Creepiness Snow at these 25 Most Haunted Places in Alaska

Most haunted places in Alaska

Known as the land of the midnight sun, Alaska is the largest State within the USA and home to the 17 highest mountains in North America. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867, and 45 years later the state was granted U.S. Territorial status. Alaska includes 20.320 ft Mt. McKinley, many active glaciers and ice fields, 15 national parks, the highest tides, almost 3 months of continuous daylight and extreme temperatures. Talking about the variety of places, Alaska’s has a rather creepy side too, all thanks to the ghouls and dark world spirits residing at historic hotels, Courtyards, island, resort and railroads. If you are a ghost hunter, it couldn’t be any better than exploring some of the most haunted places in Alaska.

Dimond Center Mall

800 E, Dimond Blvd, Anchorage

It is said that when the Dimond center was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands. While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few graves, but due the fact they were so old and small they continued digging. Now the ghosts roam the areas and like to appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms and smaller hallways in the mall.

Hanshew Middle School

Lake Otis Pkwy, Anchorage

Haunted Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska

Some say they have seen a young girl walking around the location of Hanshew Middle School. There are stories that this young girl died there during construction of the building. It seems that the young girl only comes out during the early morning and late at night. Janitors say they have seen the young girl and so have a couple children. They say the girl looks sad and shouts for help. Some people reported that they’ve seen her crying.

Historic Anchorage Hotel

330 E St, Anchorage

The haunted Historic Anchorage Hotel

Anchorage’s oldest hotel is haunted by many things. Several guests have reported seeing a young girl walk the second floor hall. Also rooms 215 and 217 the TV’s will turn on and off at will also the water in the tub and sink will run by itself. Employees have reported to hear people coming down the stairs when the hotel is empty, and few have seen a man walk past stairs.

West High School

1700 Hillcrest Dr, Anchorage

The haunted West high School, Alaska

It is said that in the basement, auditorium and in the area where it links to the Middle School, that there are restless creatures that are only semi-humanoid in the area that takes out the anger on a lot of students and young teachers. Rumor has it that West High and its neighborhood was once a elusive swampy forest area and the creatures there hate how their land has became so polluted and contaminated.

Courtyard by Marriot

Spenard Rd, Anchorage

Haunted Courtyard by Marriot, Anchorage, Alaska

This place is haunted by a man who died there, and his body was not found for several days according to the staff. Plus there is a ghost by the name of Ken who wanders the parking lot, and courtyard, in and around the gazebo. There is also what appears at times to be a cat walking around the hotel. It’s very evident in rooms 103 and 107.

The Blue Lady- 1840s

Baranof Island

ghost of the blue lady resides on the Baranof Island, Alaska

One of the oldest ghost sites in Alaska, Baranof Castle was home to the Baranof family. Alexander Baranof was the first Alaskan governor. The house overlooked Sitka Harbor, but burned down in 1894. Alexander’s daughter Irina was in love with a Russian naval officer, but was forced to marry another man.

She committed suicide on her wedding night. It is said that her spirit would appear in the drawing room (where she died) or in the cupola, as if waiting for her lover to return. She is said to be wearing a blue dress, thus was deemed the ‘Blue Lady’. There were many sightings of the ‘Blue Lady’. Once the house burnt down on March 17, 1894, all of the hauntings ceased.

Artic Circle Hot Springs Resort

Central, AK 99730

Haunted Artic Circle Hot Springs Resort, Central, Alaska

In 1893, two goldminers, Pitka and Cherosky, found gold and a goldrush occured. George Growe found the hot springs in 1897 after trailing a wounded moose. He returned a year later. He died after becoming violently ill from eating poisonous roots.

The hot springs became part of the 160-acre homestead of Frank and Emma Leach in 1906. They spent the rest of their lives up in Central maintaining their lodge (the resort building). They cleaned up the cemetery, which is on the hill beside the resort as well.

