Late night journey through a haunted road in Himachal Pradesh

Journey through haunted road in Himachal pradesh

This story is of uncle Verma (my friend’s uncle). It belongs to a decade ago, when he was travelling through a haunted road in Himachal Pradesh. At that time, uncle Verma was a government officer and was living in a small village in Himachal Pradesh in India with his family. His office was 10-12 kilometres away from his home and he used to travel by his bike.

It was the month of March and you all know that it is a closing time of old financial year and opening of new financial year, so government officers have to work late nights to complete pending logs and files.

It was around 11.30 in the night when he came out of the office and it was raining heavily. Uncle always used to travel by highway but that day, he wanted to take a shortcut because it was raining and he wanted to reach home as soon as possible.

The Haunted Road in Himachal Pradesh

That shortcut was a kind of haunted road in Himachal Pradesh. However, he thought that nothing will happen and these all are just rumours and nothing else. It was a chilling windy night and rain on top of that. The trees were shaking due to the force of wind and were making horrible noises. 

Uncle was frightened and shivering with cold. He started chanting Sri Hanuman Chalisa (an Indian holy song) and safely traveled some kilometres.

After traveling some more kilometres, he forgot that he was frightened. In addition, he noticed that it is just about to be morning as darkness was getting off. He thought that now he is safe as it is going to be morning but suddenly he looked at his watch and noticed that it was 12.45 am.

He said “Oh god how come it is 12.45 a.m. right now because I thought that daylight is just about to come”.

Then he noticed that it was not going to be morning but it was moonlight that was confusing him with daylight and then he relaxed and sped up his bike. After approximately 10 minutes of driving, he noticed a lady on the right side of the road asking for a lift.

At first, he thought that she is in real need and then suddenly something struck his mind and he again sped up his bike. Then again after driving for 5 minutes, he saw the same lady asking for the lift.

Mr. Verma said “Oh My God how come she is here, because she was around half a kilometres back”.

Uncle’s body started shaking with fear and he just forgot about God and thought that this is something unusual. He again sped up his bike, as he wanted to reach home as soon as possible before anything bad happens to him.

After some time, He again noticed the same lady asking for the lift. At this time, she screamed for help saying “PLEASE HELP ME”. I am lost here. Please stop.

She was wearing a red saree with heavy jewellery. However uncle did not stop and said to himself “I am going to die today”.

That lady started running with the bike at almost the same pace. She also starting saying, “Verma ji please stop and take me with you. I want to go home”.

Uncle was more horrified when she called his name. He was driving the bike at a speed of 60-70 kilometres per hour at that time. He was also shivering like hell.

Uncle sped up but it was not possible as there was some strong force from behind. So, that force was stopping him from racing his bike. The lady started laughing and crying at the same time.

She said “I died at the same road many years back and it’s your time today”.

Within a moment, her face changed from sweet and innocent to scary and weird. Uncle Verma was so horrified that he started shivering but had not lost his consciousness. He just changed the last gear and moved his arm on the accelerator until the end. He never looked back to see her.

She followed Uncle Verma for another 2 kilometres or so. After that, he reached a place where some guards were sitting lighting up campfire.

Uncle just stopped the bike in front of them and had some water from them. After having water, he told them what happened to him.

So, they all said that “You have done a very good job by not stopping the bike. In case, you would have stopped the bike, you would not have been alive by now.”

The oldest guard told the uncle that hew was living over here for the last 10 years. In these 10 years, he has heard about more than 50 accidents of cars and bikes on that pathway, one of the most haunted roads in India.

He told uncle that “God has saved you”. After that incident, he never went through that haunted road in Himachal Pradesh.

So friends, I believe in ghosts, spirits, and paranormal as I believe in the Almighty God. They are all creatures of God.

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