Inside the Haunted Ram Inn- The Spookiest House In England

haunted Ram Inn is the spookiest house in England

The Ram Inn is an ancient public house, built on an even more ancient pagan burial ground. It is located in the small village of Wooten-Under-Edge in Gloucestershire, England and is often credited as being one of England’s most haunted places. Parts of the haunted Ram Inn date back to the 12th century. Tales of satanic religious rituals, mysterious deaths and exorcisms have long been associated with ancient building. There is evidence that devil worship and ritual sacrifice actually took place at the Ram Inn in medieval times.

What is really scary about the Ram Inn, is that most visitors feel the the spirits are malevolent and dangerous. The atmosphere has been described as brooding, oppressive and evil. It has not one ghost, but several – including a phantom cavalier, a witch, a murdered woman and a monk. There have also been sightings of a mysterious black cat.

Haunted Ram Inn in England

Haunted Ram Inn is the most haunted house in England

The Ram Inn has become a popular haunt for ghost hunters and has been the scene of some truly hair-raising ghostly encounters, from drops in temperature and spectral shadows to haunting apparitions and poltergeist activity.

The current owner says he has been kept awake at night by strange tapping and banging noises on the window. Many of his possessions disappeared and were later found in other rooms. Doors that had been locked suddenly began slamming open and shut at night and puddles of dirty water appeared in several of the Inn’s rooms.

He says he has been thrown across rooms, rocked violently on chairs, and seen other people and pieces of furniture being picked up and hurled down the stairs. A teenage girl was knocked off her feet once by an unseen force. Some visitors have complained of strange smells.

Clergymen who have tried to rid the inn of its evil spirits have reportedly been chased away by the malignant forces. A local priest refused to enter the Ram Inn, saying “I’m not going in there. What you’ve got in there is very, very evil.” The Bishop of Gloucester is quoted as saying the Ram Inn was “the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit”.

Creepy activities in the haunted House in England

Ancient Ram Inn, England

In the bar room, people have heard ominous clawing sounds. Two young girls witnessed the ghostly figure of a woman appearing. It is believed that a woman was once murdered in the the inn and her corpse still lies buried beneath the bar.

In one of the upstairs bedrooms, known as the Cavaliers room, a man was washing himself at a basin when he saw a ghostly cavalier standing in the corner of the room. He stared in horror as the cavalier promptly turned around and walked through the wall. The ghost of a young lady has also been seen hanging from the ceiling. When the chimney in this room was opened up, black magic and satanic artefacts were found.

The most haunted room in the Ram Inn is called The Bishop’s Room. With its low ceiling and crimson curtains, the bedroom has an oppressive and unpleasant ambiance. It also has the worst reputation. Eight people who slept there have had to have an exorcism performed on them. A snarling foxes’ head adorns the wall, alongside a series of ominous portraits and a dressing table lined with religious trinkets. Spending a night here is not an inviting prospect.

Experiences in the Ram Inn

Ghost apparitions caught in the haunted Ram Inn in England
Image Courtesy William Herndon

A man and his daughter were staying in The Bishop’s Room when they had a weird experience. During the night, the child suddenly sat upright. He screamed “Daddy, Daddy, I don’t like that man sitting on my bed”. The girl then described what she had seen. It was the ghostly apparition of a medieval monk that stood silently by the fireplace watching her. The man grabbed his daughter and his luggage and fled from the room.

A man and his son who were visiting the Ram Inn suddenly came running out of the Kitchen area. They started screaming. After they calmed down, they said they saw the ghostly apparition of a woman rising up out of the floor. When the Kitchen area was later excavated, the bodies of a woman and child were found, along with some ancient knives. Experts from Bristol Museum studied the remains and concluded that they had been killed in a ritual sacrifice.

When a group of paranormal investigators dug under the stairs, they say they heard the screams and cries of babies coming from the hole. During renovations, two children’s skeletons were found bricked up in the walls.

Whatever your stance on ghosts and the paranormal, it’s difficult to imagine anyone who would not find a visit to The Ancient haunted Ram Inn unnerving, or even terrifying. With its evil history, disturbing atmosphere, eerie antiques, and menacing stuffed animals, it certainly seems to live up to its reputation as England’s most haunted house.

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