Many people claim to see the ghost of Emma Leach, witness things flying off the walls, footsteps can be heard, and more. The ghost likes to roam on the third floor, where the library is. Mrs. Leach died in Room 312 – a haunted room. 

Aside from Mrs. Leach, who is protective of her resort, there are claims of other ghosts. In in 1940s an Irishman worked at the hot springs as a bartender and dishwasher. Reports claim that he could play the piano fairly well. His ghost has been seen playing the piano and sometimes the sound of a piano being played can be heard.

Another ghost is that of a lady named Ethel who had worked for many years as a desk clerk. Strangly, she died in Seattle, but one of the resort worker’s daughters would talk about a ghost named Ethel. Ethel has been seen playing cards with guests. Cabin 10 is also said to be haunted.

Old Copper Railroad

Chitina, Alaska

Haunted Old Copper Railroad, Chitina, Alaska

Old Copper railroad was railroad between Cordova and Valdez, AK. It was closed and covered with dirt and used as a road for access to back areas along the Copper River. There has been sightings of gravestones along the dirt road in the woods, and on second investigation, they would not be there. There was government housing being built in Chitna in 1997-98.

It was closed down for a while because the workers would hear voices and children laughing, and tools would be misplaced right after workers would put them down. Sometimes at night in back woods along the dirt road you can hear voices and children laughing as well.

South Birchwood

Badarka Road in the Woods, Chugiak

Haunted South Birchwood, Chugiak, AK

It is said that deep in the woods about half way down the road there is a place where a 5 year old little girl was killed. Legend has it that the little girl was helping her father chop wood for the fireplace in their small cabin where their mother and her little brother were awaiting. The father had put the ax in the tree so the girl couldn’t accidentally fall down on it.

The little girl was reportedly a very helping child. She attempted to pull the ax out of the tree and chop wood herself. One day while her father was on a short break, the girl pulled the axe out of the tree and it accidentally hit her in the head. The girl died instantly with blood running down her face.

The father stayed by her side day and night in the cold bitter winter of Alaska and died of hypothermia. It has been said that you can see the little girl lying dead in her father’s arms while he mourns over her lifeless, cold, and white little body around 3:30 in the morning.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

Cowles St, Fairbanks

haunted Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Alaska

Nurses have seen and experienced ‘angels’ in the back room when a baby in dieing in the nursery. The temp in the room drops to 60 and they experience cold chills. Also Babies can be heard in the room when their are none.

Northern Lights Hotel

Santiago Ave, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

haunted Northern Lights Hotel, Alaska

The third floor of this abandoned building a little girl died. After that the hotel closed off that part of the building. The front desk has reported getting phone calls form the third floor room #303, a little girl saying she’s looking for her mother and then hanging up. No one was in the third floor.

UPDATE: 12/03 This hotel is up for sale and has been for a few years now.

University of Alaska

South Chandalar Drive, Fairbanks

haunted University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK

It’s said that the local university was built over ancient tribal burying grounds. Several students and faculty claim to know of haunted rooms or they have seen heavy doors open when no one is there. There are strange sounds around campus as well (ie. footsteps, talking, etc).

Wickersham House

7th St, Juneau, AK

Haunted Wickersham House, Juneau, Alaska

James Wickersham, judge, lawyer, US Congressman, explorer, and author, lived in Juneau with his wife Grace until he died in 1939. In 1974 the house was sold to Robert Geirsdorf, who sold it ten years later to the State of Alaska. The house was made into apartments. Since then, the occupants and visitors have smelled bacon cooking – a favorite of James Wickersham. Wickersham has also been seen on several occasions. The smell of Grace Wickersham’s perfume has also been smelled in the house. Footsteps in the upstairs study can be heard as well.

Alaska Hotel

S Franklin St, Juneau

Haunted Alaska Hotel, Juneau

Room 321 is haunted by a tall blonde who had become a prostitute when she ran out of money. Her husband, a gold miner, found out he killed her. Her ghost is tied to a painting that seems to come and go. If you wish to check out this place, please take proper precaution and safety measures.

