10 Most Haunted Places In Tucson For the Intrepid

10 Most Haunted Places In Tucson For the Intrepid

haunted Tucson Medical Centre in Tucson

Tucson is a city located in Arizona’s Desert and is surrounded by numerous mountains. Home to the Arizona University, Tucson also houses many vintage shops, nightclubs and some historical dilapidated buildings. Basically a combination of modesty and simplicity, there are many locations in the city that are a hub of supernatural activities. Make sure you visit these most haunted places in Tucson-

Haunted Fox Theatre

Haunted Fox Theatre, Tucson

Situated on West Congress Street, the fox theatre has been a prime place of attraction for those who love dramatic plays. But the game got more entertaining when the theatre was said to be haunted. During the plays the objects started moving on its own, mysterious noises such as sudden outcries and giggles were heard in the Fox theatre. After that, it was inspected by many para psychological teams as well as few eminent ghost hunters of the city. Among the few scary ghosts of the theatre, the most famous ghost is of a male who died in a car accident near the construction.

Haunted Velasco Pueblo

haunted Velasco Pueblo, Tucson, Arizona

Situated in South Stone Avenue, the Velasco pueblo was built by Senor Velasco who died in 1890. This house underwent many renovations and it was the 7th makeover when owners realized the presence of phantom and mysterious vibes that surrounded the structure. The apparition of a mustached man was seen in the bedroom section of the fire damaged house. Locals believe this shadow to belong to the house owner. Also many mysterious noises such as loud laughs, disembodied whispers and giggles can be heard during night hours. The objects are moved around the house and some ghost hunters blamed the ghosts for destroying the instruments.

Spooky Pioneer Hotel

Haunted Pioneer hotel, Tucson

Earlier a jovial place, the pioneer hotel became haunted after the death of 30 people who died in a fire in this hotel. The spirits did not attain the eternity and remained glued to the haunted hotel itself. Since then, it became a hub of otherworldly occurrences. Workers have got their stationary disappeared and their electronic appliances got switched on and off on its own.

The slamming of door that did not open until one requested the spirits to do so is something scary. Dusky shadows of female and children are often seen in the premises. The basement area is known as the most terrible spot due to the presence of two evil spirits. Also, the phantom of an 8 years girl is said to haunt the long hallway in basement.

Hotel Congress

On the East Congress Street in Tucson, there lay a creepy hotel with scary air. It is believed that people that step in this hotel feel negative vibes, which led to two suicides. Room number 214 and 242 are said to be haunted by the people who committed suicide there.

Many true paranormal happenings like knocking on doors, manly voices and moving of objects on their own are reported in the premises of this hotel. Some visitors have also informed to see the apparition of a blue necked man wandering in the room. After the ghost hunters took a visit to the hotel congress, they collected some hazy photographs and recorded mysterious noises in during the night hours.

Haunted Centennial Hall

Haunted Centennial hall in Tucson

The deserted places are always considered as prime centre of ghostly incidents because the less human activity makes a place prone to spirits. That may sound true but, in actual it is a myth! Here is a place; we are talking about an education centre that is frequently disturbed by a ghost couple.

Situated in Pima County in Arizona, the Centennial hall of the Arizona University is haunted by the evil female spirit along with a scary male soul. Some people have reported to see the female spirit in the restroom stall door in old clothes while the others blamed her apparition to cause serious trouble by frequent glaring.

The female ghost is fierce and is blamed for pushing students down the stairs. Another ghost is of a male who rarely shows his presence. The male ghost can be seen during mid-day in the hall when there is less crowdie. Be whatever the cause, these two malevolent ghosts could cause serious trouble for weak hearted people.

Job Corps Centre

Located in Pima County in Arizona, the Fred G. Acosta Job Corps is known as one of the most haunted places in Tucson for a variety of supernatural happenings. Unexplained activities such as toilet flush and shower get on their own, flickering of lights and mysterious noises were heard during night.

Also, the appearance of strange lights around the building has been a center of talks for the residents. Locals believe this place to be haunted by a young girl whose apparition was often seen playing with a ball during silent night hours.

Spectators had seen the ghost of a young bouncing a red ball is said to have committed suicide. The staff has complained to the glare that mysterious shadows give through the small window of the doors. Disembodied footsteps, slamming of the doors and arrival of eerie apparition of kid and a female ghost are enough to scare visitors. Except this, there are a hell lot of experiences that visitors have felt at the haunted Fred Corps.

St. Mary Hospital

Located on St Mary’s Road, the St. Mary Hospital is considered one of the most haunted places in Tucson. Many ghost sightings are cited at this melancholy location for a long time. Creepy vibes, mysterious apparition, disturbing noises and many otherworldly occurrences can be felt at St. Mary hospital round the clock and this is why it is counted in the most haunted hospital in Tucson.

Many of people have reported seeing apparitions entering the elevators and then they disappear on their own. Among the numerous ghosts of the hospital, the most eminent spirit is of a nun. She walks in the hallways and alerts the working nurses in case a patient is in trouble. The nun was very kindly spirit and her helpfulness is what kept her bounded to this hospital, even after death.

In the hallway section of the St. Mary hospital, you would see a bunch of pictures. In one of those pictures one may easily spot a working nurse without legs. This picture is considered disturbing and is rumoured to have a ghost in it. Visitors have seen phantom of the nun whenever they expected help. Her sudden disappearance had made them realise her truth.

Except this, some patients have captured the ghostly nun in their pictures while the others had heard mysterious voices here. The mysterious apparitions near the elevator door, the terrible sounds and loud screams are some signs which go in support of the St. Mary hospital being one of the real haunted places in Tucson, Arizona.


Situated on Prudence road, there exists the OTT Family YMCA where many ghastly happenings occur.  This place is said to be haunted by the phantom of a grey suited man that can be seen during silent hours of night. There are many noises like strange banging, disembodied giggles and scary laughter that produce chills down the spines of the trespassers. During the ghost hunt, ghost hunters have noticed many cold spots at the structure.

The feeling of being watched and howling noises are something that can be cited at the OTT family YMCA, one of the most haunted places in Tucson, Arizona to visit for a complete horror experience.

First Avenue Elementary School

The most sinister among all the haunted places in Tucson! The First Avenue elementary school is located in San Manuel, Arizona and is said to be haunted by the evil ghost of a school boy. Legend has it a young boy died here after falling off the merry and hitting his head and being crushed by the instrument. Since then, the whole construction experiences many psychic activities. Many people have noticed the apparition of that school boy holding his head and crying before he disappears. 

Due to the oaf scenery, many weak hearten citizens fainted. On the other hand, some clicked the photographs of the grisly apparition wandering in the building. Due to several creepy phenomenon, this school is known as one of the top haunted places in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Medical Centre

The city’s medical centre is said to witness paranormal activities for long. Staffs have complained of hair pulling, slapping and hitting by unknown entities. Many grisly noises such as disembodied whispers and footsteps can easily be heard during dark hours.

Customers have reported of sudden chair pulling that made them fall when none was around. For all these supernatural activities, the locals blame a child ghost whose apparitions can be frequently seen roaming in the hall.

Except this, on full moonlight night you can also see the phantom of an old lady. Ghostly noises, distorted laughs and appearance of a scary cat are some signs that go in favour of the medical centre being one of the most haunted places in Tucson, Arizona.

Talking about children’s ghost, Jonesboro’s house is a place similar to the Tucson Medical centre. A child’s ghost frequents this house, one of the most haunted places in Arkansas.


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