4 of the Absolutely Most Haunted Places in New Mexico

4 of the Absolutely Most Haunted Places in New Mexico

Most haunted places in New Mexico

There are many places to see in the great state of New Mexico, Aztec ruins, Carlsbad Caverns, Rio Grande and White Sands. One thing you might not have considered seeing in New Mexico is ghosts! There are a variety of stories, legends, myths and more to be found lurking around the sands of this western state. On your tour of haunted places in America, New Mexico deserves a spot on your itinerary. Enjoy the beautiful southwest while checking out anyone of the numerous reported hauntings this state has to offer. Here are a couple of most haunted places in New Mexico you might want to check out on your adventures.

The Lodge, Cloudcroft

Even the location of this particular haunted house sounds mystical! Built in the late 1800′s this lodge was a place for lumberjacks and timber workers to stay. It is a three story Victorian nestled among the tall pines a full 9,000 feet above sea level. The lodge is currently upscale accommodations that have seen more than one famous face over the years. It includes the Pancho Villa, Clark Gable and Judy Garland.

The lodge opened to the public in 1906 and haunting began sometime between 1920-30. It is said a young red head named Rebecca worked as a chambermaid at the lodge. Like many employees, she lived there as well. The story goes further to say she made extra money from body trade, which led to her demise. An angry lumberjack lover is said to have murdered her upon finding her with another gentleman.

Since then her ghost has haunted the halls and even some of the rooms. Employees and guests alike have seen her rearranging flowers, visiting favored guests and even sneaking into a guests freshly drawn bath. Her spirit is lighthearted and a bit mischievous but not malevolent at all. You may see her twirling on the dance floor at the Red Dog Saloon. She also plays pranks on the staff or simply flipping on light switches.

Bottger Mansion, Albuquerque

haunted Bottger Mansion, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Located half a block from Albuquerque’s historic district is the Bottger Mansion, which was constructed in the early 1900′s. Charles Bottger was a German wool trader who moved to the area to be closer to the Native American sheepherders, his suppliers of wool. The mansion served as the main residence for three generations of this family before being sold the first time.

Over the years, many different owners have come and gone, with the current owners creating a bed and breakfast out of the mansion. The mansion has seen more than its fair share of visitors even famous individuals such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Billy Black and Machine Gun Kelley.

There are several ghosts thought to haunt the Bottger Mansion including Charles Bottger, his daughter Dorothy and wife Miquela. Previous owners have stated that they felt the spirits but generally did not see much, however several guests have different stories to tell! Some of them quite frightening.

One guest reported feeling a heavy weight descend upon her as she lay in bed one evening. When she opened her eyes, it was a ghostly white female apparition that she described as absolutely ghastly.

The womans every instinct was to scream, which she promptly opened her mouth to do, when all the air was sucked out of her lungs! Within moments, the ghost lifted off of her body, grinning in a disturbing fashion and then disappearing. Other reports also include objects flying off the bathroom shelves and shattering, ghosts disappearing into the floor and the image of a female ghost crouching and wailing in one of the upstairs bedrooms!

Wool Theater, Albuquerque

This two-story brick building was built in 1929 for a Mr. Frank Bond; it would be his wool headquarters for quite some time. Over the years, the building would pass from one Bond generation to the next until the city of Albuquerque began using it as a records warehouse in 1974. Of course, during the ensuing years the building began to run down until it was purchased by the Luce’s and the upstairs converted into a dinner theater.

It was during renovations that the first ghostly sightings occurred. This seems to be quite common with older haunted buildings; they remain quiet until new owners begin making changes that rile up the spirits so to speak.

Most of the encounters in the Wool Theater have been benign though a few were not so friendly. Particularly around the back stairs leading to the basement. Apparently, employees avoid this area like the plague due to grasping hands and feelings of being pushed down the stairs! The most common sighting is of a man in a cream-colored double-breasted suit, perhaps one of the original Bond men? He has been seen hanging around the prop table.

UNM Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

haunted unm children psychiatric hospital, New Mexico

Can you think of a more original location for a haunting? UNM children’s psychiatric hospital may not be open to tourists, but the reports of hauntings are definitely interesting. Staff and clients of the facility have noted many different paranormal happenings, including small black footprints appearing on the floor, doors that lock and cannot be unlocked, water and lights turning on and off as well as hallucinations by many people kept in the seclusion room. Are these really ghosts making their presence known?


New Mexico is a state with a varied history and more than a few haunted sites. You might also be interested in the Old Courthouse at Alcade, San Pedro Library in Albuquerque, Chinos Miners Creek at Bayard and the St James Motel in Cimarron. These are just a few of the many haunted places you may be able to visit in New Mexico.

In case you love a good ghost story and are up for a bit of travel, New Mexico has a great deal to offer. Especially at the Lodge outside of Cloudcroft! Spend an evening in an upscale lodge and perhaps meet the fun loving spirit favorite guests and employees call Becky. Of course, for private property locations always be sure to get landowner permission before poking around!

In case you are looking forward to other spooky destination near New Mexico, we suggest you take a look at these most haunted places in Tucson.


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