10 Most Haunted Roads In India- Highways to Perdition

haunted roads in India

Pathways have always been the carrier of information, people and goods between two location. But there are some crossways that have the Alma mater. Well, in this article we are talking about top 10 haunted roads in India that have spooked the trespassers since ages. More above just rumours, passengers travelling through these haunted roads in India have experienced few weird otherworldly phenomenon that might push you to take a drive through these creepy ways where there is no spooky destination but, it is the path that leads to it.

Haunted Delhi Cantonment Road

The pathway at Delhi Cantonment is ultimately the most haunted road in India due to some hideous phenomenon.  In dark night hours, drivers have spotted the ghost of a woman in a white saree standing in the middle of the road. When they do not stop the car, they find her apparition sitting in the backseat of their vehicle. While there are few other people who alleged it a rumour but also there is a throng of travellers who have actually felt paranormal out here. Due to various creepy phenomenon, it is in this list of Most haunted places in Delhi.

Haunted National Highway 33

Not the  whole NH 33 but, Ranchi-Jamshedpur stretch, in particular, is said to be a cursed stretch due to numerous malevolent phenomenon taking place here. Since when it is built, hundreds of accident have taken place here without any evident reason. This stretch of NH 33 is blamed for holding the fatal road accidents and it is basically a spirit who is accused of these macabre activities. It is the soul of a middle-aged lady in white responsible for haunting this section. She suddenly appears after the vehicle and led to severe mishaps taking place here, locals would say.  

To eliminate the fear factor, people have established temples on both the ends to pray for well before the journey. Seems this idea worked out quite well as post construction, the number of misfortunes has lowered down effectively. Whether it is a rumour or, a horrid reality, you might like to take a night drive to test the truth, would you?

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai-Nasik Highway

Located on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, there is a place named “Kasara Ghat” that is notorious due to the presence of some evil ghouls. The road is teamed up with dense bushes and number of trees that add a creepy environment around the stretch. According to squatters who pass through this crossway have reportedly seen a headless witch in a black saree walking on the Kasara ghat, one of the most haunted roads in India. While the soul of the headless lady is an evil one defaming this highway, soul of people who died in road accidents here are also said to possess the Highway.

The Mysterious Kasara Ghat Highway real Ghost Story

Haunted Blue Cross Road

Next in this list is a haunted path from the south India where wanders many spirits. Numerous unfathomable deaths have become the new identity of this haunted road in Chennai. The blue cross road has few residential construction where inhabitants committed suicide in during past few years.

It is believed that their phantom haunts the whole crossway and disturb the trespassers during night hours. In strange dark hours, residents have spectated a white creature walking along this road. Also, the mystic apparition of a woman was seen in no moonlight night.

Satyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor

Driving through the National Highway 209 that passes through the Sathyamangalam Wildlife sanctuary corridor, you would find a spot where the soul of a defamed woman roams. The Sathyamangalam corridor is less-known for holding a variety of wild animals instead, it is notorious due to the presence of the ghost of Koose Muniswamy Veerappan, the legendary Indian bandit.

It is believed that even after death, the ghost of Veerappan still resides in this sanctuary. Many paranormal activities are rumoured to have taken place here. In the dark, one can listen to loud screams, creepy giggles and whisper sounds along the stretch. Few visitors have witnessed mysterious orbs and shadows beside this road what is named as one of the real haunted roads in India.

Haunted Roads in India – Kasedi Ghat

If you remember the kasara ghat, the kasedi ghat is its twin for the series of otherworldly incidents it beholds. If you take a look at the mishaps that has taken place here during past few years, you find that more accidents have taken place during silent dark hours. Major accidents like buses and trucks rotating over and vehicles hitting the another one have become every day’s play out here. On Mumbai-Goa highway, this ghat is alleged to host the malevolent spirit of a man that appears before a speeding vehicle.

The drivers apply a sudden break on the high speeding vehicle, resulting in the overturning of the same. Some trespassers reported the phantom to signal them for a lift and on ignoring, the vehicle gets out of control. Be whatever the reason, these set of activities has put the Kasedi Ghat among truly haunted roads in India.

Besant Avenue Road

If you are a Chennai resident and ask me for a place where enigmatic phenomenon occurs, I would name the Besant Avenue road. This road is known for the extreme eerie occurrences and presence of deadly phantoms. When the sun falls down and darkness begins to hover, this path starts turning dire with every passing minute. Due to several ghastly phenomenon, it enjoys a place amongst top haunted places in Chennai.

During dark nights, few regular trespassers have complained of being slapped by some unknown entity while the bike drivers were thrown off from their vehicle. It is believed that it is the spirit of a Jew family that met in an accident on this roads years ago. The mystic appearance of a lady with an infant makes the road more furtive. If you are a resident, you can take a walk through this road and feel the paranormal right?

Haunted Delhi Jaipur Highway

The Delhi-Jaipur highway is all normal until it passes by the Bhangarh fort sweep. At this area, many ghastly incidents have taken place. During night hours, trespassers have reported experiencing terrible screams, mystic shadows and white lights at the highway. For all the supernatural phenomenon, the psychic souls around the historic Bhangarh fort are blamed. Talking about the scary experiences, drivers have complained of hearing disembodied whispers and eerie apparitions. This makes this stretch one of the most haunted highways in India.

Marve and Madh Island Road

The 10km sweep of Marve and Madh Island between S.V. road and Marve beach is notorious for a bride’s ghost. The bride was said to be betrayed by his husband and killed in a car accident on this road. Since then, her phantom is said to roam around the haunted Marve and Madh Island road. During strange nights, people have noticed her sobs and anklet sound on the deserted road.

Also, few trespassers have witnessed her apparition in a bridal dress. Many have heard her screams too. Though this woman has not created trouble for the visitors but no ghouls can be trusted. Hence, we would suggest you to not to visit alone while taking a visit out there.

Double Lane East Coast Road

Located in Chennai, two-lane East Coast road is hard to believe for its supernatural connection. The super smooth surface with no bumps makes one’s drive seamless. Whether you believe it or not, the ECR is said to house a ghost wandering during late night hours. It is said that the ghost of a young lady resides here and troubles riders by appearing before them. The lady in white makes drivers lose their focus and leading them to fatal accidents.

From the technical point of view, the ECR has no sufficient lights and works as a catalyst in the crashes. There were many cold spots noted at the expanse between Chennai and Pondicherry. It is an acceptable evidence for the presence of ghouls around the path. It makes the Double lane ECR one of the real haunted places in India.

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