6 Most Haunted Places In Shimla – Ghosts In the Queen of Hills

Most haunted places in Shimla

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is located along the Himalayan mountain range. Due to its serene beauty, it is called the queen of hills. It shares a variety of destinations and thus, is a perfect spot to have a visit. Shimla sports an ideal temperature in hot summer days when the rest of India suffers from major hot living and that makes it a must go location in India. Usually people who take a visit to the summer capital are allured by its magnificent cool environment and love trekking to the wide mountain range of the great Himalayas. If you are in Shimla and love adventure, you would love to wade through these most haunted places in Shimla.

Haunted Charlesville Mansion

Build over a century old, this dilapidated mansion showcases a Victorian styled house. It is situated in lush green hills of Shimla and is known among most haunted places in Shimla. Here’s the story behind its dark today.

Formerly the home to a British officer Victor Bayley and his family, the Charleville mansion did not give chills then. It is believed that after the untimely death of Mr. Bayley, his spirit remained earth bounded and wished not to leave the mansion he resided within. It is his spirit that is rumoured to haunt the mansion and produce disturbing noises and other otherworldly activities that take place in this haunted rest house in Shimla.

Since then, people reported to see the apparition of a British man in black wandering around the mansion. During night hours, the paranormal activities reach on its peak as the sound of breaking of objects and glasses were heard. Currently the castle is being renovated by its new master but nothing has really changed on a para-psychological state.

Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla

Next in our list of most haunted places in Shimla is a medical college. Situated in Lakkar Bazar, the Indira Gandhi medical college is known among few of the fine institutes for medical learners. The Medical college has a hospital embedded by and that is exactly when the tale gets a lot spookier.

Hospitals have an arbitrary connection with the dead. Everyday, numerous people die in hospitals suffering from serious medical ailments. Most of the soul pass to the afterlife while few of them stop by for not so evident causes. Here, we have rumours of the Indira Gandhi medical college being a prime haunted location in Shimla and it is verified by the staffs out there.

During mid night hours, evil cry and strange sounds can often be heard in the premises of the college. Disembodied voices, giggles, footprints and walking sound produces chills down the spines of the residing patient in the hospital. Talking about the visitors experiences, guests have often complained of seeing ghostly apparition in the corridor and lifts of the hospital. Few rooms of this hospital are haunted too.

Haunted House of Dukhani, Shimla

Dukhani is a magnificent classical house situated on the foothills of Shimla. There are many scary stories popular about this creepy mansion. Legends have it this home was crept by the soul an old British resident who shot himself in a room inside the mansion. Many visitors who took a visit at this haunted place in Shimla have confronted to encounter the ghost wearing a gown. During night hours, trespassers have reported to hear disturbing screams coming out of the House of Dukhani.

Forest near the IGM College, Shimla

Next spooky attraction in Shimla is a dense forest that is notorious for the presence of an evil soul, that is atrocious enough to make the environment frightful. Located around the IGM college, Shimla, this forest is said to house the soul of an orange seller. The tale goes like, the poor man was chopped to death by a passing truck. Since then, his soul lurks around the accidental place and in the nearby forests. 

It often troubles trespassers as there have been many complaints about disembodied pushes and hitting from the back. Also, few visitors have reported of seeing a mysterious shadow on the tree. These set of evidences unarguably make this location one of the most haunted places in Shimla.

Jesus and Mary Convent, Shimla

Famous as a quality centre of education, this convent has something scary to offer too. There are many real horror tales and urban legends that the locals believe in and are often encountered by the students and staffs of this school.

The British aged school is notorious due to the presence of many ghosts of the children who had burned to death in a macabre fire that took place here decades ago. The orphans lived within the dormitory died in such a brutal way that their spirits hover around the school itself. Rumours are, the infants’ ghouls are active in the convent’s current playground section underneath which they were cremated. The second story is built on the plot of the 2012 misfortune where two 4th grade students were found dead near the school, for which the school management were accused guilty. Eventually the spirits of the duo are said to haunt the existing building as well.

Among other malicious ghosts, locals name one headless horseman who approaches girls with a rose. People who accept his sign of love are taken away while the remaining that deny are killed by him. Also, the ghoul of a girl kid is seen in the premises asking for her doll. During night hours, the convent is filled with creepy vibes, spooky ghosts and fearful voices that takes it atop of the most haunted places in Shimla.

Haunted Tunnel No. 33, Barog

Located in Barog of Shimla, the Tunnel no. 33 is notorious due to the presence of a malevolent ghoul. It is the spirit of British engineer Captain Barog who committed suicide in frustration. As per the ancient tales, he was assigned a task to construct the given tunnel passing through Shimla Kalka highway. For some personal causes, he could not meet the deadline and was penalised by his superintendent- an act that made him commit suicide out of defamation. 

It is rumoured that his spirit still reside in the tunnel and produces scary phenomenon during strange silent hours. Some visitors have also spotted the ghost of a woman in white walking across the rail track. In afternoon when the tunnel is all empty, people have reported to listen alarming outcries and frightening screams. No doubt, the tunnel takes all the creepy turns to top this list of 6 most haunted places in Shimla.

Now when we have given you an another adventurous reason to visit the nature’s city, all you brave people out there should go and wave hello to the creepier creatures wandering in the most haunted places in Shimla.

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