Dare to stay at these 15 Most haunted hotels & Inns in America?

Most haunted hotels in America

When it comes to hauntings, America boasts of a lot of haunted places. There is a variety of spooky destinations around the country and it comes to no wonder hearing about the co-existing spooky hotels. Having said that, these most haunted hotels in America are creeped with mysterious activities and terrifying ghosts. Without further ado, wade through the ghosts and hauntings of these spooky hotels and inns in America.

Haunted Boulder Dam Hotel, Nevada

Haunted Boulder Dam Hotel in Nevada, America

The hotel was built in 1933 to accommodate managers who were supervising the building of the Hoover Dam. Over the years it would play host to many celebrities and dignitaries. The hotel was brought by the Boulder Dam Association in 1993. A long restoration project was carried out and the number of rooms were reduced from 83 to 22 to allow for more public space. The hotel re opened in 2000. The Boulder City Museum and Historical Association is located in the hotel, and there is also a gift shop.

Lots of activity has been reported at the hotel, including strange noises, things being moved and quite a few apparitions have been seen such as criminals, children, an old woman and a creature in the basement.

Haunted Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

Haunted Crescent Hotel in Arkansas, America
Haunted Crescent Hotel in Arkansas | Wikipedia

Crescent Hotel is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The hotel was built in the early 1800’s. It was used as a college during the 1920’s and then was transformed into a hospital/health resort which is said to have had quite a bit of controversy. The doctor there was considered to be a charlatan.

The hotel has had many claims of paranormal activity; all of which are due to malevolent spirits.

In 1885, an Irish Stonemason by the name of Michael was killed when he fell from the roof. He died in what is now known as Room 218. There have been a number of reports that claim that his spirit switches the lights on and off in the room as well as the television. There are also claims that he pounds very loudly on the walls from inside of the room. There are also reports of a nurse who is dressed in white that has been reported to have been seen on the third floor. Another spirit is of a Victorian dressed gentleman who is seen quite often in the lobby bar; as well as at the bottom of the stairway.

Other spirits have been reported in rooms 202 and 424. One of the most noted spirits there is that of Doctor Baker, the alleged charlatan that ran the hospital/health resort. It is alleged that his spirit has been seen at the front stairway; as well as in the old Recreation Room.

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Haunted Driskill Hotel, Texas

Haunted Driskill Hotel in Texas, America

This is the oldest hotel in Texas and it was the idea of and built by cattleman Col Jesse Driskill. Whom spent his fortune on constructing the finest hotel in St Louis in 1886. In May 1887 it was closed due to most of the key staff been enticed away by another hotel, it reopened in October under new management. Unfortunately the hotel closed just a year after re opening because Jesse had lost his fortune due to cattle drought and a bitter winter and he could not afford to keep it going.

The second owner in May 1888 was Jim ‘Doc’ Day, the legend goes that he actually won the hotel whilst winning a game of poker. But it is unknown whether this is true.

It became a popular place for Austins high society, and mainly in its early years a popular meeting place for the states congressmen.

It had a few different owners over the years and in 1929, the hotel was extended to include a thirteen story tower. Again it continued to have different owner, and many reconstruction’s and refurbishment’s were carried out. Today it is owned by Destinations Hotels and Resorts and it remains today full of opulence.

The hotel is said to have visitors of the ghostly form as well, these include, Jesse Driskill who is said to still love his hotel and keeps coming back, his presence is known by the smell of cigar smoke, a four year old girl who was killed by falling down the stairs onto the marble floor, she accidentally fell whilst playing unattended with her ball and a ghost who is known as the Houston Bride, she was jilted at the altar and came to stay at the hotel, she ended committed suicide whilst in the bath by shooting herself in the stomach.

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Haunted Jailers Inn Bed and Breakfast, Kentucky

Haunted Jailers Inn Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky, America

This main part was originally built as a jail in 1797, the front known as the ‘old jail’ was built in 1819 and the back stone building known as the ‘new jail’ was built in 1874. The front jail was then turned into the jailers residence. Both the house and jail were used up until 1987. The building is now a B & B and is unique place for visitors to stay, and one room with original prison bunks and resembling a cell as been kept. And you can have coffee in the old courtyard where the prisoners would do hard labour and also where they were hanged.

People have reported seeing apparitions here, also strange noises and bangs have been heard, a loud moaning sound who is said to be a prisoner who died from a painful illness., and many orbs have been seen.

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Haunted Goldfield Hotel, Nevada

Haunted Goldfield Hotel in Nevada, America

The Goldfield hotel was built by George Wingfield over a mine shaft that had gone dry and was opened in 1908. The hotel was luxuriously done and its clients were mainly the upper crust. Wingfield was already a millionaire as he was the owner of the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company and this venture made him even richer. At one time the hotel would play host to many affluent guests but by the 1930’s when the gold had started to dry up and the population of Goldfield was dwindling the hotel began to suffer.

