5 Most Haunted Places In Los Angeles Interesting Than Hollywood

Most haunted places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of fascinating diversity in terms of people and places it has.  It is mainly known for the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and some awesome beaches that have added to Los Angeles reputation as a California paradise. Besides, there are many haunted places in Los Angeles only a horror enthusiast citizen would know. After you have read about top haunted places in Los Angeles, we would really appreciate if you take a look at some of the other absolute creepy locations in the United States. Our exclusive list of haunted locations include the Pantages Theatre, Hollywood Roosevelt and many other dilapidated structures.

Haunted Queen Mary, Los Angeles

Queen Mary is known to be a floating hotel and event spot since 1967 when it was sold to a tour operator. It earlier used to be a prime asset for UK military in the Second World War when it carried thousands of soldiers on it for military operations.  Today, Queen Mary is known amongst few most haunted places in Los Angeles you can ever visit. People experience paranormal throughout this ship but the second class pool deck and engine rooms are the center of attraction. Engine room no. 13 consists of a resident spirit.

Many a one who have visited Queen Mary ship have heard weird noises and creepy rattling chains during overnight stay. Some visitors have seen a spirit in military uniform. They claimed to hear the noise as if someone is crying of pain. Due to many otherworldly activities, Queen Mary is said to be one of few real haunted places in Los Angeles.

Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge

Pasadena suicidal bridge in Los Angeles

A bridge eerie enough to mentally downstate someone, a joint that provokes a disappointed soul to lose its body – Perhaps the well-known Pasadena’s Bridge is all worth it. It was built up in 1913. 7 years later it saw the first negative soul to get rid of this mortal world. It was the opening ceremony that does not seem to stop by now as more than a hundred suicides has taken place here.  From the security purpose, this bridge is fenced up but nothing changed giving this place the title of Suicide Bridge.

From the experiences of LA residents living nearby, we have a case when one saw a man leaping off a rail and disappeared. Another case involves the sudden disappearance of a woman walking on this bridge late night. Pasadena’s suicide bridge is said to have creepy vibes. The tunnel underneath the bridge is the most haunted section of it. If you have enough guts to spectate paranormal, walk alone through the tunnel and above the bridge after midnight.

Haunted Pantages Theatre

A renowned theatre, more famous because it is one of few most haunted places in LA and less because of events that take place here. It was earlier owned by a businessman Howard Hughes. He was workaholic and expected his staff to be tight during work. He constructed his office of the second floor of the Pantages theatre and is said to still live here.

In 2000 when this theater was restored, the ghost of Hughes was seen for the first time in the balcony. His soul was said to keep an eye over the worker and when the worker turned back, it disappeared. Since then, this ghost is often seen in his former office. Rumors have it is Howard’s strong dedication and love to the theatre. It could not get him the eternity. That may be the reason he is still looking after the Pantages Theatre. The ghost of a lady, who died in 1932 here, is also said to make people notice her presence. You can hear her singing in the mic in a dark room.

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

haunted Rancho los amigos hospital

If you take a look at the list of some notable haunted places around the world, you discover names of some abdicated rehabilitation centers, decrepit hospitals and rickety health care units. The ponder-able reason is backed up by an obvious fact that Jimmy Jobs, a psychologist from the Oregon state. Before I share his words with you, let’s know a little about Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. Residents consider it as one of few real haunted places in Los Angeles.

Built up in late 1880, this place was founded to offer free treatment and medication to poor and mentally infected residents. This county poor farm was encircled in a vast area shared with a farm, dairy, zoo and a pauper’s graveyard.  Decades later, this large area was left with abandoned structures of everything else except active unit of the Zoo and graveyard. The health care centre was named “Rancho Los Amigos National rehabilitation centre” after it was modified. Later, it was shifted into a nearby complex.

Few years after the hospital moved to a new place, there left the derelict mental wards with pin-drop silence and darkness. Very often it attracted the paranormal creatures and started to produce signs of a possessed spot. The presence of security guards overnight ensures the security of trespassers that get warned by guards from checking in. However fear lovers manage to get inside and evidences they collected truly establish Rancho Los Amigos Hospital one of the most haunted places in Los Angeles.

Hauntings in the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

After church, most number of spirits resides in a hospital. People have experienced creepy noises all coming from the hall of the haunted Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. Feeling of being touched and seen is the next common experience numerous trespassers do feel.

There are many findings that back up the horrid tale locals strongly believe.  U.S. Marines stepped into the leftovers and collected a freezer in the morgue filled with human body parts. If you believe some fear enthusiast that peeped into this dilapidated farm in dark – you are left with no choice but to believe Rancho Los Amigos Hospital is a real scary place to visit in Los Angeles.

Want to discover other hospital hauntings? Check these most haunted asylums in America.

Hollywood Roosevelt

This place is absolutely an epic place haunted by the celebrity ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Even after her death, she is believed to reside at her own property – invisibly having an eye over it. Talking about people’s experiences, some of the visitors captured Monroe’s apparition above them whilst capturing pictures. It’s a surprising fact that leads this reality towards a myth. It happens only when they took pictures in front of the old famous mirror in the lobby. 

It would kill your adventurous mindset if you are planning to give this place a visit as this historical mirror had been removed after the controversies.  Oh wait, this place still has something a horror lover would hate to miss. On the 9th floor, suite 928, there sleeps the spirit of Montgomery Clift, a late actor, who lived here for three months practicing on his trumpet for his upcoming movie. 

This incident took place more than a decade. But even today the trumpet sound could be heard coming from that suite – says the guests. In midnight when the vacant suite produces trumpet sound, it’s worth considering a spooky spot.

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