These Are The 10 Most Haunted Places In Tennessee

Most haunted places in Tennessee

The melodious state of Tennessee famous for its music is also known to be home to many of the scariest places in the US. Sail with us as we take you on a trip of Top 10 haunted places in Tennessee. Got balls? Try taming the demons inside. These set of places include few creepy mansions, buildings, asylums and many more creepy locations. Get yourself suit up and take a dig of these haunted places locations in Tennessee. We have done the basic research involving various parameters like spook index and popularity and brought you this list of most haunted locations in Tennessee. These places are believed to be haunted by various creepy creatures.

Wheatland Plantation, Sevierville

Haunted Wheatland Plantation, Sevierville, TN
Haunted Wheatland Plantation, Sevierville

Having a history of massive murder, death, and destruction, it is no surprise to find the Wheatland Plantations in the list of Top 10 haunted places in Tennessee. The plantation is situated just off of Boyd’s Creek Highway outside of Sevierville and the current house is the second house to be built on the property. Shortly after the Christmas of 1825, the first house was burned to the ground taking four young lives with it, three of which were the grand-daughters of the original owners. Witnesses have reported of a child-like presence in a basement room.

Just behind the place is a mass grave, holding around 28 Cherokee Indians, 68 African slaves, and two Revolutionary War soldiers. Some ghost hunters have been successful in recording chanting and singing on voice boxes while visiting the location. The unfortunate history of over 70 reported murders is made evident through the blood smears still present on walls. This is one place sure to give you goose bumps.

Hales Bar Marina and Dam, Guild

Haunted Hales Bar Marina and Guild, TN
Haunted Hales Bar Marina and Guild

One of the most terrifying locations to be visited, the Hales Bar Marina and Dam was constructed in the year 1905, along the Tennessee River. Constructed in effort to tame the whirlpool, the Hales Bar Marina and Dam now echoes of Native American war cries, chanting, and you might sight some ominous black figures if you choose to visit this place. Hated by Native Americans they cursed this place. Folklore says that you may get sucked in and drown if you get too close. Sightings of ghostly figures that appear to be Native Americans circling in the waters, as well as a young girl in a pink dress, who was killed at the dam are common.

Ghosts of 141 men roam at the USS Yorktown, reportedly one of these haunted places in South Carolina.

Bell Witch Cave, Tennessee

haunted Bell Witch cave in Tennessee

A very popular haunted location, the cave have tonnes of folklore associated with it. The story mentions a feud between two neighbours- John Bell and Kate Batts. Bell’s daughter- Betsy was reportedly tortured by the latter for several years. Batts felt to have been deceived in a land deal by Bell and swore to haunt the Bell family for all eternity. Andrew Jackson, as a General along with some of his troops spent a night at the Bell Farm and was later quoted as saying: “I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch.” Today, the house has been torn down due to safety reasons while many artefacts have been preserved in the notoriously-terrifying cave where reports of strange-looking animals, chains rattling, and knocking still persist.

The Legend of Bell Witch in Tennessee

Haunted Carnton Mansion, Tennessee

Haunted Carnton mansion in Tennessee
Haunted Carnton mansion in Tennessee

The Carnton Mansion’s is greeted by a graveyard at its front porch, where more than 1700 Confederate soldiers were hastily buried following a bloody battle. Soon, the mansion was converted into a hospital, where unfortunately four Generals died of their wounds. Their bodies were held so those who were lucky enough to survive the carnage could pay due respects. Visitors report seeing visions of ghostly images resembling Confederate soldiers in the late evenings.

Numerous people have reported of young children- apparently Carnton children playing tricks inside the mansion. Another legend mentions that there is a spirit of a young girl. Locals believe that a jealous suitor murdered her up.  Also, individuals have reporting seeing and hearing the head cook who worked for the family during the Civil War.

