These 9 Haunted Places In Kolkata Are Bheeson Bhuture

Most haunted places in Kolkata

Kolkata -what they call the city of Joy is the capital of west Bengal – situated in eastern part of Indian subcontinent. It’s mesmerising colonial architecture and centuries old buildings and monuments drag every one’s attention- making it one of the favourite tourist spot in India.Moving to dark side of this metro city, Kolkata is a hub of black magic and tantra. Be it a children or an old person, knowing about real haunted places drags everyone’s attention. There are many haunted places in Kolkata ,you will have goosebumps if you think to go there alone. Here’s our selected list of most haunted places in Kolkata that are Bheeson Bhuture.

Haunted Hastings House, Kolkata

Hastings house, situated in Alipore,is one of the most ancient buildings in Kolkata. It was constructed by governor general warren Hastings and later it became the governor’s residence. Now, Calcutta university runs an women’s college here. Many students have complained spooky incidents happened to them. Some claimed to see an old English man on horse asking for some files while others have spectated ghost of a boy who died last year in the campus playing football. A series of these incidents of possession of few girls has made it count one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.

Writers’ Building, Kolkata

Writers building which was earlier a residence of junior servants and administrative staffs has many vacant rooms closed for decades. Although, today itis secretariat of west Bengal government, mysterious and paranormal activities has not stopped. None of the office staff take the risk of working late evening here. People who live near this building often listen the sudden outcry, giggles and screams during midnight. Those vacant rooms has kept some secret hidden – say some paranormal investigators !!

Haunted Putulbari aka House Of Dolls

Located at Ahiritola opposite the vast Ganges, This huge Roman- designed building with dolls of Archaic stands – A place which sounds creepy is in our list of “most haunted places in Kolkata”. Some people live in this building but none could dare to go on upper stories. It is strongly believed by people that on upper stores, there live dark spirits of female creatures.

Extracting few scary facts from history and urban legends, This place was earlier used by rich landlords to exploit poor girls. After exploiting them physically, Land lords used to kill few of them. Their soul still wanders around this place.

Haunted South Park Cemetery, Kolkata

While Lower circular road cemetery – one haunted places besides the south park cemetery is among haunted places in India. Being one of the oldest cemetery and nature’s beauty bestowed here, this place is a famous tourist spot in Kolkata. This burial ground was constructed in 1767 and most of the graves are of British soldiers. This place is considered spooky but spirits do not annoy any visitor. There are only few reports in favour of this place being haunted. According to one of them, A group who went to take photographs, saw a shadow in white dress. Soon he got an asthma attack (Not being Asthmatic) and others fell ill.

Spooky Royal Calcutta Turf Club

There is a story behind this place turning haunted. Story of a Race maniac George Williams and his haunted pearl white mare pride. She was queen of tracks and won countless races and trophies for George. 

George loved him beyond anything. With passing time, Pride started turning old and weak. One day she lost the annual Calcutta derby. The very next morning she was found dead on the tracks. Since then, on moonlit Saturday nights, you may spot a charming white mare galloping across the race course.

Haunted Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata

Earlier known as Dhakuria lake, Rabindra Sarobar metro station is a busy spot in Kolkata. One creepy fact linked with this station is – 80 % of suicides that take place in town happens at this metro station. 

Metro drivers and last metro passengers have reported to see eerie unclear figures passing the track – given, the track has a current of 4000 V. Legends say it is those spirits who passed due to suicides.

Nimtala Burning Ghat, Kolkata

In central kolkata, there exists one of the oldest ghats, where dead bodies are burned according to hindu rituals. It is one of such haunted places in kolkata where you fear to enter in nights of kali puja when shamshaan kali is evoked in late hours of night. Aghoris visit this place on late night hours and eat remaining flesh of burning pyre and use them to evoke occult powers.

The Ganges Ghat

You got it right. Number of countless deaths- either due to suicide or drowning accidents, has left many spirits wandering in this sacred river. As their spirits are not yet satisfied and they did not get eternity, the wandering spirits haunt this place and that is why it is one of the most haunted place in Kolkata. Wrestlers who practice daily on Mullick Ghat and Zanana bathing ghat – in early morning hours (3 AM), see hands above water if they are seeking help. If you fell in their trap and go to help them – you would surely be killed.

Haunted National Library, Kolkata

National library which is situated in Belvedere state premise has topped in the list of 9 most haunted places in Kolkata. It is only known for two things – first, its rare collection of books and the latter is – it’s haunted incidents. Regular visitors reported some eerie incidents about this haunted place.

Some has heard the sound of footsteps coming from no where while others felt close breathing noise near them, when they did not place the books at their right place. People believe it is the soul of governor’s wife- Lady Metcalfe. She loved cleanliness and hated when somebody did not put things in its right place. You will surely like to visit there sometime and check the truth behind it.

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