8 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai That Are Extremely Dreadful

Most haunted places in Mumbai

Mumbai is a magnificent and densely populated city located in the west coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous as the city of Bollywood film industry, It houses numerous ancient forts, temples and monuments that give a classic look to this city out of its modesty. Not wasting enough time of yours, Let’s come to the point and that is some talk on few absolute and real haunted places in Mumbai only a daring Indian can visit.

Marve and Madh Island Road

People who pass through this road late at full moonlight hours have reported to see the apparition of a lady in a bridal dress. People who have encountered her ghost have seen it crying out of pain and grief. We had a talk to some hotel staffs and one old guy from the beachfront hotel. They told us something favourable in this context.

The terrible spirit of this woman who was brutally murdered, for which her husband was solely responsible, wanders here. She can be seen only on full moonlight nights. It adds an eeriness to the road to Marve and Madh Island. Due to her frequent appearance, trespassers get distracted and many a one have met accidents. If you approach her ghost, she will start running behind your vehicle, matching its speed.

Except these paranormal happenings at the island road that make this place one of few most haunted places in Mumbai, it has been a gossip amongst locals. Their common belief holds a thinking that her ghost is looking for the culprits who killed her. Another rumour goes that her ghost has not attained the eternity and will be roaming till the infinite peace. Whatever it may be, It is undoubtedly a spooky spot you should plan a visit to. Take your vehicle, few of your friends and make sure the essential stuff – It must be a full moonlight night.

Read in detail about the haunted Marve and Madh Island Road and its haunting.

Grand Paradi Towers

haunted grand paradi towers in mumbai

Allow me to name one of few most haunted places in Mumbai – in terms of creepiness and I would name Grand Paradi Towers. Not the whole tower but Kemps corner to be precise. It would be better to read its history and take a try to spend your night here:

Grand Paradi Towers, the 8th-floor jinx is known as one of few real haunted places in Mumbai. Would you believe it was an issue between in-laws fight that was a root cause? One day harassed from the behave of their son and daughter in law, Old couple Vasudev and Tara Dalal jumped off the window and committed suicide. After 7 years, their son with his full family jumped from the same balcony. After these two accidents, many more suicides started taking place. Most of it involves the death of children and maids. Residents complained about pessimistic behaviour that influences children and women towards suicides.

Since this building was brought up in 1976, more than 20 death cases have taken place here. One may feel creepy vibes once they visit this place. To eliminate these ghastly happenings, housing management has performed puja and rituals that controlled these paranormal phenomenons a bit. This place is frightening, but if you compare Kemps corner with the next spot listed below in terms of ghost sightings, Grand Paradi towers stand nowhere.

Haunted Pawan Hans Quarters, Mumbai

Pawan Hans Quarters is known as one of few popular haunted places in Mumbai. Located in Juhu region of Mumbai, It is said to be haunted ever since 1989. What actually happened in 1989 that converted this jolly place a hub of a paranormal rush. Let’s discover.

Folklore has it this place is possessed by the spirit of a 20 years old girl that burnt herself after a family dispute. After she died, residents started feeling eerie vibes. Soon after that Anthony D’souza, a catholic by religion, dreamt to build a Hanuman’s temple near housing. Later a Hanuman’s temple was built which proved to lesser the paranormal activities by the ghost of Salma.

Even today, late at night, people see Salma’s ghost running with its apparition – burning out and producing bright red fumes towards the Peepul tree nearby. This Peepul tree is centuries old and said to place Salma’s soul. Her ghost disappears after getting into this old tree. Due to many supernatural happenings and ghastly scenario, this place can be counted one of the most haunted places in Mumbai only a daring Indian can visit.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

haunted Sanjay Gandhi national park Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park haunted (a.k.a. Borivali National Park) is a large protected area in northern Mumbai. Of course, you are probably already quite aware that Mumbai is a hustling, bustling metropolis located in India. While urban development has tried to muscle in on this wildlife area, it hasn’t happened yet. Thus, people are still able to escape to a great getaway. This is quite impressive, especially whenever you take a moment to stop and consider that the city of Mumbai does surround this national park on each and every side of it.

With so many leopards and tigers in Sanjay Gandhi National Park you’ll be lucky if they don’t feast upon you if you’re within this park after dark. However, if you manage to escape them, you still may not be quite safe yet. This is because there are some restless souls who were unable to live or die peacefully within the city of Mumbai. So, if you are within the boundaries of Sanjay Gandhi National Park haunted at night you may see them for yourself.

One of these apparitions is that of a phantom, female hitchhiker who is dressed in all white. She is said to ask anyone who drives by her to give her a ride. While you may think that this is caused by the dense forests, wildlife or old caves that are found within this area (all of these things making the area an active ground for paranormal activities), the guards who work there at night claim the presence of ghouls over here.

Haunted Nasserwanj Wadi in Mumbai

What turns a dead one into a ghost? There has to be some reason as every day millions of people die from numerous issues yet their apparitions are not usually seen. Confused ? I tell you. It’s their unsatisfied desires or the extreme pain that they suffered in their life check them to enter their afterlife journey. A same scenario holds to Nasserwanj Wadi – one of very few haunted places in Mumbai.