Kenai Cemetery

1110 1st Ave, Kenai, AK

Haunted Kenai Cemetery, Alaska

There are several spirits here. One is an older heavyset woman who goes by the name Marie. There is also an older gentleman by the name of Arthur Johnson. He has been spotted maintaining his gravesite, plus the graves of others buried there.

In the back part of the cemetery, there are several unmarked graves which contain the remains of servants that were brought up here to help dig for gold. However, when the gold ran dry, it was too expensive to feed them. So, they were killed and buried in graves outside the main cemetery. There is often an old man who is transparent, attempting to maintain his own gravesite as well as others.


McCarthy, AK 99566

Haunted Kennicott, McCarthy, Alaska

The entire town of Kennicott has become a ghost town. It’s short life only lasted for 38 years, ranging from 1900-1938. Many years ago, Kennicott was a copper mine. Years later, a railroad was built to Kennicott in 1911. When the Kennicott Copper Corporation pulled out of the area, Kennicott became a ghost town over night. People claim to see and hear ghosts. Also, there are numerous claims of bigfoot showing at this place..

Bayview Cemetery

Stedman St, Ketchikan

The Bayview cemetery is also known as the Ketchikan graveyard. If you drive up the main drive here late at night you may spot the headless apparition of a woman. She only appears for a second and it is said that, when you turn, you may see her head in the roadway. Due to frequent presence of ghoul, the Bayview cemetery is considered one of the most haunted places in Alaska.

Talkeetna Fairview Inn

Main St, Talkeetna, AK

Haunted Talkeetna Fairview Inn, Alaska

Rick Shields, maintenance man at Fairview, says the ghosts who haunt the Inn are the spirits of Jeff Schaff and Rocky Cummins. Schaff was a military man and a gardener. Cummins was a trapper and a miner. There are pictures of them on the walls of the Inn. Apparently strange things happen, toilets flush by themselves, items are knocked over or are in different places, there will be knocking sounds, etc. A lot of the action takes place in Room 1, where Schaff and Cummins usually stayed.

Candle Creek

Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Haunted Candle Creek, Seward Peninsula, AK

H.O. Blankenship originally discovered gold in Candle Creek near Goodhope Bay. He became rich from his gold claims, but says he was guided there by a ghost. Blakenship had to travel by boat to get to the Seward Peninsula. He claims that his deceased Father-In-Law helped him steer clear of ice, whales, and through narrow channels.

Mangy Moose Saloon

A man who committed suicide here is thought to haunt this saloon. He reportedly walks through the bar, as well as in Room 18.

The ghost of a tall thin man with a black mustache haunts this bar and Room 18 here. Since 1980 both employees and guests have encountered the polite apparition. The lodge was originally an officer’s quarters at Fort Liscomb, but it was hauled from Valdez and set on a new foundation in Tonsina in the 1920s.

In 1950s, Bill Ogden used to run the Mangy Moose Saloon. Bill painted the building pink and operated a bordello and casino there. Some suspect Bill is the ghost of the Mangy Moose because he died there. On the other hand, others believe that this is the spirit of a man who committed suicide in the building many years before.

Searching Maiden

Tiekel, Alaska

Ghoul of an Indian girl wanders in the Tiekel, haunting it

Tiekel, located on the Tiekel River and the Richardson HWY, pretty much became a ghost town after a fire raged through the town in 1898. Charlie Romer owned a roadhouse across from the camp that was Tiekel. Other then Charlie, the apparition was seen by five people. Charlie claims to have seen the ghost a grand total of six times. The ghost appears at the top of a hillside, opposite of the roadhouse, and above the site of the ancient stampede camp of Tiekel.

People think that the ghost is that of an Indian woman who had fallen in love with a miner from Black Hills. He had stayed in Tiekel, waiting for the river to freeze over. When it did, he left, promising to come back for the Indian girl. She would go up to the hill waiting for his return. One night, she was caught in a blizzard and died. Most old-timers think that she is still waiting.

