My Horrific Honeymoon experience in the haunted resort of Goa

My Horrific Honeymoon experience in the haunted resort of Goa

Horrific honeymoon experience in the haunted resort in Goa

This is my true horror experience, which is dated nearly years back in the month of December. I and my husband had flied to Goa after our wedding ceremony for our honeymoon. We were staying in a five star haunted resort in the southern Goa. That resort has a facility of a private beach of their own. However, I won’t be disclosing the name of the resort due to obvious causes.

The Haunted Resort in Goa

So, the first time I entered this room, I had a cold sensation. However, I ignored it thinking it may be the temperature controller’s problem. I decided to freshen up immediately after reaching the resort.

Few moments later, my husband went in the balcony for a smoke. He closed the big glass balcony entrance before smoking so that the smoke would not come in the room. He already knew how much I hated the smoke.

So, I was in the bathroom to wash my face. While I was applying my face wash, suddenly the lights went off. Firstly, I did not feel scared. Quite soon, I heard the big glass door being opened up and some one walking in.

For obvious reasons, I assumed it was my husband. The footsteps began to step closer to the corridor of the bathroom and stopped. I awaited him to come inside but he didn’t. All of a sudden, I started feeling that cold feeling and goosebumps on my neck. Thus, I got very scared and shouted with my husband’s name loudly as much as possible.

The moment I shouted, the lights were turned on. I quickly washed my face and ran out in the verandah. There, my husband was peacefully having his smoke.

My Horrific Honeymoon Experience in Goa

I asked him whether he had entered the room, but to my shock he said he hadn’t moved from his chair at all. Afterwards, I asked him if the lights had gone out just now or not? He became even more confused.

I told him about what I had just experienced. He consoled me saying I was over thinking asked me to calm down.

Our room began to turn unexplainably cold even after turning the room temperature controller to the hot temperature. I even tried turning the controller itself hot in order to make the room hot and stuffy. But again, this didn’t help either.

Our room would turn so cool that even a couple of big thick blankets would not stop us from shivering.

I always felt as if someone is watching us from the corridor of our room. However, I did not share this with my husband, thinking he would get scared because he gets scared very easily. So, we used to spend most of our time outside and return to our haunted room only late night.

The day we left Goa and we were in the plane, I confronted him with my experience there. I was very surprised when he said that he was also experiencing the same thing there.

However, he did not tell me in order to not make me feel scared. Suddenly I did remembered how he forced me to stay outdoors most of the times and that we spent the least time in that haunted resort in Goa.

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