Cowboys and travellers began to go there. After it was used to house Army Air Corps during World War II, it closed its doors. Over the years it as many numerous owners wanting to restore and reopen the hotel, but this never happened. In 2003 it was bought by rancher Edgar Roberts again with the hope of once again opening up the hotel.  The people of Goldfield hope this time it does happen but will not get their hopes too high until it is accomplished.

Many ghosts have been reported being seen at the hotel the most popular being a woman known as Elizabeth, the story goes that she was a prostitute and was accidentally made pregnant by Wingfield when her pregnancy became noticeable he tied her to a radiator in one of the rooms till she gave birth, this is where it as to sides one is she died in childbirth and the other was that she murdered, the child was said to be thrown down a disused mine. Now her ghost is seen wondering around the hotel searching for her child and the sound of a child crying can sometimes be heard. Other ghost that have been seen are 3 children by the staircase, and malevolent male in the dining room and Wingfield himself.

Haunted Golden North Hotel, Alaska

Haunted Golden North Hotel in Alaska, America

The hotel was built in 1898 and was two stories high, in 1908 it was moved by horse and capstan to its present location, and a third storey and the famous golden dome was added. The hotel is the oldest operating hotel in Alaska.

In 1997 Corrington purchased the hotel and spent a further 1 million dollars renovating the crown jewel of the gold rush. Each room is a dedication to the gold rush families and filled with their possessions.

There are two ghost reports from the hotel one is about room 14 where a ghostly orb of light appears and room 23 where a ghost the staff has called Mary, died of pneumonia whilst waiting for her love to return from a gold digging expedition.

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Haunted Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, Massachusetts

Haunted Haunted Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Massachusetts, America

Lizzie Borden took an axe; She gave her mother forty whacks.

When she seen what she had done; She gave her father forty one.

This ditty came about because of the fascination surrounding a murder case and was made up by a writer to help sell newspapers. In truth Mr. Borden suffered 10 whacks and Mrs. Borden 19.

In 1893 a Mr. and Mrs. Borden were found hacked to death at their home in the normally peaceful Fall River. Lizzie who was 33 years old was accused of the killings of her father and step mother. She was found not guilty; even though this is still disputed today, and many still think of Lizzie as a notorious murderer.

Today the haunted Lizzie borden house is a bed and breakfast. And even though nothing inside is original the ghosts are still happy to be there, the voices of women’s can be heard, footsteps tip tap across the floor, cold spots are felt and sometimes guests feel as if someone gets into bed with them.

Haunted Hotel Baker, Illinois

Haunted Hotel Baker in Illinois, America

The hotel was the idea of Colonel Edward Baker, not really a colonel but earned him self the honorary title due to his luck on the horses. He had the hotel built in 1928 using only the interest on his 20 million dollars of his inheritance, which was left to him by his sister who was a heiress to the Texaco Oil Company. He spared no expensive to build a luxurious small hotel. Over the years the hotel has played host to many famous people including John F Kennedy and The Rainbow Room as been the place for many well know entertainers to preform such as Louis Armstrong.

The hotel is said to be by a former chamber maid, whose cries are heard, and the linen is known to get messed up in the rooms where the employees dormitory once stood.

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Haunted Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix

Haunted Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, America

Before the hotel was built the land was used by Native Americans for worship. After this in 1874 a small one room dirt floor school building was built, this was replaced by a bigger building in 1879 and again was extended in 1893. By 1916 the school was condemned as it was now in poor state and unsafe for use. The Babbitts purchased the land in 1919 with the intention of building a huge hotel, but this never happened and the school building remained empty. 

The land was then used for Hotel San Carlos which was being built to help meet the growing demand of tourism in the area. The hotel was going to be state of the heart and luxurious. In 1955 San Carlos underwent some remodelling to bring it up to date. In 1993 a the San Carlos Hollywood Star Walk was inlaid outside the hotel with names of the famous people such as Clark Gable and Jean Harlow, who had stayed at the hotel . Today the hotel still operates and retains many of its original features.

The hotel is thought to be haunted by a few ghosts including Leona Jenson who committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor over a lost love, people have witnessed a white cloud of a figure and then breezes, also young boys have been heard running through the corridors and children’s laughter has been heard.

Mason House Inn, Iowa

Haunted Mason House Inn in Iowa

It was originally built as Ashland House in 1846 and was built by mormon craftsmen, the first owner William Robinson had it built to serve steamboat travellers. In 1857 The Ashland was brought by Lewis and Nancy Mason and changed the name to Phoenix House, but the local people called it Mason House and the name stayed. The inn withstood 5 floods and was used as a holding hospital for soldiers during the civil war.

The inn was sold to the Redhead family in 1956, they brought the old Bonaparte train station and had it put next to the inn and made this into a general store. It was sold in 1989 to Bill and Sheral McDermet who carried out extensive refurbishment and connected the general store to the house to make way for more rooms. Chuck and Joy Hanson then brought it in 2001 and continue on the running of the inn.

