These are 15 Most Haunted Places In India

most haunted places in India

India is a land of enigma. There are many haunted places that we are curious to explore, but unaware of historical facts behind them. Tossing on the paranormal topic, there are many mysterious places in India that are full of mystery and sense of eeriness. Not wasting enough time of your’s, Move onto these top 10 Most haunted places in India that will produce a sudden shiver down your body.

Haunted D’souza Chawl

This absolute dire spot in Mumbai is listed in one of the most haunted places of India. The Chawl in the Mahim area is called D’Souza Chawl consisting of five floors. The chawl is a well planned structure with a “well” to meet the water needs of the residents of the building. It is believed that a woman while drawing water was supposedly drawn inside it, after the soil surrounding the well collapsed. The non-existence of boundaries to the well enhanced the risk. Thereafter, people claim to have seen the shadow of that particular lady around the well after sunset.

Since then, ghost of this woman can be seen walking around this well in pure white saree – as neighbour’s say. Noises of her bangles can be heard late at night near around the well. Apparently, no harm is recorded, but people fear going near the well after sunset.

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Haunted Writers’ Building

Haunted Writers building in Calcutta
Image Courtesy Adam Jones

Writers building which was earlier a residence of junior servants and administrative staffs has many vacant rooms closed for decades- is now one of few creepy places of India. Although, today it is secretariat of west Bengal government, mysterious and paranormal activities has not stopped.

None of the office staff take the risk of working late evening here. People who live near this building often listen the sudden outcry, giggles and screams during midnight. Those vacant rooms has kept some secret hidden – say some paranormal investigators !!

GP Block

In the list of most scary places in India, this place is filled with spookiness and eeriness. This area has been reported with many paranormal incidences. This two stored building houses a lot of evil spirits. Many trespassers have seen four men drinking together inside this building. Sometimes, A girl in red dress is seen coming out of that haunted house and she vanishes to infinity. These spooky incidences have filled locals with terror and they feel prohibited to pass through this area.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Haunted Firoz shah kotla fort in Delhi
Image courtesy Carol

Feroz shah kotla fort, situated on Bahadur shah Zafar road is one of the most haunted places in India. This haunted fort is rebuilt by Feroz shah Tughlaq in 1354. This fort does not see many visitors as it is ruined and haunted. The presence of DJinns inside the dark halls and empty corners produce an eerie vibe. Every Thursday, Locals offer milk and grains with lighting candles and incense sticks in order to please Djinns living nearby. According to them – Djinns can make one’s wish come true.

If you are interested, explore these haunted places in Delhi. They guarantee to provide you a heart-wrenching experience.

Village of Kuldhara

Kuldhara, a 13th century deserted village on the outskirts of Jaisalmer is considered an existing proof of the power of spirits. It is believed to be the place of most aggressive Spirits- which turn it one of the real haunted places in India. The place has a group of few houses, a temple and courtyard. According to the historical story behind the haunted Kuldhara village, It is said that the residents of 84 neighbouring villages including Kuldhara lived here.

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Haunted Sinhgad Fort

Of the many historical tourist destinations is the renowned fort of Sinhagad. Since decades, many people have been experiencing some distinguished events during their journey. This fort secures a spot amongst the most haunted places in Pune

People who stayed up the fort have reported hearing faint sounds of war cries (most probably dating back to the Maratha Empire) during the wee hours of the night. Though such an activity has been very rare and reporters haven’t been sure of the origins – the villagers (residing near the base of the hill) have lots of such stuff to tell.

Haunted Valmiki Nagar

Located at 15 km. from the Chennai International Airport, This place is considered one of the most haunted houses in India, this house on Dr. Ambedkar road has been vacant for 10 years after the death of owner’s daughter. After her death, she haunted this place totally. 

Two people who later borrowed this house for investigation were said to be possessed by her evil spirit. People living nearby claim to hear sobs of a girl after midnight. Gates open itself when someone passes the house like if it is an invite to come in. One can guess the reality of this place haunted is, even Google list this place “haunted” on its Map.

To read in detail about Valmiki nagar, read about these haunted places in Chennai.

Three Kings Church

It is said that many years ago, there lived three Portuguese king. They always kept fighting to rule over that place. Getting fed up from this rising problem, a king named Holgar, called the rest two of them in this church. In the royal lunch ceremony, he mixed poison in their dinner and killed both of them. He became very happy to see him the single ruler of that kingdom. But, when the locals come to knew about this incident, a huge furious crowd went to the kings palace. When the king came to know this, he found it better to suicide and consumed poison.

Later, all of them got buried in this church. From then, it is believed that spirits of those three kings roam in this church. Due to these happenings, This place has turned into a spooky and creepy church. Locals have felt here some mysterious spiritual and paranormal power out here which makes. Taking a note of these consequences, it is one of these most haunted places in Goa (check).

