11 Most Haunted Places In Michigan That Makes It A Creepy State

11 Most Haunted Places In Michigan That Makes It A Creepy State

Most haunted places in Michigan

Michigan is a lovely state in the Midwestern region of the United States of America. It is beautiful and serene. Michigan alone houses 64,980 inland lakes and ponds and has two peninsulas. One might think that the state must then be pretty harmless. You are mistaken! Michigan is a femme fatale –it is curious, fascinating, and mysterious. You do not have to travel to the Bermuda Triangle to find some strange occurrences. All over the nation, there are strange sightings and experiences. From New York to California and down to the Mexico border, you will hear story after story of strange paranormal occurrences. If you have, the courage take a little trip to Michigan and experience the paranormal just outside of Rockford. You will find some of the most haunted places in Michigan here, and these places are sure to give you the chills.

Blood Stained Farmhouse, Michigan

Creepy secrets lurk around this seemingly harmless farmhouse. Located outside the village of Fowlerville, this farmhouse was built in 1852. In 1968, a newlywed couple moved here and found their lives bound on a roller coaster. The wooden stairs had blood stains that would not go, no matter how hard they tried. They were chased by ghosts and heard eerie voices. 

It was a quintessential haunted house where doors shut on their own, and wall-hangings fell without any reason. When the couple’s child grew up, he told them how he could communicate with the ghost of the house! One of the most haunted places in Michigan? Definitely!

Talking about house hauntings, the Granbury opera house consists of a famous ghoul. It is the ghost of President Lincoln’s Assassin. To know more about it, check these most haunted places in Texas.

Haunted Calumet Theatre

One of the first municipal theatres in America, Calumet Theatre opened in 1900 in Calumet, Michigan. Today it is one of the most haunted places in Michigan. In 1958, during a performance, actress Adysse Lane claimed to have seen the ghost of Madame Helena Modjeska, when she forgot her lines. Thence, eerie things have happened at the theatre. Music is heard out of nowhere. Some people could even feel cold breeze for no reason. It is believed that these activities are caused due to the ghost of Madame.

Dorr E. Felt Mansion, Michigan

haunted Dorr Mansion in Michigan

One of the most haunted places in Michigan is the Dorr E. Felt Mansion. Located in Saugatuck, Michigan, this mansion was built by an inventor called Dorr E. Felt, for his wife Agnes, as a summer house. However, tragedy soon struck the happy couple. Less than two months after they shifted in the mansion, Agnes died. Dorr was struck with grief. Today, it is widely believed that the ghosts of both, Agnes and Dorr, haunt the mansion. Inside the mansion, doors shut without notice and there is a feeling of being constantly watched.

Fayette Historic Town Site

Once a thriving industrial town, and now a ghost, abandoned city, Fayette is one of the most haunted places in Michigan. It is located in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan. During the 19th century, Fayette was one of the most productive iron-smelting operations in Michigan. It was the hub of the industry and lots of people settled here, both from within and outside the States. However, as the market began to decline, so did the population. Today, Fayette is devoid of population and stands as a ghost town.

Haunted Reynolds Cemetery, Michigan

Haunted Reynolds cemetery, Michigan

The Reynolds Cemetery in Jackson ought to be one of the most haunted places in Michigan. It is believed that at a certain time after dusk, between November 21 and November 22, the spirits of a father and daughter reunite here. The father and daughter were two of the many massacred here in November 1883. The crime was carried out during a thunderstorm, so that the screams could be muffled. Nobody was ever convicted and theses souls were never brought to justice.

Haunted Knock Knock Road

‘Knock-Knock road’ is one of the most haunted places in Michigan along the Strasburg Road in Detroit. The road is eerie and isolated. Some say that an adolescent girl once lost control of her bike on this road and died. Her ghost is said to haunt the road. Others say that a car full of teenagers crashed on a pole here and slowly burned to death. They remained trapped inside, and begged for help, but none came. Either way, people travelling on this road have ‘seen’ a young girl tap on their windows. They have also heard eerie voices.