“Nasserwanj Wadi” stands for the home of Nasser – is a Marathi word. It holds a space very near to Mahim railway station. This place was previously owned by a Parasi landlord Nasser up until a heart-rending incident took place.

It was a black day for Nasserwanj wadi when its owner Nasser was ferociously burnt to death in a cabin close to the well inside the campus. 16 long years after that awful incident Nasser’s spirit still keeps an eye over his property. He scorches anyone who comes between he and his property.

Locals have an immense fear of his ghost and they dare not to cross by Nasserwanj Wadi during night hours. Seven more people have died after Nasser’s murder, in different and mysterious ways. Residents have sealed the well, but this does not seem to resolve the doleful happenings. If you are going to make a visit to this house, we suggest you to take safety measures.

Arey Milk Colony, Mumbai

Haunted Aarey milk colony in Mumbai

What makes a place the absolute macabre? If the previously mentioned house possessed by one holy soul look a formidable destination, you would certainly faint out of terror if you take a night drive from the road to Aarey Milk colony, alleged to be one of some horrific haunted places in Mumbai.

In late night hours when negative powers are up, it requires a courageous heart to pass by this road. Not because the danger from wild leopards and tigers that walk by this road looking for an easy prey, but the non-living entity is a matter to worry.

A lady ghost is often seen on this road, with her child, usually asks for a lift from trespassers. When people speed up their vehicle, she runs parallel to it. She screams in a high pitched voice just to horrify them and make them nervous.

Some other ghosts include the wandering spirit of an old man and children that thin up in the air. Crying soul of a highly injured woman also makes its name in the list. 

Due to gruesome happenings that take place on this road in dead dark, we name it one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. If you are a daring person, take out your vehicle and cross by this road in late-night hours. And just stop your car if you see this entity asking for lift -the rest you can share to us later.

Haunted Taj Hotel, Mumbai

Located at Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, next to the Gateway of India monument, the Taj Mahal Hotel symbolizes timeless hospitality and excellent service. So, it should come as no surprise that a lot of dignitaries have stayed within the Taj Mahal Hotel haunted while visiting this part of India. The Taj Mahal Palace, as the five star hotel is properly called, consists of two distinct buildings. The traditional main building was constructed in December 1903. In addition, the Taj Mahal Tower, an additional “wing“ of the hotel, was finished in 1973.

The Taj Mahal Hotel is the most distinguished address within the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Mumbai. It was originally designed by the architect W.A. Chambers. He was able to do a great job of blending together old-world grace and charm with contemporary amenities and comfort inside of this 560 rooms luxury hotel that includes 44 suites.

The luxuries of this hotel aren’t the only thing that the Taj Mahal haunted is known for. Today, it’s also known for having borne the brunt of a terrorist attack of 2008. Although it’s been renovated since then, it still carries its deep rooted past with it into its future.

Hauntings of the Taj Mahal Hotel

The Taj Mahal Hotel started off on the wrong foot from the very beginning when the architect killed himself by jumping from a fifth floor balcony because the design didn’t go according to his plans. What had happened was that the blueprints were created before Chambers took a trip to France. Upon returning he was shocked to discover that the front of the hotel had been made reverse (built back to front) of what he’d designed. Today, many guests and hotel staff members have witnessed his ghost haunting that wing’s halls where he is obviously still lamenting over this mistake. He’s also been said to walk around on the roof crying at times.

Unfortunately, the Taj Mahal Hotel was attacked by terrorists on Wednesday, November 26, 2008. The city was under the siege of a series of such attacks. Approximately 450 people just happened to be staying there at the time and all of them were taken hostage for three days. Eventually, Indian commandos were able to kill the gunmen who had barricaded themselves within the hotel.

Sadly, there were at least 167 people (including many foreigners) who were also killed. The less damaged of the areas of this hotel were able to be reopened on December 21, 2008. However the other areas of the hotel, which were more heavily damaged were rebuilt afterwards. It was reopened on India’s Independence Day (August 15) of 2010. Since then you also hear numerous stories about the ghosts of these folks still haunting the hotel, trying to escape their horrible fate at the hands of these madmen.

Haunted Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

haunted Raj Kiran hotel, Lonavala, Mumbai

Raj Kiran Hotel haunted has been confirmed for ghost activities by a lot of different paranormal experts. There is one specific room located on the ground floor behind the reception area. Guests who live in this room report someone pulling their bed sheet while they were sleeping at night. Even though some of these guests have woken up in the midst of this taking place, this hasn’t stopped the Raj Kiran Hotel ghosts from still continuing on with the “pranks” that they were pulling. For instance, some of the guests have said that there was a ray of blue light located at their feet.

Unfortunately, some of the people who have spent the night in this room have had to undergo mental health therapy. This is because there are some very creepy things that actually happen therein. Many of these things can be quite frightening. This is because there are also ghostly apparitions floating about within this room in the Raj Kiran hotel.

Although this particular room within the Raj Kiran Hotel is no longer being rented out and mainly remains vacant anymore, there are still other paranormal activities taking place. This includes everything from shadowy figures to strange mists and apparitions. Some people have even reported that both angels and demons inhabit the haunted Raj Kiran Hotel.

This hotel is included in some of the various documentaries that have been created about various haunted places in India to show people from around the world about the country’s horror tales and to document the paranormal activity that even this country isn’t immune from.

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