This malevolent ghoul was very infamous and thus, “Alaska Weekly” had published a story about her on 20 October, 1933.

Golden North Hotel

Skagway, Alaska

Haunted Golden North Hotel, Skagway, AK

The Golden North Hotel in Skagway is amongst the top most haunted places in Alaska. Since 1899, people have told stories of Mary the Ghost with new experiences occurring every year. Employees of this hotel believe that Mary is a woman ghoul who died of pneumonia in the room number 23, waiting for her fiancee to return from the trail.

Her spirit still wanders across the property, primarily haunting the room where she died. Mary manifests herself in a variety of ways. Many visitors have complained of seeing strange mist and apparitions during the night hours. There is a quick update though: This hotel got a makeover recently. It is now a shopping floor and that may disappoint the spook lover in you.

Red Onion Saloon

205 Broadway PO Box #271 Skagway, Alaska 99840

Haunted Red Onion Saloon, Skagway, Alaska

The Red Onion Saloon was built in 1897 but didn’t become a full fledged saloon until 1914. Apparitions of a female figure have been seen watering non-existing plants along with disembodied footsteps and the smell of perfume. This Saloon is a popular tourist hotspot and offers tours of the haunted facility.

White House Bed & Breakfast

8th Main Street, Skagway

Haunted White House Bed & Breakfast, Skagway, AK

This beautiful bed and breakfast is home to the apparition of a women in white. The White House was once a hospital, hotel and daycare center, and many people believe she is the spirit of the women who ran the daycare center, returning to watch over her long gone children.

City Municipal Building

Skagway, Alaska

Haunted Skagway City Municipal Building, Alaska

The second floor of this building has been haunted for many years. People claim to hear strange noises coming from the second floor. No one has ever been able to place the source. The second floor is now a museum but it was a courtroom in the past years, sources tell. The city municipal building was built in 1899 and now serves as the City Hall and the tourism department.

Numerous Other Haunted Places in Alaska

Some of the creepiest haunted places and ghosts in Alaska

Amongst several other haunted places in Skagway, there is Mulvihill House which is believed to be haunted by its previous owner. In addition, the Eagles Hall’s second floor host few ghouls that are not at all malevolent.

The Old Jesse Lee home in Seward is haunted by dozens of children who died in a 1964 earthquake. You will notice spooky happenings such as giggling and running during dark night hours. Also, the sounds of jumping rope can be heard here.

Anchorage has a variety of spooky locations too. The 4th Avenue movie theatre is the home to a lady who can be spotted in the long, double mirrors hung on the walls here. Additionally, The little karaoke place has the spirit of a previous owner who was murdered by Chinese weightlifters. You can see him peeking from a window here.

There is this “Corner of Arctic and C street” in Anchorage where you can see a white dressed lady standing in a park, everyday- claims a visitor. Anchorage also facilitates with animal ghosts and you can literally visit the native American cemetery of the Eklutna National park to encounter the spirits of eskimos buried long ago here.

  • Corner Hotel Bar and Grill, Nenana: Room 5 is the top creepy attraction. Observant was Rick Rapuzzi, 1990.
  • Gakona Lodge and trading post, Gakona: Voices, footsteps and the smell of tobacco smoke has been reported here.
  • Birch Hill Cemetery, Fairbanks: The spirit of a young girl in white can be seen here. You can find several creepy audio voices recording here.

School Hauntings

School hauntings in the state of Alaska

Talking about the school hauntings, a student who fell to his death from a catwalk in 1946 still haunts the Ketchikan High School theatre today. This story is well documented amongst student and staff. In connotation, an other school haunting story has it that June Nelson, who Died in the school bathroom haunts the Nelso elementary school in Kotzebue.

How did you like these most haunted places in Alaska? Alaska is big, so allow enough time to really enjoy your trip without rushing through scenery and activities. Please let us know about your favorite destination. In case you are looking forward to other such places, refer to our exclusive guide on the most haunted places in America.

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