.

One can often hear ghostly children laughter and face electrical anomalies in the area. Adding to this, the nearby railroad bridge has been the site of an unfortunate school bus accident as well as several hangings.

Benedictine University

Lisle, Illinois

The next in the league of most haunted places in Illinois, is Benedictine University- whose several parts are claimed to be haunted. People often report seeing the ghost of a little boy who wanders around the campus and soon disappears. Also, the Benedictine Hall and one of the rooms of the Ondrak Hall were shut because of their hauntings. The 4th floor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a clergyman. You can still hear their voices in the art wing.

A lot of rumors about exorcism being performed on the 5th floor to rid a possessed student do the rounds. The Jaeger Hall of the university is reportedly haunted by ghosts of children. Some residents have reported incidences of their stereos turn on in the middle of the night. The ghosts of a little boy and girl ghost were captured on film, in a photograph of the Neuzil Hall.

Resurrection Mary

Justice, Illinois

Haunted Resurrection Mary- Justice, Illinois

The ghost of a pretty young girl dressed in her party dress and dancing shoes have been sighted by many people since 1930s. The ghost appears as a hitchhiker and asks to be driven along the Archer road and disappears near the cemetery.

According to reports, she is believed to be Anna “Marija” Norkus, a young lady found dead on the Archer Road post and accident after leaving the Oh Henry Ballroom in 1927. Legend states that she was killed in a hit and run accident, when she left the ballroom after a tussle with her boyfriend and the driver left her to die. She was buried in the same clothes by her parents in Resurrection Cemetery.

Haunted Red Lion Pub

Chicago, Illinois

Haunted Red Lion Pub, Chicago, Illinois

Most of the Pub hauntings are reported on off days. It is usually when the the pub is less crowded such as Sundays and late evenings. Reports state that the place is haunted by seven distinct spirits. It includes the ghost of two men who died in a duel.

In addition, ghosts of a lanky cowboy and a mentally challenged woman wearing excess of lavender perfume also reside here. Pub hoppers often report sighting their apparitions on the walls of the pub. Regular visitors also claim to have heard noises of footsteps and crashing sounds of objects.

Wade through these most haunted places in Chicago.


McPike Mansion

Alton, Illinois

McPike Mansion, Alton, Illinois
Mcpikemansioncrew shared it under CC BY-SA

McPike mansion has a lot to be listed in the most haunted places in Illinois. First of all, it got reported by the TV show Scariest Places on Earth. In addition, it was also featured on Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Known as Mount Lookout, it was built by Henry Guest McPike in 1869.

According to the present owners- Sharyn and George Luedke, who purchased it in an auction in 1994, the mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former owner and a domestic servant. The domestic help is called Sarah. She is said to tease visitors with a spectral touch or hug. On the other hand, the other ghost is of a former owner, Paul Laichinger who is often spotted wandering the grounds.

Sightings of apparitions have been reported in the hallways, and scary children’s laughter had been heard even when the mansion was occupied. Now, when the mansion is nearly abandoned passerby claim to see faces in the windows.

Waldheim Cemetery

Forest Park, Illinois

Haunted Waldheim Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois

The Waldheim cemetery is said to be haunted by the Flapper Ghost. It is the ghost of a brunette beauty having a bob cut and seeing wearing period clothes. As per urban legend, she has been residing since the 1930s and was very active till 1970s.

Her identity is unknown, but as claimed by folks, throughout the course of history she has been seen dancing in the halls in the evenings and asking for a ride back home from motorists or passerby.

She would trick the passerby and direct them to the Waldheim Cemetery, claiming to live in the caretaker’s cottage. She would later disappear among the tombstones, when followed. Only once has she been seen by a family in broad daylight in 1973. They were surprised when she vanished into a mausoleum all of a sudden.

Crenshaw House

Equality, Illinois

Haunted Crenshaw house, Equality, Illinois

The Crenshaw house is now closed to the public. It is owned by the state of Illinois and one can find innumerable No Trespassing signs in the vicinity. We caution you to not attempt to visit this place. Illinois was technically a free state, but in the times when men could not found to work in salt mining operations because it was hazardous and difficult, Crenshaw resorted to crude methods of kidnapping and slavery.

An exception to Illinois’s freedom was Crenshaw’s plantation. It was the place where he would enslave kidnapped freed and escaped slaves and kick them back in slavery circle. Crenshaw’s house was a key player in his inhuman and greedy quest to amass an immense fortune.

As per historical reports, he kept former slaves in the attic of his “Slave House”, before selling them back into slavery. The entire area is haunted. Numerous ghostly sounds- rattling of chains, cries for help, screams to name a few can being heard at this mansion.

McKendree University

Lebanon, Illinois

Haunted McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois
Image by Robert Lawton shared under CC BY-SA 2.5

The last place in this list of haunted places in Illinois records a very high EMF rating of 93.3. This College has had very tragic history and seen many deaths. An agitated pupil once hung himself to death on the bell tower of the main campus. His ghost is often sighted by people on the upper floors. Also, an elderly woman once accidentally fell down from the stairs of the Alumni House. Shortly her husband hung himself in the building, not being able to deal with his loss.

The back office which once used to be a nursery is always very cold. It houses the spirit of a small baby whose life was claimed by pneumonia here. Sounds of unidentified footsteps can be heard throughout the lower floors. Visitors also report seeing red eyes keeping an eye on them from the gardening shed.

In addition to all this, 2 ghosts are said to inhabit the Carnegie. TVs often automatically turn on or change channels. People report feeling of being grabbed by someone amongst many other eerie feelings inside the campus. In the chapel, the organ is said to play by itself. Footsteps can be heard running down the middle of the sanctuary, although there is no center aisle.

That was all about Top 10 haunted places of Illinois from our side. Try visiting these places or take a look over new halloween ideas to try this year. We leave you with a tinge of curiosity so as to ignite a desire in you to uncover the mysteries behind these haunted places in Illinois.

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