Haunted Lothian Cemetery

Located on Lothian road, It is half a kilometre away from Kashmiri gate. It is known as one of the most haunted cemetery in Delhi. Being one of most haunted cemeteries in India, this christian cemetery is famous for many ghost stories. Visitors have often seen the ghost of headless person wandering near graves. Legends say, this person was once a  young soldier who got betrayed by his lover and cut his head. One can see him on new moon’s night as he walks past the cemetery.

Tunnel Number 103

The Tunnel no. 103 is located on the Shimla-Kalka railway track. This place is said to be haunted by many spirits. Being dark and damp inside, evil souls reside comfortably here. Many pedestrians have witnessed the spirit of a British man talking to them. More often- A woman’s spirit is also seen passing through the wall of this tunnel. In between lots of paranormal experience, this place is considered one of the most haunted places of India.

To know more about this tunnel and other dire spots in the city, read in detail about these haunted places in Shimla.

Spooky Delhi Cantonment

Delhi cant is a place where nature bestows its beauty. It is full of greenery and lush trees. It is heard that a lady in white clothes on the cantonment road seeks help from lonely motorists for a drop at nearby place. If the motorists do not stop, she takes vengeance by running after them and reaching ahead of the vehicle. People assume that she must have had fancy to travel and hence tries to woo only lonely motorists. Also at Ashok Vihar flyover, people who stop between 1 am to 4 am for directions from a lady in white clothes will definitely lose sight of their destination and end up having a break down in their vehicle or go about in circles.

This lady is supposed to be a hitchhiker killed in a car accident which took place on this road. Extreme fear of this place in heart of people living nearby makes it a dreadful spot to visit.

South park Street Cemetery

The south park street cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Kolkata. Nature’s beauty is bestowed here and this place is a famous haunted spot in Calcutta. 

This burial ground was constructed in 1767 and most of the graves are of British soldiers. This place is considered spooky but spirits do not annoy any visitor. There are only few reports in favour of this place being haunted places in India. According to one of them, A group who went to take photographs, saw a shadow in white dress. Soon he got an asthma attack (Not being Asthmatic) and others fell ill.

The National Library

Haunted National library in Kolkata

Next to this list is an ancient library. The National library is situated in Belvedere state premise and is counted amongst these most haunted places in Kolkata. It is only known for two things – first, its rare collection of books and the latter is – it’s haunted incidents. Regular visitors reported some eerie incidents about this haunted place. 

Some have heard the sound of footsteps coming from no where. On the other hand, others heard whispers near them when they did not place the books at their right place. People believe it is the soul of governor’s wife- Lady Metcalfe. She loved cleanliness and hated when somebody did not put things in its right place. If you like to visit haunted places, You will surely like to visit there. Take a visit and check the truth behind it.

Dumas Beach

Haunted ghost beach in chennai

The Dumas beach located at about 13 miles from the city of Surat, Gujarat is said to be haunted by tormented souls. The black sand of the beach has a cremation ground where dead (tormented souls) are buried. The humans that were tormented throughout their life seek cremation in this very ground. Locals believe that souls of these humans haunt people who walk along the beach at nights. The air gets frizzy and staunch of odd material at nights become unbearable.

It is believed that dogs have high sense of smell and vision as compared to humans and thus, bark and howl at imaginary characters at nights. They start howling and sometimes stop their human companions from walking further. Many documents were also written based on the experiences shared by locals about mysterious disappearance of tourists who took a walk at nights along the beach.

Locals also speak of hushed noises and whispers along the black sands of this beach. The air itself appears to be weighed down with bad spirits and spoils the mood of anyone who ventures out there. However, tourists who do not know about the haunted story go about venturing into the beach at nights and risk their lives.

As per the reports, so many people had been disappeared at the beach mysteriously and never come back. In the past, this place was used as the Hindu Burial Ground”. That’s why this place is counted amongst the haunted places of Surat. Wind around this area is said to be full of paranormal vibes. As the darkness appears, scary giggle and laughter provide people a hair rising experience.

Discover more about the haunted Dumas beach in Gujarat.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort

Because of its extreme spookiness and visitors experience, Bhangarh fort has topped the chart of haunted places in India. Bhangarh is a place on way from Jaipur to Alwar city in Rajasthan state of India. Today Bhangarh is known for its ruins where nobody dares to stay after sunset. Going to history we find that this town was established by Madho Singh. Madho Singh was the younger brother of king Akbar’s general man Singh. The fort was full of prosperity until 1631. But the city seems to be abandoned some centuries later.

Noises such as screaming, crying voice of ladies, bangles is clearly heard in the rooms inside the Bhangarh fort. There is a small gate in back side of this fort which remains dark. Many times, some one’s talking and a special smell is felt there. The pin drop silence at the haunted Bhangarh fort sometimes get broken by a evil laugh and scream after sunset.

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