Haunted Newbury House, Rugby

Haunted Newbury house, Rugby, Tennessee
Image by Brian Stansberry

With a vision to create a strong British agricultural community, maintaining a Christian Lifestyle,  post the American Civil War, Thomas Hughes set up the Rugby Colony. The idea was to have a caste free colony, unlike Britain and initially the community flourished, playing home to over 300 residents living in some 70 Victorian-style homes. But as fate would have it, a typhoid outbreak occurred faltering the community in 1900, and many inhabitants fled. With so much death, one can expect the haunting. Guests who have stayed in the Newbury House, particularly in room 2, say that a ghostly male figure standing over them awaked them up. This was the condition especially with single female guests.

Stories suggest that it is the ghost of Mr. Oldfield, a gentleman that went to report on the Rugby colony’s progress in the 1880s. He fell in love with the area and sent for his family, but feel ill and died before they arrived. These beautiful houses make for an amazing stay, but expected unfamiliar guests.

Haunted Cragfont, Tennessee

Haunted Cragfont in Tennessee
Haunted Cragfont in Tennessee (Flickr)

Originally a small log cabin built by brother’s James and George Winchester in 1785, the second Cragfont, a home that once stood as the greatest house west of the Appalachians was finished in 1802. The house suffered vandalism by Union soldiers, but has still managed to survive till date. The mansion is open for stay, and you can meet the numerous ghouls who still call the property home, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

People suggest that the ghost of James Winchester still roams the halls. Guests have reportedly seen candles lighting on their own, transfer of objects without being touched, and apparitions, which have been caught on film and video. Conway Twitty once stayed at Cragfont and left in a haste. The obvious reason was the unknown assailant who was throwing objects at him.

Tennessee State Prison, Nashville

haunted Tennessee State Prison

The Tennessee state prison was in operation until 1992. It was considered the home of Old Sparky, giving men on death row a place to breathe their last. This prison is guarded and now closed for general public. Due to some mysterious occurrences, this place is terrifying to look at from the road right outside the city of Nashville. Passer-by’s have reported hearing screams of men at late night, although the identity of ghouls haunting the place has not been established. Due to the creepy not so explainable events, this prison is considered to be among most haunted places in Tennessee.

Haunted Delta Queen Boat

haunted Delta queen boat in Tennessee
Delta queen boat in Tennessee

The famous boat Delta Queen was constructed in California (Like the haunted Queen Mary Ship in California). It worked for 13 years on the West coat and moved to the Mississippi River later. Today the Delta Queen has been permanently moored at Chattanooga. The ghost of Mary Becker Greene, otherwise known as “Ma”- the first licensed female riverboat captain in the state, is said to still haunt the boat to this very day. The lady died in her cabin at seventy-nine. Supposedly, she started wreaking havoc after a the bar opening on board. Otherwise a harmless ghost, visitors have seen Captain Mary make walkabouts every so often.

Rotherwood Mansion, Kingsport

haunted Rotherwood mansion, Kingsport, Tennessee

The beautiful young lady- Rowena, owner of the Rotherwood Mansion, had led a very depressing life. She has not been able to let go off her home due to her anxiety issues. Rowena lost her young love even before they wed and had to wed someone else, who passed away shortly. That alluring dame had a beautiful daughter from her second marriage that died soon after birth. Rowena could not bear it any further and ultimately committed suicide. People have reported to see grieving lady in white floating miserably around the property.

East Tennessee State University

Haunted East Tennessee State University
East Tennessee State University

Like all other old universities the East Tennessee State University has its own share of hauntings. Due to the creepy happenings, this spot has made it into our list of Top 10 haunted places in Tennessee. The ghost of a former professor’s daughter who committed suicide on campus is found to sadly roam around the campus.  The Friendly Sidney Gilbreath, or popularly known Uncle Sid still wanders around the Gilbreath Hall. He shuts any open doors or windows when a storm is approaching. A librarian who died of a heart attack at the university, still haunts her beloved library. Dedicated to her job till date, she watches over the room. If you leave the reading stuff outside the shelf, her ghost puts it back in their proper place.

The ghost of a white clothed woman plays the church’s organ at one of these most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Did You Know?

After reading about all the numerous hauntings in the state of Tennessee, you’d now remember it as a set of eerie adventurous places. But, be sure to visit at your own risk.

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