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Most haunted places in Washington includes the carnation cemetery

Washington is a state situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located north of Oregon, west of Idaho and south of the Canadian province of British Columbia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Named after George Washington, the first president of the United States, Washington State is nicknamed as the evergreen State. There are many a places to wander depends upon of your current mood.  If you like scary places and love paranormal incidents, you got to read this article on 6 of the most haunted places in Washington State where you can experience paranormal.


Fort Vancouver is a 19th-century fort previously an ancient time fur trading outpost standing along the Columbia River. Located in the states of Washington and Oregon, It is known as a National Historic Site of the United States. 

Old and ruined structures often keep many secrets inside it. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is more than a couple of decades old. According to visitors, it is considered one of the most haunted places in Washington State. It is similar to historic Hannah house which is frequented by numerous ghouls. The Hannah house is counted amongst the most haunted places in Indiana.

Some houses in Officers’ Row along with one real state office and the Grant House Art Center of the historic area are sensible and spooky. Some weird things started taking place after the renovation of this city. Many locals complained about unexplained phenomenon such as ringing of the unplugged telephone on its own, doors that close and open itself give them chills. Based on people’s reports, we decided to investigate these so-called haunted spots.

Ghostly happenings at the Fort Vancouver Site

Few hours after sunset, I, with my friend George entered the mansion which is believed to be possessed. We did set our instruments all around and waited for the action. Hours passed and so did our patience. Right then, we heard as if someone is walking outside. For the first instance, it seemed to be the sound of footsteps. George looked outside the window but it was all empty. We faced something creepier in real estate office on 850 Officers’ Row where a locked door was unlocked on its own. We felt cold spots at all the three reported locations near Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Undoubtedly it is one of the few haunted places in Washington State where Spirits reside till date.

The Grant House Art Center and Café, located on 1101 Officers Row is said to be haunted by the ghost of sully. It is rumored that a ghost that drinks coffee lives in this café. Due to many witnessed paranormal activities and spooky experience of our investigators, we declare Fort Vancouver one of some real haunted places in Washington State.


Haunted Oceanfront resort in Washington

The Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort is located in Long Beach, Washington. As clear from its name, it offers paid stay in Oceanfront townhouses and rustic ridge cottages. Call it a favorite spot for vacations or spectacular ocean views, it has all worth it. For many years, it is considered an ideal place for weekend getaways, group events, and corporate conferences. And one last thing, locals consider it one of some top haunted places in Washington state.

The older cabins on the ridge are creepy. They maintain a journal in which visitors are asked to fill their spooky experiences. After we took a look at their experiences, we found something common that point towards the presence of spirits at this place. Activities such as rearranged furniture, Television that turns on and off on its own terrify people who have spent their night in those cabins. For the investigation purpose, George took one of the reported cabins on rent. In the morning he narrated his night story:

In midnight hours, I observed absolutely paranormal incidents. A noise, as someone is whispering in my ears, made me horrified for a while. At 3 in the morning, TV switched on and knocking started on the door. I switched on my camera, but it was not working. From my personal experience, I would count this spot among top 6 most haunted places in Washington State.


The old Tolt cemetery, commonly referred to as the carnation cemetery, is situated in King County, Washington. This cemetery dates back to 1905 when its northern section was built on the land donated by Frederick B. Bagwell. Due to numerous reported haunting, Carnation cemetery is known to be top haunted places in Washington State.

Cemeteries do have a past history engraved within their walls. People who die in accidents are left with their desires. Their early death makes them wander in this world until they get emancipation. They either stuck to their graves or they keep roaming in the church, given the fact that dead bodies are carried to both these places.

Among the ghastly things reported in this cemetery are occult footsteps, whispers, and the shadow of a woman in the white dress. Sometimes this lady ghost is seen with a young boy in her hands. This lady is said to die in a car accident in her pregnant stage. Her ghost is very dangerous and often harms the visitors around this cemetery.

People who visited this cemetery have complained of unexplained pain, headache, and low vision when they encountered this lady ghost. Trespassers hear screams and cries when they pass through the carnation cemetery. Due to the existence of a witch at this spot, the carnation cemetery is one of the deadly haunted places in Washington State.


Haunted Tokeland hotel in Washington

The Tokeland Hotel is the oldest resort hotel located on Hotel road in Washington State of America. This building is worn and dates to 1885. Later in 1889 it was opened for business as the Kindred Inn. Hotel management claims this place one of the most haunted places in Washington State. Take a look at its history:

Tokeland Hotel is said to be possessed by the ghost of Charley, an illegal immigrant from china. His mysterious death in the 1930’s during a stay at this hotel caused his soul to wander around this place. Since then his apparition has been seen in the hallways on many occasions. He is blamed to cause the disturbance in the restaurant viz. moving the plates in the air and spinning all around. In night hours, you might hear crying of the ghost of a cat. Room no. 7 is the reported haunted room where reside spirit of a girl who was murdered here.

Two murders in mysterious conditions and their wandering spirits make this a lethal spot for commoner but it’s a heaven for paranormal lovers and investigators. As per the running rumours and local reports, Tokeland hotel secures its place in this list of most haunted places in Washington State.


“Starvation heights” is a book by Gregg Olsen, related to the history of a haunted sanitarium located in Kitsap County, Washington. Yep, a sanitarium has ranked 5th on top 6 haunted places in Washington State. Wonder how? This meaningful paragraph would answer all your queries:

In 1900s, Linda Burfield Hazzard and her husband Sam Hazzard established a sanitarium for treating illness. Hazzard couple believed in therapeutic fasting, a term used to treat illness with extreme starvation. When this therapy was applied on first 50 patients, 30 of them died. The Government took a quick action and Hazzard was convicted of forging patients to loot their valuables. Also, Hazzard couple burnt bodies of those dead patients in building’s ground.

From that time, spirits of many patients are said to haunt the grounds. Ghost of two young boys Jeff and Kyle frequently appear in campus of the haunted sanitarium. During dark hours, creepy voices coming out of this place terrify trespassers. A brief history of Hazzard couple was also mentioned on TV series of Ghost Hunters and deadly women. Due to series of eerie incidents, this place is believed to be one of some top haunted places in Washington State.


This house on 5901 park Ave is the most dreadful spot to visit. Based on the experience occupants had, make this house the top amongst all haunted places in Washington State. Situated in Tacoma region of United States, this place offers dire consequences for its visitors. There are so many cold spots all around this house which add macabre vibes to its environment.

Vested in Pierce County, this dreadful house has many mysterious activities going within it. According to an occupant, he faced many weird incidents in this house.  Knocking on doors happened most of the times. He often felt if somebody is forcing his body to a direction (he cut his fingers unwillingly by some unseen force). Doors opened and slammed shut, lights blew up and turned off. Footsteps first walked up on the stairs then along the hallway to the whole house was could easily be heard.

Ghost Stories of Park Ave, Washington

If we take a look at past experiences of occupants who lived in this house, we found their experiences similar. All of them had a miserable life at this place. To most of them, their relatives met with accident or were harmed by some unseen force. Some of them complained how kitchen utensils were thrown on them by no one while others saw apparition of a soldier who appeared in the den closet downstairs. Some occupants died in the house in its early years and their ghost is also said to wander at this house. Overall, this place is full of ghosts and spooky happenings and therefore it is one of the most haunted places in Washington State.

We have heard of some other places that are considered top haunted places in Washington State. Capitol Theater and Thorne wood Castle Inn could not make their place in this list. We will continue to investigate some more places. Take care all of you. Kindly share your words in comments.

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