Mayong- Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft

Mayong- Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft

Mayong village is the land of magic

In between the hills of Assam, there exist a place that has been called the land of black magic. Mayong is located in north east of India. It has been the centre of attraction of many tourists since very long. From the cultural point of view, Mayong always deserves to be a special place in India. But, what makes this place so special? Well, there is a solid reason behind this special treatment!

The Mayong village in Assam is infamous for its magic element. According to stories, this place gathers ancient element of pure magic and paranormality. Since Ages, the villagers have been practising mystical scripts. They have a firm belief that these scripts hold the utmost power to cure ill people. On the other hand, the locals claim of knowing the black magic procedures as well.

Mayong- The Land of Magic

According to locals, Mayong is still considered as the Indian capital of BLACK MAGIC and WITCHCRAFT. During its heydays, its magic was feared over so much so that the word magic became synonymous with it. However no one knows exactly how magic entered this land.

Mayong is a village which is situated near the Morigaon village in Assam. Although in Ahom kingdom’s official journals which is called “buranjee” , this village got mentioned multiple times, still it needs a chronological history. Many scriptures were excavated where Mayong was described as the place of black magic and Tantrism, but it still doesn’t have a well documented history.

Mayong is a village 40 kms away from the Guwahati city. It is close to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. It is popularly believed that the name Mayong comes from the Sanskrit word for illusion, Maya. Many tales of men disappearing into thin air, people being converted into animals, or beasts being magically tamed, have been associated with Mayong. Sorcery and magic were traditionally practised and passed down over generations. Many ancient relics of Ayurveda and black magic are now preserved in the Central Museum.

If you truly love mystical things, It is a perfect place for you. Whenever you plan to travel through the outskirts of Assam, you should definitely wander the Mayong village. You can try meeting the villagers and ask them about whatever query you have. Now when you have gone there, don’t miss visiting these most haunted places in Assam.

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