The inn is thought to be haunted by a few ghosts, maybe due to 3 of its previous owners dying there, soldiers using it during the civil war as a hospital and also a murder. Some of the ones thats have been ‘seen’ are a ld lady, a young boy, an old man and a misty image.Also there are sudden changes in temperature and the sound of a squeaky rocking chair when there is not one in the room and the sound of footsteps.

Murphy’s Lamplight Inn, Michigan

Haunted Murphy's Lamplight Inn in Michigan

Originally built as the Wegota Hotel in 1924 by Art Carpenter, Joe Blakely and Jack Garrison. The hotel was ran by Emmonds Gill who lived there at the time. The hotel was a popular spot for travelling salemen, who used to be collected from the train station and taken to the hotel, but due to the increase in the use of cars many people stopped using trains and the buisness at the hotel slowed forcing it to close.

It was reopened a few years later by Mr and Mrs Springstead and they owned it until 1946 when it was sold on to Charles Cronovor, his wife and A Dayton and was known for its food specials, Charles spent his time trying and finally succeeding in getting a liquor licence. It was sold on again in the mid 1960’s to Gary Mason and he changed the name to The Palace. and he had the hotel renovated. He sold it on in the mid 1970s to Doug and Mary Denny and they changed the name to the Lamplight Inn and continued with the renovations and made it more into a bed and breakfast and basement pub.

Ted and Betty Strzempeck purchased the Lamplight in 1986 and chose to finish the bed and breakfast and pub and concentrate on the dining aspect. It was finally sold on to Mary Ellen Murphy and her family who brought it in 1996 and renamed it to mark there ownership as the Murphy’s Lamplight Inn. They have and continue to do renovations on and around the building and have revamped the menu. The Inn continues today as a family business.

There have been many reports of ghosts over the years the most popular being of a man and woman in 20’s dress that are sometimes seen dancing with a ghost of a little girl looking on, also they and others are known to peep from the windows on the second floor, and a lady in a wedding gown is seen in the corridors.

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Haunted Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado, America

Construction began in 1906 on land Stanley brought from Lord Dunraven, the hotel opened in 1909 and originally consisted of 11 buildings, the owner Stanley and his wife Flora had their home built nearby. They also had a hydroelectric plant built so that their hotel could be all electric.

The Stanley hotel is known to have had many celebrity visitors; one was Stephen King who was known to have written part of The Shining in room 217.

The ghosts said to roam here are Mrs. Stanley, mainly in the music room where you may hear the piano play, Mr. Stanley in his favourite billiard room and on the fourth floor the sound of children playing in the halls is common place.

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Haunted Menger Hotel, Texas

Haunted Menger Hotel in Texas, America

The hotel was built in 1859 under the direction of the owner William Menger and architect John Fries. It was originally only 2 stories, and it is situated only 100 yards from the site of The Alamo. Some famous people to have stayed there are Theodore Roosevelt, Mae West and Babe Ruth. It was and still is a high class hotel and it now stands 5 stories high and as 316 rooms.

Many ghosts are known to roam here some are one time maid Sallie White who was murdered by her jealous husband, she is seen in a long grey skirt and sometimes she is carrying towels. A lady sits knitting in what was the original lobby and Captain Richard King was a well known guest when he was alive and still seems to enjoy it now.

Haunted Lodge House, Mexico

The hotel is at an elevation of 9,000 foot above sea level and is surrounded by wonderful views. It was first built as a residential hotel in 1899, for the timber cutters working for the Alamogordo and Sacramento railroad. In 1906 it opened up to the public. After a fire destroyed the hotel it was rebuilt in 1911 and completely refurbished inside and out. It opened again as a high class hotel. Many famous people have spent some time there including Judy Garland and Clarke Gable.

The Lodge is known to have two ghosts Rebecca and her one time lumberjack boyfriend. Rebecca was a chambermaid at the hotel in the 1920’s and 30’s, it is told that she moon lighted as a prostitute and one time her boyfriend caught her in bed with another man and enraged, murdered her. He occasionally makes his presence felt. But it is mainly Rebecca who is seen and known to make strange things happen.

She is known as quite a mischievous ghost. Her reflection is often seen in the bar mirror, she is beautiful red head with blue eyes, lights switch off and on, alcoholic drinks have disappeared with no logical reason, one of her favourite places seem to be the Governors Suite, staff receive calls from that room when no one is there, and indentations have been seen on the bed after they have been freshly made.

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Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inn, Virginia

Haunted Bed and Breakfast Inn in Virginia, America

The Flemish home was built in 1790 shortly after the American Revolution by settlers in Virginia. An early Mennonite Bishop, Peter Burkholder and his descendants were long time residents.  During the Civil War, it was used as a hospital after General Philip Sheridan’s ‘burning of the valley’ in 1864. This building survived after 3 failed attempts to ignite it. 

It was then to become Virginia’s first bed and breakfast, its name said to be inspired by the poet Sam Walter Foss known for saying “let me live in my house by the side of the road and be a friend to man”. It still continues to offer this service today. The bed and breakfast is known to have a few resident ghosts who like to open and shut doors, and make strange noises through the day and night.

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