A virtual journey to the most haunted place in Meerut : GP Block Bungalow

The GP block bungalow is one of the most haunted places in Meerut

Meerut is located on the Ganga-Yamuna Doab, lying on the northwestern part of Uttar Pradesh, India. It boasts of historical temples, huge natural company gardens, victorian churches and various parks for elders and children. Meerut is not only the sole tourists’ destination but has enough potential to enlist itself in the list of top spooky destinations in India. You got it right, in this article we are going to talk about the creepy GP Block which, due to extreme paranormal activities is enlisted the top haunted place in Meerut. Wonder why? Wade through this exclusive story to get going.

Located in the Meerut Cantt, the GP block is amongst the most haunted houses of India. The dilapidated GP block is surrounded by several dark world entities which cause a lot of paranormal phenomena during strange hours. In this connotation, we talked to few locals, including the caretaker of this worn structure. According to them, numerous spirits including the ghoul of an english sergeant possess this whole block area.

GP Block- The Most Haunted Place in Meerut

Ghosts of the haunted GP Block

A woman's phantom in red lurks around the spooky GP block mansion in Meerut

Talking about the ghouls surrounding the haunted GP block, the soul of British sergeant D’souza permanently occupies this worn structure. According to reports, D’souza was killed in the 1857 revolt near the Company Bagh chowk. Since then, he is believed to haunt this place. Many a trespassers have encountered his spirit who would demand bread-butter and eggs from them. The ghost-terror enforced locals to put the aforementioned items on the Chowk, which would later disappear on its own.

On being asked, the caretaker Shravan declares these widespread stories a true one. The GP block bungalow was previously occupied by a British family, who evacuated it post independence. Since then, it remains empty. Now, due to the spirit association, Locals call it Bhoot Bangla.

In addition, a middle-aged woman can be often seen walking around this bungalow during late evening hours. She was seen in a bright red saree with inverted legs. Due to the extreme fear of the chudail, residents avoid passing through this area in night.

Moreover, the locals have complained of a group of boys who were purportedly drinking in this isolated bungalow in candles light. Some consider them the local wandering lads while few suspect them to be the part of the incumbent ghost group. What do you think of them?

Paranormal activities at the Bungalow

A lot of paranormal activities take place at night hours in the haunted GP block in Meerut

The GP block bungalow in meerut remains isolated now. Due to the presence of numerous ghouls, this bungalow sees no visitors’. Even the caretaker lives at a different place and visits this place on odd days only. Having said that, this worn mansion isn’t being taken care of, resulting in the growth of thick dense bushes. Because it is situated in the Cantonment area, no common visitor can visit this anyway.

Talking about the paranormal experiences, we have reports of high pitched screams and frequent ghost apparitions. Even during the day hours, unexplained shadows can be seen here. During night, you can hear the sound of footsteps, slow voice murmuring and creepy giggles coming out of this bungalow. Due to the series of paranormal happenings, the GP block is infamous as the most haunted place in Meerut.

In this regard, we have talked to few archeologists who called these series of incidents completely hoax one. According to them, these stories became prevalent and are a result of word of mouth. Well, science and skeptics don’t accept the existence of paranormal, but the truth is completely subjective here.

Ghost Hunting at the GP Block

If you are a ghost hunter and are looking forward to visit this bungalow, you may seek proper permission from the army staffs. As of now, all the caretakers are suspended and a big iron gate has been installed at the entrance to stop the miscreants from entering this place.

Do you think GP block is still possessed by the lurking evil spirits? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. Looking forward to visit other haunted places around the country? Wade through these extremely spooky locations that are allegedly thronged by malevolent phantoms-

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