10 horrifying paranormal rituals and traditions persistent even today

horrifying paranormal rituals and traditions

Our world is full of unsolved mysteries, awe-inspiring stories and phenomenon that many of us have no idea of. Being human, we are the most diversified society incorporating a throng of tradition, culture and rituals. In this story, you will wade through some of the most horrifying paranormal rituals and traditions still persistent in the world.

Feasting the deceased, Brazil

Feasting the deceased is a horrible tradition in Yanomami tribe

Very much like the Aghori Saints of India, the Yanomami tribe of Amazon rainforest practice a very odd ritual. This Venezuelan and Brazilian tribe follow their old belief which is a part of the learning transfer by each generation which says:

When someone dies, their soul departs and there remains the leftover, i.e., the body. However, the spirit can’t achieve the eternity until there is a physical trace of the body.

To do the needful, the Yanomami tribe first burn the body and collect the leftover, which is a form of ash and bone powder. The next step is to mix this into a plantain soup. The family of the deceased ones have to consume this solution in public. This is mandatory and head of the tribes even use force when any of the family member is unwilling to consume this.

By consuming it, this tribe believe that the soul of the passed one will always reside within them and protect them from evil powers.

Take my fingers away, Indonesia

Dani people of Indonesia have a ritual of cutting their own fingers

The Dani people of Papua, Indonesia boast a very mysterious and painful ritual. In this ritual, the family of the deceased cut their fingers and bury it along with the corpse. The native believe it is a good way to show grief and love towards the dead.

This process is very painful and there are several associated health risks. As a result, this practice is slowly warding off with the help of the Indonesian government awareness programs.

Cannibalism, India

Where the earlier part incorporates Yanomami tribe consuming the bone powder of their deceased ones, the Aghoris of India are infamous for consuming flesh from the deceased ones. They follow the cult branch of Shiva, known as the Aghor sect and perform their meditation at the cremation grounds.

These Aghoris are believed to possess mysterious powers by practicing deep meditation in places such as the Himalayas and in various other isolated places viz. graveyards, cremation grounds etc. during night hours.

Walk of the dead, Indonesia

Walk of the dead ritual in indonesia

There is an Indonesian island named Sulawesi where the residents keep their deceased family member along with them. The period of stay is subjective to their economic condition as the corpse is applied over some herbal and chemical ingredients to protect the body from decay for a prolonged period of time.

After the desired period, the corpse is finally buried and according to the island rituals, a buffalo has to be sacrificed to carry the soul to the afterlife.

Self-Immolation, Tibet

Self immolation is an ancient tradition practiced by buddhist monks

Amongst various mammals who reside on the earth, the human epidermis is most sensitive, which towards outer disturbances viz. pain and pleasure. However, there are several a scenario when humans have showed their strong willpower to handle extremely painful procedures and this takes us to this extremely painful procedures Tibetan people pull through.

The global fraternity went in the state of shock when it aired out that more than 150 people set themselves on fire. On further investigations, the truth got unleashed. It adds that, since the commencement of 2009, several people have set themselves on fire, most being from the community of teachers, students, herdsman and adolescents.

They are said to be inspired from Tibetan monks who follow a ritual of lighting themselves in case they spiritualize something unusual is going to happen. The commoners have adapted to this ritual after Chinese infiltration and occupancy; self-immolating leaving notes and audio-visual tapes discussing the purpose.

Ainu and the Cubs

Ainu people follow this horrible tradition of killing young bear

Today, when a lot of voices are being raised in the name of animal protection, there are hundreds of disturbing and sad cases where they have to face the wrath of people in name of tradition, culture and interests.

In Asian countries, animal such as Goat, Hen, Buffalo and Cow are sacrificed in the name of religious proceedings. Where these species are most heard and common, there is a Russian tribe who have a weird tradition of sacrificing bears. The Ainu people are indigenous to countries like Russia, who snatch bear cubs from their mother by killing her. They protect the cub, take good care of it until it grows into an adolescent one.

At this stage, the villagers tie the bear at the center stage and bow it down to death. The post ceremony includes slitting the bear’s throat and consumption of its blood. Blood of the cub they once raised like their son!!!

Spiritual Possession, Africa

West African vodun ritual involving earthly spirits

“Spiritual possession” and voodoos may sound unusual and mythical, but stand true in this context of west Africa where the locals reportedly perform rituals involving otherworldly activities. According to reports, the Vodun tribe insert an earthly spirit named Sakpata in the body of the accused. This is done by taking the person in the forest where the aforementioned soul possesses the body, make them unconscious for a period of three days.

The haunted person doesn’t consume anything in this time frame until the tribe head performs other set of rituals to bring him back to consciousness. The set of activities are done in order to purify or, punish people.

Sky Burial, Tibet

Horrible buddhist ritual of sky burial

Different religions have separate set of rituals and practices. For instance, in Hinduism, dead bodies are burnt while Islam and Christianity suggest the burial system. However, the story is completely weird when it comes to Tibetan Buddhist practice.

In Tibet, Buddhists perform a weird ritual known as Jhator which translates to Sky Burial. Sky Burial is a sacred practice in which Buddhists leave the dead body for the consumption of scavengers. To do so, the corpse is first cut into small pieces and then thrown in open area at very high altitude. This is in association with their belief which contrasts between soul and body. As soul is eternal and wades off to other sphere after death, there is no need to preserve body and what’s more a noble cause to feed the poor birds?

Impaling, Thailand

The horrible tradition of impaling in Thailand

The annual vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand finds its background in a century old belief which leads the local to harm themselves. According to the urban legend, Gods enter their bodies if they perform this ritual involving the participants to push swords, knives, wires and other sharp objects through their cheeks.

Evidently, this ritual is very painful procedure. However, it is performed on repeated intervals to seek good luck, harmony and protection from evil as the almighty’s blessings.

Garudan Thookam, Kerala

The Kerala state of Indian subcontinent follow a disturbing ancient Hindu ritual which is performed in Goddess Kali’s temple. This ritual requires the devotees to hang like eagles from a shaft, by hooking the flesh on the backs for a long time as they wander around the city.

This whole ritual originates from a mythical legend which believes that Garuda satisfied Goddess Kali’s thirst with blood after killing a demon named Darika. Having said that, it is counted amongst one of the most horrifying paranormal rituals around the world.

Are you aware of such paranormal rituals and traditions going around your locale? If yes, then let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, wade through the following article that is as thrilling as the current one-

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