The Landmark Inn, Michigan

Located in downtown Marquette, the Landmark Inn is believed to be a haunted place in Michigan. The Inn opened to public in 1930 with much fanfare. Famous people stayed here and made the place even more exclusive. But what has made the Inn popular is really the existence of the supernatural. One of the stories that go around is about a woman and a sailor. The night that they were to meet on the 6th floor of the Inn, the sailor passed away. Shortly afterwards, the grief stricken lady also passed away in the room. She is said to haunt the room thence. The hotel staffs often get phone calls from this room, which is disturbing because no one occupies it.

Pere Cheney

haunted Pere Cheney in Michigan

About 10 miles southeast of Grayling in Crawford County, Pere Cheney is one of the most haunted places in Michigan. A lumbering town established in 1874, Pere Cheney saw its doom when diphtheria hit the village and almost the entire population was wiped out. In 1897, diphtheria hit again, and the village would never be the same again. With only 18 inhabitants in 1917, the village was auctioned. All the buildings are gone and now only cemeteries remain. Unexplainable handprints are found on cars and there are voices of children playing. Abandoned railway tracks are also found.

Traverse City State Hospital

The Traverse City Hospital, three-storied Victorian Era hospital, was constructed in 1885. It was a mental hospital. Inevitably, thus, when people died in this hospital, it was believed that their souls would linger on. All those who visit the hospital, are attacked with this ‘eerie’ feeling that seems to linger on. Though the local inhabitants are rather nonchalant now, the hospital continues to invite curious tourists and visitors that travel all the way to experience the paranormal. This is definitely one of the most haunted places in Michigan.

The Whitney Restaurant, Michigan

haunted Whitney house and restaurant, Michigan

The Whitney Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, is one of the finest restaurants in the city. It was built in 1950 by a philanthropist and baron. However, not so long ago, mysterious things began to be reported here. Once, after closing time, the staff saw a gentleman gazing at them from the 2nd floor. When he was told that he needs to leave, the man simply vanished. It is believed that this was the ghost of Mr Whitney, the man who built the restaurant. Spooky, isn’t it? That is why it made to our list of the most haunted places in Michigan.

Hell’s Bridge, Algoma Township

Haunted Hell's bridge, Algoma Township, Friske Road, Michigan

If you visit Algoma Township, you might want to take a trip into the woods to Hell’s Bridge. Along the Rogue River outside of what is now Rockford Michigan there is a small winding dirt road called Friske Road. On the road is a strange turn around and a path into the woods. If you follow the path, you will come to an old iron bridge, locally known as Hell’s Bridge where it is said you can hear the devil laughing at midnight.

Apparently in the 1800′s small towns began to crop up in these wooded areas. All was well in the region until the town’s children began disappearing. Disturbed and worried about the missing children the people turned to the local church for answers, where a charismatic Elias Friske was in attendance. Asked to speak he preached a rousing sermon about demons in the area and inspired the townspeople to go out in search of answers. Being too frail to join the search Elias volunteered to stay with the remaining children; he would in fact take them away from town for a picnic and spare them any gruesome images should the search party turn up with bodies.

Haunting of the Hell’s Bridge

The story goes that he tied a rope around each child’s wrist and led them deep into the woods toward the old iron bridge. He proceeded to tie the children to a large tree, brutally murder them one by one, and then toss their bodies into the river below. In the meantime, the search party returned to town and the horrible realization that they had been duped. They took out after Elias and the children only to make a grisly discovery. When they located the blood soaked Elias who screamed that demons made him do it, they promptly hung him from the bridge.

Visitors to the area swear they have heard children, sometimes talking other times screaming and distinctive sounds of something hitting the water beneath the bridge. Paranormal researchers from all over have visited the area and recorded some strange occurrences including glowing apparitions.

The story of Elias Friske and the murdered children has circulated in local lore for generations; however, there has been no independent confirmation of the murders. Nonetheless, people continue to experience odd sightings and sounds in the area. Young people who have floated the area have claimed to feel hands grabbing their feet as if to drag them into the water. Whatever you believe, most people who have visited experience at least an eerie feeling!

The beautiful Michigan will enchant you not only with its scenic beauty, but also with its horror stories. Next time you are in Michigan, do not forget to visit all these places and say hello to all the ghosts!

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