Some of the Absolutely Most Haunted Places In Lucknow

Most haunted places in Lucknow

Lucknow is known as a city that has seen numerous wars, mass executions and occurring deaths in the past. In a combination of several deaths with roaming spirits lead to spooky locations in the city itself. Today we are talking about 5 most haunted places in Lucknow where numerous ghosts wander. The majorities of these hideous locations belong to British rule while some of the listings are ancient and holds a sensual creepy environment to attract people that love horror.

Haunted OEL House, Lucknow

OEL house, the former residence of the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University got eminent when it was featured in The Sunday Pioneer, 2003. That article talked about the haunting and detailed analysis of creepiness going in the house. Before we move on further to the second location in the most haunted places in Lucknow, you should know a little more about OEL house.

OEL house is an old and dilapidated construction that belonged to Wajid Ali Shah and used to house pigeons.  Later when the revolt of 1857 caught on fire, many British Soldiers were killed and thrown in a well inside the haunted house.

While the revolt rested, the massive killings forced the soldiers’ souls out of their dead bodies. These horrid spirits began to haunt the well and entire area of the worn construction. Years later when the VC’s family stepped in the allotted aged house, they did not take the ghastly activities seriously. VC’s young started enjoying the game to throw pebbles into well whilst he was unaware of his destiny.

The sleeping spirits awaken and possessed the boy, leading to his untimely death. The officer then took proper measure to seal the well in a holy manner. Due to the presence of vengeful ghosts, the OEL house is considered amongst the most haunted places in Lucknow.

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Haunted Secundra Bagh, Lucknow

haunted secundra bagh in lucknow

One may call Secundra Bagh a historical place that has seen most deaths during British disputes. According to old reports, 72 British soldiers lost their lives after seizing the souls of 2300 Indian Freedom fighters. Englishmen’s brutal act did not stop when they did not allow giving a final tribute to dead bodies of Indian martyrs. Bodies were left rotten whilst British dead were buried in the Secundra Bagh garden.

Since then, several haunts are reported taking place in that area. Many stories had been published in leading newspapers that are being retold by locals. If you ask the locals about the creepiness of this place, they would tell you the disembodied voices and creepy noises that emerge at late night hours. Some people have witnessed ghostly apparitions that disappear on their own. Since their spirit did not get eternity, they are said to roam frequently at the killing fields of 1857, making Secundra Bagh one of the most haunted places in Lucknow.

Haunted Railway Quarters

Moving a step towards the historical railway quarters in Lucknow, we have a place, an absolute macabre to be included in this list of most haunted places in Lucknow. It is not the complete Quarter that is spooked but, a separate colonial house is responsible for all the paranormal activities in the radius. The quarter was named Turrets and was allocated to Bill Turner, the chief engineer of the erstwhile Oudh Rohilcund Railways. 

Turner was married in late age and was blessed by an enticing and much younger wife. But it seems that their destiny was not on a smooth track. Turner’s wife developed a crush on a young British army officer. One Christmas evening turner caught them red handed in an offensive state. In a state of fury, he shot the lovers to death and committed suicide later. 

The spirit of turner is said to haunt the colonial house premises till date. Disembodied voices and apparition of a tall white man were noticed by locals. The wholesome incident was given a bold letter by the statesman when he published an article on the same. Today, exact location of the Turrets is not known but said to be still present in the present Railway housing.

Haunted Balrampur Hospital

haunted hospital in Lucknow

In the lifetime, every working hospital faces many deaths, analyse corpse on a regular basis. It is considered that after church and cemeteries, most ghosts are present in hospitals. The next listing is Balrampur hospital that is one of the 5 most haunted places in Lucknow. Wonder how? Read below.

Situated in Lucknow, Balrampur hospital is built on an old British graveyard. Walking in the hospital’s premises you would find some worn graves hidden within dense bushes. Referring to Fida-e-Lucknow,

This incident belongs to the time when telecommunication system was absent. One night a young Indian lady that complained to appendicitis was admitted to the hospital. No surgeon was present and a surgeon was called off. By the time the surgeon reached the operation theater, he was amazed to see the lady was already operated.

It is worth noticing that no any surgeon was present at that time. On being asked, Nurses were not able to recognize the masked surgeon’s face. Staffs blamed the ghost of two young British doctors whose graves are placed near the back wall of Operation Theater’s room.

In the night, there are many creepy sounds heard. Mysterious noises such as footsteps, sudden outcries and knocking on the doors produce chill down the spines. Many a patients have also reported of seeing apparitions standing in front of the window. Due to numerous otherworldly happenings, Balrampur Hospital is considered as one of some real haunted places in Lucknow a horror enthusiast should visit.

Haunted Nirala Nagar in Lucknow

Nirala Nagar is a small colonial area situated in the heart of Lucknow. The whole area is so spooky that the people have named it the haunted colony of the city. It was set up in 1960 by Lucknow improvement trust over the land of the dead. This housing area is facing a series of ghastly occurrences. Hence, it is known as one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. The reason of Nirala Nagar being a hideous location has been torched below:

Earlier the empty land had two cemeteries with numerous graves, a large crematorium, and six mazaars. At some distance, there was a peepal tree and an old Shiva temple. People used to throw the left out ash from the burnt corpses. After the new Colony was built on, the residing spirits got a new destination. They began to possess the whole Nirala Nagar of the city- making it the most haunted place in Lucknow.

Spooky Fact About the Nirala Nagar

Many young men were seen as shadows and girls hanging on to trees. The colony wears a creepy environment when darkness falls in. In night terrific noise can be easily heard in the colony. Sudden outcries, appearance of girl in white clothes and smoky apparitions are primary incidents that ensure Nirala Nagar is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow city.

There are several more haunted places in Lucknow that include the Residency and the Begum Kothi that are known for the fierce ghastly occurrences. However, we did not have a detailed report of ghost hunting out there and hence, we have not included them in the current article. If you know about these places and spooky activities and ghosts that possess this place, feel free to comment below the article.

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